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Fun Animated GIFs

Sweet dog wants baby to play fetch with him

A Golden Retriever wants his little human to play fetch with him.   Related: Dog wants baby to play fetch  Dachshund tries sto teach baby to play fetch   
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Human and her Pit Bull have the most adorable exchange

:P :D   Related: Friendly rescued Pit Bulls give kisses  Sweetest dog pat and kiss each other  Cute dog does most adorable thing to get more cuddles 
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Newest Articles

Collie has awkward moment when caught playing with stuffie

This Collie has an awkward moment when he gets caught in the act! Related: Silly dog sneaks up to stuffie (video) Embarrased dog turns tough when caught being sweet (video)
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Something funny is going on in this dog house

This is hilarious! Watch the dog house closely... I'm glad all the animals are friends, but I wonder what they were getting up to in there! Related: Adorable photos of cat and dog capture their super close friendship  Devoted Dachshund refuses to leave paralyzed cat's side (video) This cat and puppy are best friends. What they're caught on camera doing is so adorable
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Golden Retriever turns funny fumble into winning pose

He totally meant to stretch :-) Related: Yorkshire Terrier does the cutest thing trying to catch a ball (video) Puppy fools dog with a ball (video) Clever dog loves using automatic ball throwing machine (video)
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This blind dog does an incredibly sweet thing every day to welcome her human home

"Every day when I get home my blind Mastiff is waiting right at the door."   Related: A dad and dog's happy reunion after family lost everything in house fire Pug and baby are super excited that dad is home (video) 
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What this dog does with a pair of skis is the most AMAZING thing you'll see today

Just wow!   Related: Smart dog takes dog sledding to a whole new level (video)  Clever crow does amazing thing on snowy rooftop (video)   
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Happy New Year

Every kind of post to share:   Inspirationals 2014 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.574789549275108.1073741929.346998482054217&type=3   Ate too much? So did Grumpy Bear! Demotivationals: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.448313488589382.1073741849.346998482054217&type=3   Grump Fridays are coming back: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.454425834644814.1073741860.346998482054217&type=3     DC Shiba Inu Rescue Year In Review 2013! www.dcsir.org www.facebook.com/dcshibainurescue www.twitter.com/DCShibaRescue www.pinterest.com/dcsir/    Have a Happy and Healthy 2014!
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Dog gives his human a loving "high-five"

Awww. That's a great high-five!   Related: Cute cat and dog "high-five" together (video) Boston Terrier's enthusiastic "high-fives" for chicken (video)        
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Rescued Collie tries to learn to catch snowballs

One of these Collies is a rescue dog who is learning to play "catch the snowball". Guess which one?   Related: Sweet Golden Retriever does the funniest thing trying to catch treat (video) Cute puppy being taught to catch does funniest thing (video)
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Cute dog fist bumps to "Sup?"

This dog's guardian taught his dog to bump fists when he says "Sup?" to him. "He seems really proud of himself."   Related: Friendly dog's enthusiastic handshake Playful pug and his owner gets slap happy (video) Rescue dog comes out of her shell after learning to play game (video)
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Dog's adorable peek-a-boo

Peekaboo!   Related: Adorable Great Dane plays peek-a-boo (video) Peek-a-boo Dachshund vs Dachshund (video) Cute Dachshund puppy spies on guardian (video)
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