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Training and Behavior

The concept of Alpha Dog and its effect on dog training (VIDEO)

This is an important video on how to have a better relationship with your dog through proper training techniques. This 2012 documentary, "Tough Love: A Meditation on Dominance and Dogs" traces the history of the "alpha dog" concept from its origins in 1940’s wolf studies to its popularity among ordinary dog owners and professional trainers. The problem many dog trainers are now recognizing is that this theory is based solely on wolves in captivity and...
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Some dogs are wearing yellow ribbons. The meaning behind this is something EVERYONE should know.

Do you know what a yellow ribbon on a dog or dog's leash means? It means this dog needs some space. Just like an amber traffic light, a yellow ribbon is a signal to proceed with caution. It's to help people, especially children, easily identify that the dog needs to be approached slowly and that interactions between you or your dog should be discussed with the dog’s handler beforehand. The yellow ribbon is not necessarily...
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Newest Articles

Sit and Handshake: 2 Basic Commands Your Dog Needs To Master

Having a balanced dog that is well-trained makes sure you have the best bond with your beloved pet. Knowing a few basic commands lets you not only tackle problem behaviors, but ensures you enjoy that special time with your furry friend. It also helps avoid any future problem behaviors that may develop. So how do you start training your dog? You could take a dog training class, but it’s not necessary. You can actually do...
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Three Rules of Engagement - Educating Children and Parents to Prevent Dog Bites

The media loves to sensationalize dog bites, and even stereotype certain breeds as being more prone to attacking children or adults. It makes for a great story that everyone wants to read about; unfortunately for dogs involved in events of public biting, it doesn’t always turn out as well. People who do not care for dogs, or those who dislike them, enjoy demonizing a dog that has bitten someone, but very rarely do we see...
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6 Reasons Why Pets Are Great for People with Disability

Image Credit: staticflickr.com Pets have always been integral parts of the family to which they belong. A pet dog and the unconditional love he has for his ‘family’ is something worth cherishing. Not everyone has the good fortune of owning a dog, but medical research has shown that dog ownership has more benefits than we have ever imagined. A sense of companionship, a feeling of being loved and wanted, and sensory stress relief are all...
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Experiment proves dogs have natural empathy for people who are upset (VIDEO)

Have dogs evolved so they can determine human emotions? Do they have empathy for people, even strangers? Researchers in Britain are running an experiment to see if dogs have evolved empathy to respond to humans in distress and the results are fascinating. In the video, they demonstrate a few of the techniques they use to see how the dogs respond to strangers. In one clip, Dottie the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is brought out. Her reaction...
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Orka balls with treats

Easy and interesting game for dogs. 
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Dogs do not like people who are mean to their humans according to study

A new study has revealed that dogs notice if someone has been mean to their human and will purposely ignore them when it comes to social interactions. In other words, dogs do not like people who are mean to their humans! The study's findings were revealed by a group of scientists at Kyoto University. Researchers had 18 dog owners try to open a box. During this exercise, the dog owners were accompanied by strangers and...
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German Shepherd shows off amazing skills during obedience championship (VIDEO)

Jenny Gould and her German Shepherd Zankanja Bitter 'N' Twisted participated in the Obedience Dog Championships at Crufts and what a show they put on. Judges put the pair through the paces for an intense 10 minutes! No matter what the judge throws at them, Zankanja is glued to Jenny's side throughout and the dog's eyes never leave her for one second! You don’t have to be a dog fancier to appreciate the work and...
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Our dog really hates our garden.

  With the the increase effect of climate change slowly heating up the Earth I think it’s important for all of us to do the right thing for the environment. In the past it was simple stuff like recycling and not setting fire to old car tyres in your back yard to annoy your neighbours. However due to the obvious increasing changes to the weather throughout the world we all need to do more to...
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