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Fun Videos

Loving human builds special stair lift for rescued English Bulldog (VIDEO)

Hank the Bulldog was picked up as a stray a few years ago and is approximately 7 to 9 years old. The Bulldog has a rare heart condition and a bit of difficulty getting up and down the stairs, so his wonderful humans custom built him this!   Hank's human, Holly DiBin calls Hank's customized lift Hank's Hauler!  Holly wrote, "Here's a snippet of Hank going down the stairs in his Hauler I was so...
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Dalmatians love looking after foster kitten (VIDEO)

Dalmatians Louie and Lady enjoy fostering the kittens their guardian, Jennifer Pogue, brings home. Although 6-week-old Squirt looks a little unsure of her guardians at first, as soon as she's nestled between the paire, she begins to relax and fall asleep! Squirt really took to Louie and gave him lots of kitten kisses. Squirt liked being with Louie and Lady so much that they get to keep her!
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Newest Articles

Husky puppy loves getting his belly tickled (VIDEO)

This Husky puppy is in heaven when he gets his belly tickled!  Related: Affectionate Labrador Retriever insists on getting belly rubs (video) Sweet Saint Bernard asks for belly rub from baby (video)
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Two French Bulldogs have the funniest conversation (VIDEO)

Manny is showing his pal Frank how to speak like a French Bulldog. But he can't seem to figure out why Frank just keeps snorting. I love it when dogs talk! Related: Talking French Bulldog gives mom an earful (video)  Excited French Bulldog puppy welcomes his human home (video)  German Shepherd has cutest reaction to video of talking husky (video)   
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English Bulldog puppy plays most adorable game of peek-a-boo (VIDEO)

Benny the English Bulldog puppy plays the most adorable game of peek-a-boo with his human! Related: Cute Dachshund puppy spies on guardian (video)  Dog's adorable peek-a-boo (gif)  Adorable Great Dane plays peek-a-boo (video) 
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Dogs making funny faces (VIDEO)

Some dogs can make the funniest faces! Watch these dogs crack a toothy grin for their humans! Related: Funny humans and dogs match expressions (photos)  17 of the grumpiest dogs on the Internet. They will make you smile but they dont' care.  
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Funny Rottweiler purrs when he gets attention (VIDEO)

It sounds a bit scary at first, but this Rottie loves to purr when he gets hugged! 
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Cockatoo feeds Great Danes treats (VIDEO)

Spike the Umbrella Cockatoo feeds his best friends some Milk-Bones. Best friend ever!
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Adorable toddler and dog share a howl together (VIDEO)

Friends that howl together stay together! Chris and Shadow are best friends and know how to talk to each other. Related: Cute puppy learns how to howl from dad (video)  Adorable singing duet between little girl and Rottweiler (video) Talented Bloodhound and harmonica-playing toddler duet (video) 
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Rocky-The Worlds Smartest Pit Bull's Tricks-Episode 3(Video)

Rocky returns in his 3rd installment of tricks performed to the song "I Could Be Great"
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Dog pleads guilty when confronted with human's broken glasses (VIDEO)

After Stephanie Lynn's glasses went missing, she decided to look in the backyard after searching everywhere else. She found what's left of them and decided to ask her dog, Rooney, if he knew what happened to them. His reaction told her everything she needed to know! Related: Guilty Bulldog confesses in the cutest way possible (video) Guilty dogs compilation (video)
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Adorable Jack Russell Terrier puppy sits on cat's face (VIDEO)

A newborn Jack Russell puppy named Murphy wants to say "hello" to Nunnie the cat and introduces himself. How he does it comes as a surprise to Nunnie! Related: Funny dog thinks he's being polite greeting cat (gif)  Puppy finds the most unusual place to sit (video)
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