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Fun Videos

Funny Dog Helps Her Human With His Work-Out Routine (VIDEO)

Lindsey Foscaldi Simmons shared this adorable video with DogHeirs.com. Her sweet dog likes to keep her humans in good shape and always helps her dad with his work-out routine! Lindsey writes, "She does this everytime he stretches or works out. She's a riot!" Do you have a fun video of your dog that you would like to share with the DogHeirs community? If you have a video that captures something special about our four-legged friends,...
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Siberian Huskies Sing The Song Of Their People (VIDEO)

Charmaine Schicht shared this cute video with DogHeirs.com of her Huskies and writes, "My two Siberian Huskies singing their morning song". We love how they take cues from one another. So funny and so sweet!  Do you have a fun video of your dog that you would like to share with DogHeirs? If you have a video that captures something special about our four-legged friends, share it on our our Facebook page DogHeirs or here on DogHeirs.com.
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Newest Articles

Family dog introduced to newborn baby for the first time (VIDEO)

Bringing a newborn baby home is always a momentous day. Just as with young siblings, dogs get excited to meet babies too. Watch how these parents prepared to introduce their Labrador retriever Liev to the new baby.  Liev's parents wrote, "Our dog is very unique and highly trained, this video displays our specific situation on how we introduced our baby to our dog. Always be cautious when presenting infants to dogs." They do a wonderful...
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Adoptable dog follows shoppers around on digital billboards (VIDEO)

Battersea Dogs And Cats Home is Britain's oldest animal shelter. They wanted to do an outdoors advertising campain in a popular London shopping district to get people to remember that their shelter has many wonderful dogs up for adoption! They created an innovative campaign called "Looking For Me" using technology and a dog named Barley. Shoppers were handed a leaflet that contained a microchip so that when they walked by one of the digital billboards...
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Marine reunited with heroic military working dog he had not seen in 3 years (VIDEO)

U.S. Marine Corporal Seth Hill spent two years with military working dog and fellow Marine, Bbazy. The Belgian Malinos and Marine worked in Afghanistan together searching for IEDs and explosives. During their time together, the pair bonded while saving lives. Sadly, two weeks before they were to head back home together, Bbazy got an infection in her hip that needed to be treated. That was back in 2012 and the two had not seen each...
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13 pets who hilarously want to be let back inside

Pets usually can't wait to get outside. They're clamouring for you to open the door and let them out. There's gardens to explore, people to see, business to take care of! Sometimes, they're just as eager to come back indoors! They don't like the weather (rain! snow!). They meet an unwelcomed visitor (scary wildlife!) or they know it's dinner time. At this point, they're going to do whatever it takes for you to let them...
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Great dane brings water in bucket

Ch.Chosen One von Unterwein,blue male is helping to bring water for another dogs in bucket.Chosen is fameous allready,because he opens car doors by himself,and go inside.I spend lots of time with him,we travel a lot,and he can doing lots of tricks throw game.He understunds words,and he do conection what I want of him.Hes grandma was first dog car driver.
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German Shepherd who was missing for 3 years can't wait to hug his family again (VIDEO)

Andrea Arce and her two daughters were heartbroken when Rico disappeared three years ago. The German Shepherd was taken from his family during a messy break up and given away. But a few weeks ago, Andrea got a call from a shelter 2,500 miles away from her San Diego home. Rico (now 6 years old) had been found wandering the streets in Virginia! She was overjoyed and arranged for a friend to help pick Rico...
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Puppies paired with prisoners to help benefit the blind (VIDEO)

What happens when a group of prisoners get their hands on adorable puppies? Wonderful things. It takes a very special dog to be a Leader Dogs For the Blind. It also takes a lot of work to raise them well so that they can succeed. That's where the inmates have helped considerably. Leader Dogs For The Blind established their puppy-raising program and pair a pupy with prisoners who have demonstrated they Its prison puppy-raising program...
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Chihuahua Runs Circles Around Bigger Dog

Watch this little guy run circles around the bigger dog.  I'm sure the bigger dog was dizzy after this!
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One Pit Bull's story highlights the plight of many but the ending of few (VIDEO)

I Pitty The Bull states that only 1 out of every 600 “Pit Bulls” ever make it out of the shelter. A sobering statistic for animal rescuers. So they teamed up with California’s Priceless Pet Rescue to make this video. It focuses on one Pit Bull’s story; how his owner had to give him up because of discrimination and circumstance and what happens to him next. I’m glad I watched to the end because he...
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