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Fun Videos

Dog Has The Sweetest Response When Going To See Grandma (VIDEO)

Samantha Magowan's dog LOVES Nana! This is what happens every time Nana's name gets mentioned... Samantha posed a question to the DogHeirs community, asking, "Does anyone else have a dog who get so excited to see their human nana? Love him!" We're sure nana loves him a lot too!  Do you have a fun video of your dog that you would like to share with DogHeirs? If you have a video that captures something special...
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Kids Get The Best Surprise Gift Ever

After planning months in advance, Sarah Taylor surprised her children with the last thing they were expecting...a puppy! Sarah told DogHeirs, "We lost our last Rottweiler, Max, 3 years ago and we miss him dearly." That's why when dad first brings in Rottweiler puppy Benny all three kids react with stunned silence at first. That is until mom explains what dad is holding! And Benny's reaction is equally sweet - he immediately wants to give...
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Newest Articles

Why you should get a beagle

Beagles are the cutest, most intelligent and stubborn dogs ever. If you get one your life will never be the same:D  
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Cute dog never had to be taught how to love baby

These owners taught their dog how to play keyboard, how to change traffic lights and how to swing a baby crib, but they never had to teach him how to love their daughter. 
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Super Hyper Dog Runs Circles Around the Park

There are hyper dogs, then there is this!  Watch Lulu the German Shorthaired Pointer puppy run circles around the dog park!  She seems to have an unlimited source of energy inside her body, this is just a small clip from a 40 minute park session with almost unlimited running!  
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Guilty dog apologizes baby for stealing her toy:it is never too late for apologize

Apparently Charlie just couldn’t control himself when someone dangled a toy in front of baby Laura, so he took it and walked away. A few seconds later, baby Laura lets out a cry and Charlie seems to realize he’s done something wrong. Charlie tries to make things right by bringing baby Laura as many gifts as he can find, including a tennis ball, a Playstation controller, and the toy he took in the first place.
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Sweet Toddler Consoles And Hugs Her Dog Even Though He Broke Her Bowl

 This dog had an ‘oops’ and he’s feeling really guilty about it. Instead of sulking and getting mad, the sweet toddler consoles and hugs her Beagle even though the pooch broke her favorite bowl!
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Dog and baby know how to live together

This video show you how kids should interact with a dog. They eat together, they play together and sleep together. They are just a best friends.
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Dog singing Say Something (I'm Giving Up On You)

I didn't know my dog has a great voice, but he does that only for food:D
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Baby and Dog take each other for a walk

Teaching baby how to walk a dog properly (or teaching dog how to walk a baby :D ) was one of the hardest things ever, especially when your dog is a Beagle ( they are terrible at walking on the lead).   They had to learn how to cooperate together and my daughter learned one the most important things in life - No matter how many times you fall down, you have stand up and keep...
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Dog Performs Happy Dance on the Grass

There is nothing better in the world for a dogs than fresh cut grass just to roll over
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