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Fun Videos

Dog with cancer has front leg amputated is still living life to the fullest (VIDEO)

Sheridan is a dog who loves life. He currently lives in Grenada, West Indies with his parents veterinary students Morgan and Zach, and was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a malignant bone cancer. Sheridan recently had his leg amputated and is now undergoing chemo and is doing wonderfully well. Emily Garnto is a vet student and friend of Sheridan's parents. She shared Sheridan's video with Dogs are Family and wrote, "He only has 8 months to...
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So you think you want to put on a bite suit? (VIDEO)

Are you sure? Whatever plans you have before you've ever been in a bite suit go flying out the window, at the speed of light, the second that dog lands on your arm, which is only a second from when you last saw him, feet away, drooling and counting the nanoseconds until he can throw you around like a rag doll. The second that dog bites down on your arm, you realize the suit will...
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Newest Articles

No one can hide in the car from this Great Dane (VIDEO)

A Great Dane "Chosen One" von Unterwein figured out a way to open the car door. His human says he never taught his dog the trick, but it's pretty amazing that he can do it! Going anywhere in the car will be a snap from now on!
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Cat launches sneak attack on unsuspecting dog (VIDEO)

This cat acts like she's not up to anything mischievous, but she's secretly preparing to pounce! Naughty cat!
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Cute dog helps her human build a snowman (VIDEO)

Isabelle the miniature Australian Shepherd is so cute in the snow. She pitches in to help her human make a snowman! That, or she thinks he's making a really big snowball for her to play with! :-)
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Dog and his dad sing duet to "Say Something" (VIDEO)

Emanuele and his dog Junior were out for a drive when "Say Something" came on the radio and they joined in! What an adorable duet!
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Adorable Pit Bull has a funny reaction to pineapple (VIDEO)

Stella the Pit bull threw a barking fit when her human, Jolene Creighton, brought home a pineapple from the grocery store. Jolene described Stella's reaction as follows: "Stella was barking at the counter for some unknown reason. It took me a second, but I finally figured out that she was afraid of the pineapple. I started to take a video, but had to stop when it became apparent that she was going to bark until...
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Dogs and cat adorably pile on top of each other (VIDEO)

I don’t think there’s any room left on the chair after Weimaraners’ Willow and Kym and Bengal cat Katooshka decide to have a relaxing snuggle during a boring afternoon.
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First Delegation 'Four Paws' in Pope's General Audience (VIDEO)

In December, 3 - among the participants at the General Audience Holy Father, was also a special delegation, "fours paws" to witness the end of a history of abuse and imprisonment and an SOS Adoptions in favor of all cats and dogs released, as well as representatives of the animal kennel Parrelli and Green Hill entrusted to 'LAV - Lega Anti Vivizesione', now ready for a new life and looking for the family. In November,...
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Hero Dog Protects and Saves Missing Boy Guiding Back Home (VIDEO)

The female dog's name is Pitucha, and the three-year-old boy is Miguel. The stray dog came to live in Miguel's home in Brazil five years ago.  The boy went missing after he saw that the gate was open and walked through the streets. No one noticed him go. He disappeared for more than three hours. It was then that Pitucha stepped forward to help Pitucha. She follows the boy all the time. And someone suspected that the Mutt and Miguel could be...
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Husky puppy lets out an adorable howl (VIDEO)

Einstein th Siberian Husky puppy shows off his howl. He's absolutely adorable!
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Punctual rescued Boxer dog wants his dinner on time (VIDEO)

Meet Tyson, an adorable 10-year-old rescue dog. He likes to tell his humans when they're late with his dinner, which should be ready at 5:30 pm! But his humans don't mind him complaining. He's had it pretty rough time over the past year - he was previously abandoned in a mall parking lot and when he was found he was in bad shape health-wise. Now he's happy and healty and ready for his dinner!
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