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Fun Videos

So you think you want to put on a bite suit? (VIDEO)

Are you sure? Whatever plans you have before you've ever been in a bite suit go flying out the window, at the speed of light, the second that dog lands on your arm, which is only a second from when you last saw him, feet away, drooling and counting the nanoseconds until he can throw you around like a rag doll. The second that dog bites down on your arm, you realize the suit will...
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Rescue dog's temper tantrum is adorable (VIDEO)

Abby’s temper tantrum is so adorable! Kimberly Lynn Bunn shared this video of her beloved rescue dog with Dogs are Family and told us "she's spoiled rotten".  Do you have a fun videos or photos you would like to share with DogHeirs? If you have a video or photo that captures something special about our four-legged friends, share it on our our Facebook pages Dogs Are Family and DogHeirs, or here on DogHeirs.com and TAG...
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Newest Articles

This is how my dogs react when I turn off my laptop (VIDEO)

Kevin Mamerow's dogs know exactly when he turns off his laptop!! How in tune to what you are doing are your dogs?
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Dog that fell Into a ditch rescued by Hero in Jeep (VÌDEO)

On the afternoon of the 28th, citizen from São Paulo, Brazil, spotted a dog's breed Cocker Spaniel within the Stream Poa.   The Fire Department  tried unsuccessfully to rescue the dog. However firefighters were taking, the businessman Reinaldo Rocha, 50, drove his vehicle into the stream and rescued the dog.     Source: http://muralanimal.blogspot.com.br/2014/10/cachorra-que-caiu-em-corrego-e.html
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Herding dog chased by piglets (VIDEO)

Who's herding who? When Robert the Australian Shepherd is called in to herd some piglets they turn the tables on him and begin to chase him! It's time to call in the back up! 
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Adorable mini Dachshund learns how to swim in tub (VIDEO)

Ajax is almost 4 months old and learning to swim! His parents took him to a dog park that has a few small lakes to swim in, but being so young he was hesitant to go in. So to get him used to the water they decided to help him practice by filling the tub with water. With such loving attention, I'm sure Ajax will be doggie paddling like a pro in no time!  
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Cattle dog takes care of dad when he's thirsty (VIDEO)

Josh Ace just has to say the words, "I'm parched" to his cattle dog, Bandit, and he takes care of it! What a good boy! Related: Labrador trained to get beer (video) Smart dog shows off his new trick and drinks from bottle (video)
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Beautiful dachshund in nice warmcoat

Here is a pritty doxie (me!)) in a beautiful warmcoat   Trylina dog wear warmcoats available at www.dogtales.ru
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Tiny Bulldog puppies have an adorable house party (VIDEO)

These two precious bulldog puppies are just learning to walk, but they already know how to party. When some empty red cups are put on the floor the curious pups have fun exploring. They are so tiny they almost fit in the cups! Related:   Bulldog puppy's adorable way of saying "hi" (video)  Proud French Bulldog dad plays with his puppies (video)  English Bulldog puppy plays most adorable game of peek-a-boo (video)   
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Magical word wakes dog from deep sleep (VIDEO)

This dog looks like he's in a heavy sleep, until he hears a magical word!
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Pit Bull Blues: a song for Pit Bull lovers (VIDEO)

John Shipe wrote his song 'Pit Bull Blues' in response to people's negative perceptions of bully breeds. He brought along some of his friends for the video and to show the loveable side of these often-misunderstood dogs.
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Baby pig follows dog everywhere he goes (VIDEO)

This little dog has an adorable shadow - a baby mini pig! The pig wants to stick close to his new best friend and follows him everywhere!
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