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Rainbow Bridge

Dogs are family: Tattoo tributes to our best friends - Page 2

Many people get tattoos based on things that are near and dear to their hearts, so for people who love both dogs and living art, having a tattoo inspired by their best four-legged friends just makes sense. The following is a collection of body art from our members who know dogs are family and carry their tributes to their dogs with them wherever they go. If you have a tattoo inspired by your dog, send...
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Newest Articles

Powerful human-animal bond until death

With the heaviest hearts, we are sad to share the news that one of our founding volunteers has passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Ali Abuhata, the father to DC SIR's President, as well as to his beloved Shiba girl Sachi, passed away last week, surrounded by his family. Sachi was even allowed to visit Ali at the hospital to say goodbye. Sachi and Ali's backstory from his daughter: My dad, my inspiration, I was blessed to have the most incredible...
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Woman Shares Heartbreaking Snapchats Of Dog’s Last Day

The day arrived when Hannah's mom had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to her. After 11 years, Hannah's body was giving out and Kyle Amick knew it was time to let her beloved dog go. She decided to share photos of their last day together on Snapchat and as a keepsake of their time together, something she could always treasure. Hannah had been having seizures for several months as a terrible side-effect...
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Will You Stay With Me, Until the End?

After working 11 hours today... I feel the need to share a perspective with my fellow animal lovers... If an animal has been your family member, your companion, your best friend, your snugglebug, your shoulder to cry on, your source of unconditional love... Please.... Continue reading.... There comes a time when the most loving thing you can do for your furbaby is to peacefully put a stop to their suffering.... I know it's hard. There...
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My hands are fine.

We buried Webber Saturday. Kim was very eloquent with her Face Book eulogy; I am afraid I am not feeling so refined. I realize that this is not going to reach anyone whom this would apply to, but I still need to vent, to rage, to scream. My hands are fine. About two years ago I was refinishing a table out at dad’s plant: 80k feet, empty building, no lights except where I was in...
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A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

The fresh ocean breeze strutted jauntily down Main Street of this quaint Oregonian fishing village. If it wasn’t the most beautiful day of the young summer, it was  certainly damn close. I was trying desperately to focus on the boundless beauty currently overwhelming the senses of this Midwestern boy and to NOT dwell on my imminent return to Chicago the very next day. I prefer seashores to suburbs; I’m funny that way.   As always,...
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Uninvited House Guests Always Leave Too Soon

He showed up quite unexpectedly at our door on a lazy afternoon in the autumn of 2003, grinning and endlessly wagging his tail, as if to say “I’m home!” Except he wasn’t home—at least not at his home. My wife and I were temporarily residing in a small RV next to our new house under construction. As we were already sharing our cramped quarters with seven other canines, he was about as welcome as a...
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Cowboy's passing

I put you in your crate that day before work. I never thought it would be the last time I said goodbye. I came home that night and I knew something was wrong. There was no noise. I opened the door to the room and found you lying there. I don't remember much but screaming for you to wake up and trying to revive you. You died march 13th 2014 and not a day goes...
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The Lonely Dog (Poem)

THE LONELY DOG   As I sit here in this cold dark place, I try not to think of what might come my way. You had chosen me for a life-time, And all I have now are these bars of this cold cage I now call my home, for I am so alone. Why am I here; I cry. What did I do so wrong? Was it the shoe I ate? Maybe the table I...
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"Belle's Last Wishes"

“Belle was born July 1, 2005 in Kansas City. ”Hello everyone it’s me Belle… I would like to tell everyone how I got my name. I was named after a Basset Hound which mommy had had for only about two years. Annabelle was a special girl. She had birth-defects. The doctor recommended to have Annabelle spayed, to prevent any pups, for it would more than likely would kill her. So? Mommy set the surgery up....
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Faith the inspirational two-legged dog has passed away

Faith the two-legged dog has passed away at 12 years old. Faith was a one of a kind dog. She learned to survive and thrive with no front legs. Faith was saved when she was just a few weeks old after nearly being smothered by her mother. She learned how to hop on her two legs to get around astounding her family and everyone who met her. She went on to work as a therapy...
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