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Fun Videos

Bulldog Puppy Leaps Off Bed Into Owner's Arms (VIDEO)

Kevin Cass shared this video with DogHeirs showing his adorable bulldog puppy bravely jumping off the bed into his arms. Clearly this baby loves and trusts his human and they are having a great time together! Do you have a fun videos of your dog that you would like to share with DogHeirs? If you have a video that captures something special about our four-legged friends, share it on our our Facebook pages Dogs Are...
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Dog with cancer has front leg amputated is still living life to the fullest (VIDEO)

Sheridan is a dog who loves life. He currently lives in Grenada, West Indies with his parents veterinary students Morgan and Zach, and was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a malignant bone cancer. Sheridan recently had his leg amputated and is now undergoing chemo and is doing wonderfully well. Emily Garnto is a vet student and friend of Sheridan's parents. She shared Sheridan's video with Dogs are Family and wrote, "He only has 8 months to...
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Newest Articles

Dog interrupts man watching TV in the cutest way (VIDEO)

Watching TV with Pink presents some real challenges for her human! Awww. No TV show beats that kind of attention!
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Airedale Terrier adores sphynx cat (VIDEO)

Laika the Airedale Terrier really loves her friend Chelsy. I've never seen a dog want to snuggle a cat so much. When the Sphynx cat is napping, Laika sneaks in for a cuddle, gently lays her head on Laika and refuses to budge!
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Babysitting Beagle never had to be taught how to love baby (VIDEO)

They taught Charlie the Beagle to help with baby Laura. He helps change her diapers, plays the keyboard, changes the traffic lights and swings a baby crib. But they never had to teach him how to love their daughter!   
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Adorable Dachshund loves to play in the snow (VIDEO)

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund is no stranger to the adventure. He's not a dog who wants to sit by a cozy fire until after he's played in the snow. His humans says that it's a common misconception that weiner dogs are like lap dogs and do not like the snow or cold. They write: "Wiener dogs (dachshunds) were bred to hunt badgers, so can stand up will to the elements when raised in this environment....
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Dogs patiently wait for mom to Say Grace before dinner (VIDEO)

Four Australian shepherds and a Rough collie wait patiently for their mom to Say Grace before eating their food. They know exactly what word to hear when to start eating. What a well-behaved pack!  
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GoPro Dog Cam at the Dog Park

Our German Shorthaired Pointer Lola at the dog park with a GoPro Hero 3 Black attached to her back with the Fetch Harness.  This gives a great view of what a dog sees at one of their favorite places!
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Lonely stray "mop dog" makes a friend (VIDEO)

This recent commercial from Dr. Pepper tells a sweet story of a delivery man befriending a stray "mop dog" (or Hungarian Puli). It’s not what I’d expect from a soda company, but it’s certainly a message any dog lover can get behind.
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Dog Has The Sweetest Response When Going To See Grandma (VIDEO)

Samantha Magowan's dog LOVES Nana! This is what happens every time Nana's name gets mentioned... Samantha posed a question to the DogHeirs community, asking, "Does anyone else have a dog who get so excited to see their human nana? Love him!" We're sure nana loves him a lot too!  Do you have a fun video of your dog that you would like to share with DogHeirs? If you have a video that captures something special...
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Dalmatian's Super Happy Welcome Home

Ollie gets super excited when mom gets home even if it's just a trip to the mailbox.  Here's what he does.
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English Bulldog loves playing pinball (VIDEO)

Chubbs the English Bulldog absolutely loves his family's pinball machine. When his human asks if he wants to play he can't wait to run downstairs to the basement for a game. As soon as the pinball machine starts, he leaps up and watches all the action. You can tell it's a regular activity for the family!
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