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Fun Videos

Excited dogs welcome Dad home after six months apart (VIDEO)

Brian Brammer shared this video with us: "My welcome home from the dogs — with Kathryn Brammer in Del Rio, TX." Kathryn says, "One of the best days of my life! Roxy, Scruffy and I were so excited to see Brian after 6 long months." Related: Special needs dog welcomes home her Airman dad Overjoyed dog welcomes home her dad from deployment Emotional dog thrilled to reunite with her serviceman dad  
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Newest Articles

Loving French Bulldog Covers His Sleeping Dad With Blanket

A loving French bulldog saw that his human was napping and decided to go and grab a blanket for him. Not only that, he jumps onto the couch and adorably arranges the blanked over dad too!
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Dog Super Excited When Doggie School Bus Arrives To Pick Him Up

Rudy the Australian Shepherd loves school, or more accurately, the "Doggie School Bus" which comes to pick him up and take him to doggie day care. Doggie School Bus is a dog grooming and training company in Oregon that offers a pick-up service and they must make their dogs happy because Rudy cannot contain his excitement when he hears the bus arrive to pick him up and take him to school!
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Beagle puppy falls asleep in cradle

In this video dog and baby babysitting a puppy. I think this puppy has the best dogsitters in the world
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Golden Retriever Jumps On Hotel Bed And Has Time Of His Life

While staying at a pet-friendly hotel, Rufio the Golden Retriever got ready for bed by testing out the bed. Rufio's humans don't let him on the bed at home, so to say he liked it is an understatement!  
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Cute Dog Enjoys Nothing More Than Getting A Bath From Her Dad

Ethan Lin gives his dog, Latte, a bath or should we say spa treatment? With the way Latte looks getting washed I think she’s in heaven!  
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One Dog’s Response To Roll Call At Doggie Day Care Is Hilarious

A group always has one. This well-mannered this group of dogs at the K9 Country Club in Yakima, Washington are politely responding to this woman's roll call as she calls their names one-by-one. But then there’s Echo. And how does Echo respond to being last in line for the roll call? Hilarious!
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Man Is Standing By The Pool When All Of A Sudden His Dog Makes Everyone Laugh

Toyo the Labrador Retriever loves to help people in the pool. Not by life-guarding but by pushing them in! As soon as someone goes to the edge of the pool, he’s right behind them to shove them in! It’s pretty obvious that Toyo gets a lot of joy out of this activity. He does a victory lap around the pool every time he dunks someone!
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Heartwarming dog and baby reaction to the new puppy

Whoever said you can't buy Happiness forgot little puppies.
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Bengal Kitten Absolutely Adores Labrador Retriever

We absolutely adore friendships between dogs and kittens. So when we saw what this tiny Bengal kitten approaching Tucker the yellow Lab, our hearts melted. Tucker must be very familiar around cats because he’s completely un-phased by all the affection he gets from the tiny cat.
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Dog Adorably Poses For A Selfie When Her Dad Pulls Out The Camera

It turns out humans aren’t the only ones who like to take selfies. Austin Morreale uploaded a SnapChat video of him and his dog Nelly with the caption “PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO OF MY DOG”. I usually steer clear of anything in all caps, but I am so glad I made an exception. Wait until you see how adorable she is when she sees Austin about to take a photo and leaps into a pose....
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