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Fun Videos

Loving human builds special stair lift for rescued English Bulldog (VIDEO)

Hank the Bulldog was picked up as a stray a few years ago and is approximately 7 to 9 years old. The Bulldog has a rare heart condition and a bit of difficulty getting up and down the stairs, so his wonderful humans custom built him this!   Hank's human, Holly DiBin calls Hank's customized lift Hank's Hauler!  Holly wrote, "Here's a snippet of Hank going down the stairs in his Hauler I was so...
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Dalmatians love looking after foster kitten (VIDEO)

Dalmatians Louie and Lady enjoy fostering the kittens their guardian, Jennifer Pogue, brings home. Although 6-week-old Squirt looks a little unsure of her guardians at first, as soon as she's nestled between the paire, she begins to relax and fall asleep! Squirt really took to Louie and gave him lots of kitten kisses. Squirt liked being with Louie and Lady so much that they get to keep her!
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Newest Articles

Julia Roberts Confronts the Dog on the Internet Who's Afraid of Her

Julia Roberts was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon when he brought up the viral video of a dog who's afraid of her face. He offered her the chance to say something nice to the Husky named Achmed and maybe she could become his friend and this is what she did... :-) Here's the original video of Achmed freaking out when he sees a picture of the actress in the magazine.
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Dog loves sliding on grassy hill (VIDEO)

Bucket loved the feel of the grass on her back so much she pushed herself down a hill to prolong the happy moment! Related: Dog has fun sliding through leaves (video)  Silly Labrador Retriever's body slide in the snow (video)   
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Don't stop scratching the booty!

Eva the 3 legged rottie gets cranky if dad stops scratching her booty. She has a special way of letting you know when she is displeased. 
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Adorable Bulldog puppy struggles to get up when playing with her dad (VIDEO)

This Bulldog puppy is having fun playing with her dad when she tips over. She struggles to get up at first, but she figures it out! Awwww!
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Golden Retriever talks back after stealing seat (VIDEO)

If you vacate your seat, it Milo not only steals his human's spot on the coach he'll talk back when he's questioned about it. 
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Labrador Retriever puts on the brakes when playing fetch (VIDEO)

Stella the Labrador Retriever plants herself in the cool grass when playing fetch!  Related: Happy Corgi is a wigglebutt when it's time to fetch (video)  Little dog uses stream to play fetch on his own (video)
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The reasons why dogs smell each other's butts (VIDEO)

Why do dogs smell each other's butts? It turns out the reasons are more complex that you would think. This dog behavior is one of the animal kingdom's more interesting forms of chemical communication. This video not only explains the array of information a dog collects about another dog, but how they do it.  
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Sweet Bull Terrier plays with Bulldog puppies (VIDEO)

This Bull Terrier channels his inner puppy and plays with two Bulldog puppies! Related: Mini Bull Terrier and Italian Greyhound's adorable battle (video) Bull Terrier plays with miniature Yorkshire Terrier (video)  
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Chihuahua finds the perfect doggie "bed" (VIDEO)

A cute Chihuahua has discovers that the best "bed" to sleep is on is on her buddy, a Great Dane!  
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Their naughty dog kept escaping. So they set up a hidden camera and caught their her doing this!

  Craig Alaburda and his wife Morgan Rosenberg were puzzled as to how their Alaskan Klee Kai Akira managed to get through their baby gate and escape from the kitchen several days in a row. They discovered that Akira was doing this! Related: Hidden camera catches clever Beagle stealing chicken nuggets  Hidden camera catches dog stealing cupcakes (video) 
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