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Fun Videos

Dalmatians love looking after foster kitten (VIDEO)

Dalmatians Louie and Lady enjoy fostering the kittens their guardian, Jennifer Pogue, brings home. Although 6-week-old Squirt looks a little unsure of her guardians at first, as soon as she's nestled between the paire, she begins to relax and fall asleep! Squirt really took to Louie and gave him lots of kitten kisses. Squirt liked being with Louie and Lady so much that they get to keep her!
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Cute dog's synchronized head tilts with himself (VIDEO)

Cooper appears to be a keen listener! Casey Voss shared this sweet video with DogHeirs and writes, "For anyone that needs a laugh today. This is Cooper and he is my best friend." Do you have a fun video you would like to share with DogHeirs? If you have a video that captures something special about our four-legged friends, share it on our our Facebook pages Dogs Are Family and DogHeirs, Instagram #DogHeirs, or here...
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Newest Articles

Dog and parkour athlete perform amazing stunts together (VIDEO)

Jumpy is already known for his amazing tricks and parkour so when he's joined by Alex Duong, a professional parkour athlete, it's time for some fun. I'm glad they filmed this in slow motion so I can enjoy all the incredible stunts the two do together! Related: Super smart dog performs amazing trick (video) Dog performs amazing parkour tricks (video) Smart dog's clever bag of tricks (video)  
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‘Spoiler Dog’ won’t stop talking during the movie (VIDEO)

Don't you just love it when you're watching a 'who dunnit' TV show and the person sitting next to you is convinced they know who did it. Nugget the "Spoiler Dog" is like that. LOL! Related: Talking doggies (video) Baby and husky have the cutest conversation (video) Major the talking dog: don't tell mommy I told you (video)
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English Bulldog puppy loves scrub brush (VIDEO)

Agnes is a 13-week-old English Bulldog puppy who loves the utility brush her humans got at the store. She can't get enough of the back scratches and playtime! Related: Best Day of My Life for English Bulldog (video) What this bulldog puppy does on a hill is the cutest thing I've ever seen (video)  Adorable English Bulldog puppy loves belly rubs (video)  
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Cutest Dog Video You Will See All Day

Lola and Ollie take time from being wild and crazy to lay down and cuddle together....  Lots of doggy kisses and cuteness!
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Dog's hilarious reaction to surprise birthday treat (VIDEO)

This is hilarious! A Labrador Retriever can't contain his excitement when he sees he's going to get birthday cake!  
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Adorable Beagle plays catch very differently from other dogs (VIDEO)

Purin the Beagle knows the most amazing way to play fetch. Look at what he can do! What a sweet dog! Related: Purin the Beagle catches a ball in the most adorable way (video)
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Major The Talking Dog-Diana & No Control

Major Talks about "The Diana" and no control....
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Naughty dog's strong reaction to junk mail (VIDEO)

Calvin loves when the mailman comes but he really, really doesn't like junk mail.  Related: Naughty Shih Tzu waits for mail to be delivered (video) Dog helps mailman with postal delivery (video)  
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Dogs out for a ride share a family moment together (VIDEO)

The Barkleys go out for a drive, when something catches the entire family's attention in this funny TV commercial. Related: The funniest thing happens when this family of dogs goes for a ride. This video is so hilarious!   
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Dog sees newborn kittens for the first time (VIDEO)

This dog is curious about the new kittens who've recently arrived and wants to get a closer look. It's his first time seeing the babies, but I love how he knows to be gentle and quiet. Related: Retired military working dog meets his first kitten (video) Cautious dog meets tiny kitten for the first time (video)    
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