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Fun Videos

Siberian Huskies Sing The Song Of Their People (VIDEO)

Charmaine Schicht shared this cute video with DogHeirs.com of her Huskies and writes, "My two Siberian Huskies singing their morning song". We love how they take cues from one another. So funny and so sweet!  Do you have a fun video of your dog that you would like to share with DogHeirs? If you have a video that captures something special about our four-legged friends, share it on our our Facebook page DogHeirs or here on DogHeirs.com.
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Dog Has The Sweetest Response When Going To See Grandma (VIDEO)

Samantha Magowan's dog LOVES Nana! This is what happens every time Nana's name gets mentioned... Samantha posed a question to the DogHeirs community, asking, "Does anyone else have a dog who get so excited to see their human nana? Love him!" We're sure nana loves him a lot too!  Do you have a fun video of your dog that you would like to share with DogHeirs? If you have a video that captures something special...
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Newest Articles

Adorable dog knows exactly what to do when her human sneezes (VIDEO)

I can't believe what this adorable Yorkie does when her human pretends to sneeze! She's so sweet!
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Shih Tzu is always by baby's side (VIDEO)

Abba the Shih Tzu is resting in her new favorite place now that baby Adelyn has arrived! The tiny dog loves to cuddle up alongside Adelyn. They really do love each other's company and are very calm and quiet with each other!
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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! See a little doggie try to catch a leprechaun for today in this cute video.
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Big dogs trying to fit into small beds (VIDEO)

Why is it that big dogs like small beds? Maybe they like to be snug and cozy when they nap. Or, perhaps their buddies have taken their beds and they are too polite to ask for their beds back?   
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Mark & Cindy's two new rescue children having fun in Knysna Cape South Africa.   
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Sleepy Great Dane adorably refuses to get out of bed (VIDEO)

This Great Dane needs more than a little bit of gentle coaxing to get out of bed and venture outside into the cold weather. He yawns, he stretches, he gives his mom the "evil eye", he even buries his head in his paws (just look at 1:26! So adorable!). Anything, to sleep in for just a few more minutes!
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Adorable puppy chirps like a bird (VIDEO)

Poo the puppy was a very quiet fellow. So quiet that his human thought he might be mute. Until one day he barked. Now his human can't figure out if the sound he makes is a bark or a chirp!
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Dog on the Internet (VIDEO)

It doesn’t matter how good your idea is. It only matters how quickly you put it on the Internet.  
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Golden Retriever has glorious time in the snow (VIDEO)

Watching Buddy the Golden retriever playing in the snow, getting snow on his nose and running in glorious super slow motion is something to behold. I never thought a dog's "snow day" could be so beautiful!
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Labrador takes Dachshund for a walk (VIDEO)

This old yellow Labrador thinks it's his job to walk the Dachshund. I think he does a pretty good job considering the crowd he has to navigate!
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