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Fun Videos

Kids Get The Best Surprise Gift Ever

After planning months in advance, Sarah Taylor surprised her children with the last thing they were expecting...a puppy! Sarah told DogHeirs, "We lost our last Rottweiler, Max, 3 years ago and we miss him dearly." That's why when dad first brings in Rottweiler puppy Benny all three kids react with stunned silence at first. That is until mom explains what dad is holding! And Benny's reaction is equally sweet - he immediately wants to give...
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Bulldog Puppy Leaps Off Bed Into Owner's Arms (VIDEO)

Kevin Cass shared this video with DogHeirs showing his adorable bulldog puppy bravely jumping off the bed into his arms. Clearly this baby loves and trusts his human and they are having a great time together! Do you have a fun videos of your dog that you would like to share with DogHeirs? If you have a video that captures something special about our four-legged friends, share it on our our Facebook pages Dogs Are...
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Newest Articles

German Shepherd welcomes his Staff Sergeant dad home from deployment so sweetly (VIDEO)

Harley the German Shepherd had not seen his soldier dad for a while, so when he sees him he can barely contain his excitement! Harley’s family usher him into a room. At first, he doesn't know what's going on but when he turns around and sees his dad he instantly runs over to him to get a hug! I think the Staff Sergeant is really happy to see him too!
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Girl gives her Newfoundland dog a bath (VIDEO)

It's bath time for Sebastien. The big Newfoundland just fits in the tub and is so patient while Sierra gives him a scrub! Related: Girl's tea party with newfie takes unexpected turn (video)
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Shelter dogs parody video to promote adoptions

To celebrate his 5th birthday, Zeus helped his friends at his Alma mater, Second Chance Animal Sanctuary in Norman, OK with a parody video of Cash Cash's "Take Me Home" lyric video.  We would like to spread the message that shelter pets want you to take them home today! Please think adoption first! We hope you enjoy.  
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Beagle helps daddy with baby's stinky diapers (VIDEO)

At first I thought Charlie the Beagle was running away from baby Laura and her stinky diaper. But the loving Beagle and his dad believe in teamwork and have got the diaper situation all figured out! Related: Babysitting Beagle never had to be taught how to love baby (video)  
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St Bernard finds a way to calm pesky playful kitten down (VIDEO)

This playful kitten is really, really loves her new friend. Watch as she continually pounces on the patient St. Bernard. The big dog quietly sits through the kitten's attack, but he gives himself a few seconds break at 1:12 and made his whole family laugh! What a sweet, gentle giant!
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Helpful dog shovels the backyard ice rink all on her own (VIDEO)

Elsa the Labrador Retriever is not going to let a bit of snow get in the way of the family enjoying the backyard ice rink. The Canadian dog does what many other Canadians do in the winter. She picks up a shovel and goes to work! She looks like she's really enjoying herself - her tail is wagging the entire time! Related: Dogs helping their humans shovel snow (video) Super smart German shepherd dog helps...
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DC SIR Video Contest

DC Shiba Inu Rescue entered a video contest sponsored by Best Bully Sticks! We are competing against 6 other wonderful rescue organizations. Top prize is $500 which DC SIR could use to continue to rescue senior, special needs and homeless Shiba Inus! All you need to do is select yellow "VOTE" button under DC Shiab Inu Rescue! Don't forget to watch the video and share! DC Shiba Inu Rescue, Yoshi plays with his foster sister,...
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This is what every dog feels when their family comes home (VIDEO)

One of the moments dogs love most is when their humans come home. Whether you're away on a trip or just for an hour, your dog misses you when you're gone and is overjoyed when you walk through the door. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC created this commercial featuring real rescue dogs to highlight the special moments that happen when you come home to your dog.  The ad also kicks off the "Home for Dogs...
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Cute little dog determined to take horse for a walk (VIDEO)

This tiny dog is determined to take this large horse for a walk. It's as if he’s telling the horse, "You, come with me!" and the horse happily complies.
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