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Fun Videos

Dog with cancer has front leg amputated is still living life to the fullest (VIDEO)

Sheridan is a dog who loves life. He currently lives in Grenada, West Indies with his parents veterinary students Morgan and Zach, and was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a malignant bone cancer. Sheridan recently had his leg amputated and is now undergoing chemo and is doing wonderfully well. Emily Garnto is a vet student and friend of Sheridan's parents. She shared Sheridan's video with Dogs are Family and wrote, "He only has 8 months to...
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So you think you want to put on a bite suit? (VIDEO)

Are you sure? Whatever plans you have before you've ever been in a bite suit go flying out the window, at the speed of light, the second that dog lands on your arm, which is only a second from when you last saw him, feet away, drooling and counting the nanoseconds until he can throw you around like a rag doll. The second that dog bites down on your arm, you realize the suit will...
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Newest Articles

Cute monkey rides on German Shepherd's back (VIDEO)

Abu the Baby Monkey is close friends with his family's cats and dogs at their home in Nepal. In this video, he attaches himself to his friend, a German Shepherd, who doesn't seem to mind that there's a monkey on her back! Related: Dog saves baby monkey and nurses it back to health 
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Shih Tzu dressed as a teddy bear gets her exercise (VIDEO)

Munchkin the Shih Tzu has an unusual work-out outfit - a teddy bear costume. Watch as she runs on the treadmill and looks like a teddy bear doing it! So cute!
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Family shares special moment they bring shelter puppy home (VIDEO)

This family made this sweet video of the special day they got to bring home their newest member - a shelter puppy named Glimmer. The video captures all the excitement and joy of adoption. Glmmer is a Great Pyrenees/Terrier mix who was rescued from a high-kill shelter by Alaqua Animal Refuge in Florida. I think Glimmer has found the perfect home!
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Adorable Husky puppy howls to get downstairs (VIDEO)

It's lonely being at the top...of the stairs! Kato the Husky puppy climbed up all on his own, but then he realized he couldn't get back down so he decided to ask for help. Awww.
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Stray dog follows Swedish adventure racers on huge trek and gets adopted (VIDEO)

Arthur was a stray living in Ecuador when he met a Swedish team of adventure racers who changed his life forever! This is an amazing rescue story!
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Hilarious dog fetch fail (VIDEO)

These Labrador Retrievers make an uncharacteristic (and hilarious) choice for their breed after their human encourages them to fetch a stick in the lake! Related: Little dog uses stream to play fetch on his own (video)  Cute dog does happy dance when fetching paper  
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Cute baby elephant chases dog (VIDEO)

A cute baby elephant and dog play a game of tag at the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I love the sounds the elephant calf makes as she tries to catch the dog!
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Spaghetti eating contest between Golden Retriever and German Shepherd (VIDEO)

Spike the Golden Retriever takes on Gilox German Shepherd  in a spaghetti eating contest! Who will win the epic eating battle? Watch and find out! Related:   Beagle loves spaghetti (video)  Cockatoo feeds spaghetti to Malamute buddy (video) Bird feeds noodles to his dog friend (video)    
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Airedale Terrier with brain tumor defies the odds (VIDEO)

This is a miraculous story. Allie the Airedale was just 2 years old when an MRI revealed she had a brain tumor. Her family was told there was nothing they could do and advised them to put her down. But they couldn't go through with it, she had too much life in her. They were told it was only a matter of time, but Allie defied the odds!  Here's a recent update from her family:...
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Pit Bull puppy walks a friendly horse (VIDEO)

This Pit Bull puppy is ready to take his much bigger friend on a walk! I think he does a pretty good job leading the horse, don't you?
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