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Fun Videos

Dog with cancer has front leg amputated is still living life to the fullest (VIDEO)

Sheridan is a dog who loves life. He currently lives in Grenada, West Indies with his parents veterinary students Morgan and Zach, and was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a malignant bone cancer. Sheridan recently had his leg amputated and is now undergoing chemo and is doing wonderfully well. Emily Garnto is a vet student and friend of Sheridan's parents. She shared Sheridan's video with Dogs are Family and wrote, "He only has 8 months to...
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So you think you want to put on a bite suit? (VIDEO)

Are you sure? Whatever plans you have before you've ever been in a bite suit go flying out the window, at the speed of light, the second that dog lands on your arm, which is only a second from when you last saw him, feet away, drooling and counting the nanoseconds until he can throw you around like a rag doll. The second that dog bites down on your arm, you realize the suit will...
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Newest Articles

Pit Bull puppy walks a friendly horse (VIDEO)

This Pit Bull puppy is ready to take his much bigger friend on a walk! I think he does a pretty good job leading the horse, don't you?
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Burglar chased from home by tiny Yorkshire Terrier (VIDEO)

CCTV footage caught a would-be burglar attempting to break into a home only to be thwarted by a pint-sized guard dog! The video shows the man skulking around the back yard looking for a way in. Suddenly a loud bark breaks out and the thief runs away terrified, jumping the fence to escape...a Yorkshire Terrier! It has been reported that the incident happened in South Africa and that 4 days after the dog chased him...
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Beagle puppy's ears "take flight" (VIDEO)

MJ the beagle puppy has typical beagle ears - huge and floppy! In this cute video, he happens to sit on a subway grate which makes his ears "take flight"!
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Rescue dog's passion for climbing on unusual objects lands her on David Letterman (VIDEO)

Lexi had been badly neglected when she was rescued and adopted by Chris Jansen. The Border Collie/Labrador mix needed a lot of time to be socialized around people. It was while training her, that Chris noticed Lexi had a remarkable skill for balancing and agility. "Seems like she's happier off the ground," Chris said. He soon began to go to agility classes with her, and from there she quickly learned a whole slew of tricks....
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Dog asks nicely for what's on his dad's plate (VIDEO)

I know this look! Paw gently placed on the hand, longing stare. This dog and his human are perfectly in sync as they look back and forth at a plate of food. It's like they can read each other's thoughts. LOL!
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Pug refuses to give up her binky (VIDEO)

When Willow the Pug/Shih Tzu mix has her pacifier (bottle cap) she won't let it go! It's hilarious how she wants to sleep right next to her dad's head. Guess she's not phased by his snoring!
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Kitten unafraid to play with giant Pit Bull (VIDEO)

Petri the kitten takes a liking to Manny Der the Pit Bull, especially his eyebrows. Manny, ever the gentle giant, lets Petri do what he wants. Related: Pit Bull sweet on kitten (video)  Pit Bull meets newborn rescued kitten (video)  Gentle Pit Bull plays with kitten (video) 
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Dogs get massages for the first time (VIDEO)

These dogs are about to be pampered with their first ever massages and it looks like they're really enjoying it!
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Lovable Pit Bull and autistic girl are inseparable friends (VIDEO)

Karma is a 9-year-old Pit Bull who looks after her 6-year-old human Lacy. Lacy has severe Autism and is non-verbal. Adopted as a puppy, Karma always has looked after Lacy and has an instinct for understanding what Lacy needs. Karma and Lacy's mom, Amanda, says Karma "is a blessing to my child and continues to be a blessing to our family." Related: Dog transforms the life of suicidal autistic boy and his family Powerful bond...
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Shih Tzu has adorable boxing match with cat (VIDEO)

This Shih Tzu and cat share a playful sparring match.The cat looks like he's in control of the situation, calmly sitting on his back legs and gently swatting the hyper dog away. I suspect these two have done this before!
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