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Fun Videos

Huskies give army dad returning home a big warm welcome home (VIDEO)

Dina Grass shared this wonderful homecoming video between her husband, Adam, and their two huskies with DogHeirs. Their two dogs are absolutely thrilled to see their army dad, who has just returned from Afghanistan after 9 months deployment!   Do you have a fun video you would like to share with DogHeirs? If you have a video that captures something special about our four-legged friends, share it on our our Facebook pages Dogs Are Family...
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Incredible friendship between three-legged dog and boy with rare condition changed their lives (VIDEO)

An Anatolian Shepherd named Haatchi overcame a terrible act of cruelty to become the best friend and inspiration for a young boy with a rare genetic condition. In January 2012, Haatchi was deliberately tied to a railway line in England and was hit by a train. Five days later, he was rescued by the RSPCA. He lost a leg and his tail and was waiting for a forever home when Colleen Drummond and her husband...
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Newest Articles

Dogs who love water (VIDEO)

Whether they're swimming in it, bathing in it or having a drink, dogs love water in one way or another! Related: Funny dog loves the water but won't swim (video) Corgi enjoys the water park (video) German Shepherd cruises the pool (video)
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Dog teaches baby to play fetch with him (VIDEO)

Baby Katie is learning how to throw the ball and gets a helping hand from her sweet dog! It looks like these two new BFFs will be playing fetch together for many years to come! Related: Sweet dog wants baby to play fetch with him Dachshund tries to teach baby to play fetch (video) Dog wants baby to play fetch (video)
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Labrador shows some tricks (VIDEO)

Funny labrador Menfis likes to show tricks. Some of them he does with great enthusiasm.
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Adorable baby foxes play in a garden with their mum (VIDEO)

It's play time for these fox kits! They look like they're having a blast running and hiding from each other in the bushes! Ben Clarke filmed the baby foxes playing in his garden in Sutton, England. What a lucky guy to have these adorable creatures in his yard! Related: Baby foxes fostered by Akit Inu Dog (video) Baby fox and rescued dog are inseparable best friends (video) Playful fox kit jumps over dog
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3 Month Old Dalmatian Rage

Ollie was fed up with Lola interrupting his sleep and forcing him to play and let her know!  Good ol' sibling rivalry!
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Dogs really love getting the mail compilation (VIDEO)

Dogs love to get the mail! When it comes they're right there to fetch it! Related: Naughty dog's strong reaction to junk mail (video)
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Maddies naughty secret

Our beautiful girl, Maddie, is now 7 years old.  Since we had her, as a young puppy, she has been an absolute delight.  She is such a happy little spirit and brightens every day.  She has always been well behaved, and we have prided ourselves that it must be something to do with us and her training.  Now, though, at 7 years old, her naughty streak is coming out.  Nothing in her life has changed,...
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Springer Spaniel sees squirrel and makes the most unique bark (VIDEO)

I've never heard a dog bark like this! Rocco the Springer Spaniel has some words for his humans when he sees some squirrels but can't chase after them because he's stuck in the car. Related: Small dog has a very unusual bark (video) Shiba Inu is the cutest barker (video) Car-obsessed dog makes the cutest sounds (video)  
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Sadie Believes-sings X-Files Theme

We're fans of The X-Files and have started the series again; a few episodes in my little Rat Terrier mix-Sadie- started howling every time the theme song came on. Her facial expressions and body language are priceless. Sadie Rose is an exceptional little girl- she's quite the acrobat, she's incredibly smart and apparently she's a singer, as well. The joy in my life has increased immeasurably since she joined our family
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Welsh Corgi Cardigan puppies herd toy pig (VIDEO)

These 6-week-old Welsh Corgi Cardigan puppies are curious when a "pig"  comes to visit. Related: Proud French Bulldog dad plays with his puppies (video) Baby goat tries to get puppies to play (video)
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