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Fun Videos

Loving human builds special stair lift for rescued English Bulldog (VIDEO)

Hank the Bulldog was picked up as a stray a few years ago and is approximately 7 to 9 years old. The Bulldog has a rare heart condition and a bit of difficulty getting up and down the stairs, so his wonderful humans custom built him this!   Hank's human, Holly DiBin calls Hank's customized lift Hank's Hauler!  Holly wrote, "Here's a snippet of Hank going down the stairs in his Hauler I was so...
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Dalmatians love looking after foster kitten (VIDEO)

Dalmatians Louie and Lady enjoy fostering the kittens their guardian, Jennifer Pogue, brings home. Although 6-week-old Squirt looks a little unsure of her guardians at first, as soon as she's nestled between the paire, she begins to relax and fall asleep! Squirt really took to Louie and gave him lots of kitten kisses. Squirt liked being with Louie and Lady so much that they get to keep her!
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Newest Articles

Affectionate Bernese Mountain Dog gives hugs when asked (VIDEO)

All you have to do is ask Toby the Bernese Mountain Dog for a hug and he's happy to oblige. He'll even throw in a kiss or two!
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Rescued Bulldog relies on her turtle costume to help calm her nerves (VIDEO)

Lilly was found in a trash can when she was just 5 weeks old. Her early abandonment has had an effect on her, and despite being in a loving home, she has remained anxious. But her new mom found one thing that makes her feel better - her turtle costume. In fact, the outfit is like a superhero costume, transforming her into a confident dog. "It is an alter ego for Lily. It’s to the...
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Dog embarrassed by dad's birthday gift (VIDEO)

"Marv turned 1 today and was quite embarrassed about the gift I gave him. After watching the video, I couldn't help but add audio," writes Marv's dad. When you watch it you'll see what he means.
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Useful dog tricks performed by smart Jack Russell Terrier (VIDEO)

Jesse can make your bed, help you throughout the house he’s that smart! Related: Hand stand just one trick of plenty for Jack Russell Terrier (video) 
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Marine anxiously waits to reunite with the battle buddy who saved his life (VIDEO)

Veteran Matt Foster had a very special bond with one of his Marine brothers. They did over 180 missions together, and Matt says that Mick, a Labrador Retriever saved his life. So when his teammate finally came home, Matt was at the airport to be the first to welcome him home. Matt has adopted his battle buddy and plans on making their final mission together one where Mick gets spoiled rotten!
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Girl and boy surprised during homework with amazing present (VIDEO)

This little girl never thought she would get one. After all, she’d been waiting for so many years. But her parents decided to surprise her and her brother when they were doing their homework with a puppy! The girl’s mother wrote, “For years our kids have been wanting a puppy...especially our daughter. She has been naming her stuffed animals since she was 2 (and even makes them little beds for them). When we surprised her,...
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Greyhounds try to figure out homemade dog treat puzzle machine (VIDEO)

Dan Noyes decided to build his greyhounds a homemade treat dispenser toy after seeing a video of the one made for a Belgian Malinois. But he never imagined that Zoe, his female Greyhound would figure it out so quickly. And wait until you see what clever thing she does at 1:44...hilarious! Related: Pet parent makes her dog an awesome puzzle toy (video)   
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Adorable Dachshund puppy learns to ring a bell (VIDEO)

Maddie is just 10 weeks old and super smart! Here she is learning how to ring for service (ergo to tell her human when it's time to go outside)! Her human says, "This is just step one... We have a way to go. She thinks it's all about food."    
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Rescue dog experiences snow for the first time (VIDEO)

Link is a 2-year-old rescue dog from California who had never seen snow until a freak late-summer snow fell in Calgary, Canada recently. Link got outside to play in it for the first time. I think he likes it!  
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Adorable Bulldog puppy plays with ice cube (VIDEO)

Rugby the English Bulldog puppy finds a scary ice cube. Brrrrr. Grrrrr. Related: Cocker Spaniel really loves ice (video)  3 Month Old Puppy vs an ice cube (video)    
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