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Fun Videos

Dog Has The Sweetest Response When Going To See Grandma (VIDEO)

Samantha Magowan's dog LOVES Nana! This is what happens every time Nana's name gets mentioned... Samantha posed a question to the DogHeirs community, asking, "Does anyone else have a dog who get so excited to see their human nana? Love him!" We're sure nana loves him a lot too!  Do you have a fun video of your dog that you would like to share with DogHeirs? If you have a video that captures something special...
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Kids Get The Best Surprise Gift Ever

After planning months in advance, Sarah Taylor surprised her children with the last thing they were expecting...a puppy! Sarah told DogHeirs, "We lost our last Rottweiler, Max, 3 years ago and we miss him dearly." That's why when dad first brings in Rottweiler puppy Benny all three kids react with stunned silence at first. That is until mom explains what dad is holding! And Benny's reaction is equally sweet - he immediately wants to give...
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Newest Articles

Father wakes up his 5 kids with puppy surprise (VIDEO)

This dad of five says his children have been "praying for a puppy every day for years." He decided to surprise them as soon as he got home with their new puppy at at 2 in the morning! Watch what happened when the kids opened their sleepy eyes! I love how the puppy is so eager to say hello to his new family and doesn't stop wagging his tail as he greets every one of...
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Former Vick fighting dog gets sung a lullaby and has the sweetest response (VIDEO)

It's Hector's naptime and if there's any dog that deserves a sweet lullaby it's Hector. Hector was once one of NFL quarterback Michael Vick's fighting dogs. The Pit Bull was rescued from that horror and eventually was adopted by Roo and Clara from Minnesota. He became a beloved family member and therapy dog. Hector passed away in 2014 from cancer, but his story and legacy of second chances lives on. In the video below, Roo...
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Clever dog shows off her unbelievable ball-handling skills (VIDEO)

I'm used to seeing dogs excitedly lunge and chew tennis balls when playing but never seen one do this! Instead of the usual fumbling, Pakak the dog demonstrates incredible skill and can slowly lift the ball from her mouth between her paws and back again! According to her human, Pakak loves playing with her toys!
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The many colors of German Shepherd Dogs are simply beautiful (VIDEO)

German Shepherds are a popular breed of dog. But I had no idea that they had such a variety of colors. There are shepherds that are fully white, fully black, tan, sable and more! This video shows off all colors of this beautiful breed!
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The True About Brazilian Dog Surrender To The police (VIDEO)

- Put your paws where we can see them! The picture showing the boys line and dog surrendering to police has since gone viral.The officer who commanded the action, wondered who owned the dog, and received the following response from one of the men was searched?- "Pilot belongs to nobody, it is the community"; he replied.The report was the Papaquara community, and discovered the origin of the name of the dog."He can not see anyone...
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Filmmakers help terminally ill man and his dog in awesome way (VIDEO)

Here's a prank dog lovers can get behind! When Tom Mabe of Prank It FWD heard about a charity My Dog Eats First in Louisville he told them he wanted to do a documentary on homeless people and their pets. The charity provides food, medical attention and other support for the pets of the homeless. While filming, Mabe learned about a terminally-ill man living out of his truck with his 12-year-old dog and decides to...
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5 Awesome Dog Facts (VIDEO)

Why are Poodles groomed the way they are? What do Pekingese dogs have to do with sleeves? Here are 5 awesome dog facts to bring up any time the topic of conversation turns to dogs. :-)  Related:   Slow motion video reveals something you probably never knew or never have seen before  The world's fastest dog vs the world's fastest cat (video) 20 Essential Facts Dog Lovers Must Always Remember. The Last One Comes with...
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Hidden camera reveals how dog escapes the house (VIDEO)

These pet parents were curious to find out how their dog managed to escape out of the house, so they set up a camera by the window and this is what they discovered! Related: Hidden camera catches clever Beagle stealing chicken nuggets (video)  Hidden camera catches dog stealing cupcakes (video)  Shelter dog escapes kennel and finds himself a new home (video)
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Funny Dog Helps Her Human With His Work-Out Routine (VIDEO)

Lindsey Foscaldi Simmons shared this adorable video with DogHeirs.com. Her sweet dog likes to keep her humans in good shape and always helps her dad with his work-out routine! Lindsey writes, "She does this everytime he stretches or works out. She's a riot!" Do you have a fun video of your dog that you would like to share with the DogHeirs community? If you have a video that captures something special about our four-legged friends,...
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Unsuspecting cat gets bowled over by dog (VIDEO)

Clear the way, Monty the dog stops for no one! Spaz the cat doesn't realize Monty running straight for her. Poor Spaz, she looks pretty darn surprised. Now I know who the lambs were running away from. It wasn't the cat, it was Monty!
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