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Fun Videos

Funny Dog Helps Her Human With His Work-Out Routine (VIDEO)

Lindsey Foscaldi Simmons shared this adorable video with DogHeirs.com. Her sweet dog likes to keep her humans in good shape and always helps her dad with his work-out routine! Lindsey writes, "She does this everytime he stretches or works out. She's a riot!" Do you have a fun video of your dog that you would like to share with the DogHeirs community? If you have a video that captures something special about our four-legged friends,...
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Siberian Huskies Sing The Song Of Their People (VIDEO)

Charmaine Schicht shared this cute video with DogHeirs.com of her Huskies and writes, "My two Siberian Huskies singing their morning song". We love how they take cues from one another. So funny and so sweet!  Do you have a fun video of your dog that you would like to share with DogHeirs? If you have a video that captures something special about our four-legged friends, share it on our our Facebook page DogHeirs or here on DogHeirs.com.
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Newest Articles

Baby and Dog take each other for a walk

Teaching baby how to walk a dog properly (or teaching dog how to walk a baby :D ) was one of the hardest things ever, especially when your dog is a Beagle ( they are terrible at walking on the lead).   They had to learn how to cooperate together and my daughter learned one the most important things in life - No matter how many times you fall down, you have stand up and keep...
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Dog Performs Happy Dance on the Grass

There is nothing better in the world for a dogs than fresh cut grass just to roll over
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Dogs are Family

We all should think a million times before we decide to get a dog.Dogs are not a toy and they are more than just a pet, they are our family. It's not just for a season or few weeks, they will stay with us for more than 10 years. This video is to prove that you can rise dog and baby together, you just have to supervise them all the time.
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Great dane like "Lion king"

hommade non commercial video with my great danes,based on Lion Kingstarring:Mufassa: Chosen One von UnterweinScar: Sybill von Unterwein, Rachel B.Beauty von UnterweinHynas:babies "Von Unterwein"
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All American Dogs Celebrate the 4th

Chicago, IL Debbie Bickford is a professional trainer (Debbie's Dogs) with over a decade of experience. Debbie teaches Dog Tricks class at For Your K9, Inc. and together with her talented students put together a video to share this 4th.                                                            Still photographs courtesy of Stacey Hawk/Hawk City K9's Please enjoy...
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Poodle Wins Big Bet

  Sherlock the Standard Poodle writing today. Let me start off by saying the only reason I insisted Momma Mim turn on the telly was because I heard the Belmont Steaks was on. I always enjoy a good steak.  I was very delighted to learn horses were involved. Some of my best friends are horses. I bark at the police horses and the horses that give rides in carriages around downtown.  They love that! I...
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Adorable puppies get their first baths (VIDEO)

These puppies getting a bath for the first time are simply adorable! Just like little babies, many relax and fall asleep in their humans' hands while the warm water washes them clean!
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Adorable Dachshund makes sure her toy is clean (VIDEO)

This adorable Dachshund has decided it's time for her toy to get washed and knows exactly what to do about it!  
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Three-legged Pit Bull lovingly fosters orphaned kittens (VIDEO)

Bella the 3-legged Pit Bull regularly fosters kittens. A rescue herself, she helps her family nurture the youngsters so they'll be ready for loving homes too. Watch her gently groom and cuddle with the kittens. She is so gentle with them and lets the babies crawl all over her. In return, the kittens are never far from their surrogate mother's side! 
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Puppy's First Time Swimming

Watch Loki the 3 month old Weimaraner swim for his first time ever!  He's a natural!
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