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Advocacy and Animal Welfare

Dog owners on alert after more meatballs stuffed with pills found in San Francisco neighborhood

San Francisco police reported that several meatballs stuffed with pills have been found on the street in the Sunset district. On Monday morning, Shura Kelly and her friend were walking their dogs in San Francisco's Sunset district when they found a plate of meat with pills shoved inside. They were walking 24th Avenue and Ortega Street in the Sunset District. Kelly told SF Gate that it was bizarre. Along with the hunks of meat, there...
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New York City creates city-wide animal abuser registry

New York City Council voted unanimously to override Mayor Bloomberg's veto and created a city-wide animal abuser registry across New York's five boroughs this week. The bill requires that any person who has been convicted with animal abuse be registered and unable to adopt pets in the future or live in a household where an animal lives. Anyone convicted of animal abuse who doesn't register themselves to the list or violates the ban could be...
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Newest Articles

Authorities ask for help after man seen punching dog on CCTV cameras (VIDEO)

Disturbing CCTV footage of a man beating his dog has been released by the RSPCA in the hopes that a member of the public will come forward with information. The unknown man is seen reaching down to put a leash on his dog, who was wandering loose. Before putting the lead on the collar he violently punches the dog four times in the head. The British animal charity said it was not sure about the...
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Dog Meat Trade

I am asking that anyone that can donate or sponsor a dog through www.soidog.org please help! The dog meat trade is an indescribale inhumane act. These dogs are crammed into cages often with their body parts sticking out. They often can not breathe and are transported for as long as five days in this state in cages with no food or water. They are tortured an killed and sometimes skinned alive for their meat. Please...
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GoDaddy pulls controversial Super Bowl ad after dog lovers protest

Internet company GoDaddy announced it is pulling a planned Super Bowl ad titled “Journey Home” from the game and replacing it with another commercial after viewers were outraged. GoDaddy had intended to air the ad which was meant to spoof the Budweiser Super Bowl ads, which usually feature cute puppies. Their ad featured a puppy named Buddy falling out of the back of the truck. He is separated from his family but manages to find...
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Dog owners extremely concerned after 40 dogs disappear over 2 months in North Texas

Dog owners in Wise County, Texas are fearing the worst after more than 40 dogs have vanished over the past two months. Police have no leads and are reaching out to neighboring districts and animal shelters for possible leads as to what might have happened to the dogs. For the owners whose dogs have been stolen, they are terrified of what might have happened to their pets. "I'm horrified," Robin Lewis, whose black Lab Jack...
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$20,000 reward offered for information on starved Pit Bull zipped inside suitcase

A severely emaciated dog was found zipped inside a suitcase in the Bronx and now the ASPCA is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction for those responsible. The 3-year-old Pit Bull was found by a Good Samaritan, who found the dog in the suitcase on Thursday January 22, 2015 at the Melrose Housing Development at 700 Morris Ave. in Morrisania.  The person alerted police, NBC New York reported.   ASPCA President...
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9 dumped dogs found in shocking condition; RSPCA appealing for information

Nine dogs were abandoned in such terrible condition that they could not see or stand properly. The dogs were found wandering aimlessly in various locations around the Hampshire community in England with no clues as to who did it. The dogs were so dirty and matted that the RSPCA officers could not determine the dogs’ breed. Three of the dogs were found at Upham, three at Morestead Road near Winchester, two at Owslebury and one...
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Man cuts dog’s leg off to avoid a vet bill! Demand proper punishment now!

Marshall County, West Virginia: A man is believed to have allegedly cut his dog’s leg in order to avoid a vet bill. Witnesses claim that the family dogs were living in a trailer, while the family lived just down the road. But when the male black mastiff suffered a wound to his leg, Jeff Winchester and his girlfriend starting calling veterinarians in the area to find out how they could ‘knock a dog out’. Winchester...
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Utah ends breed-specific legislation that banned Pit bulls

Dogs like Shylo at the Utah Humane Society will have an easier time getting adopted now that breed-specifc legislation is gone in Utah. Dog owners of Pit bulls and other breeds labelled "dangerous"  in Utah are celebrating the New Year as New Year's Day 2015 officially marks the end of by breed-specific legislation in the state. The bill was passed a few months ago, but the new law allows residents to own Pit bulls. Bully...
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My Benny is my life, he has saved me from depression when I lost my job and has become my velcro dog, always by my side. I like to think even though I rescued him, he also rescued me. I first saw him when booking my cats into the RSPCA for boarding and saw that he had been starved (could almost see his ribs and backbone) and beaten as he was very cowed. He is...
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Ten facts about Pit Bulls everyone should know

1. Pit Bulls are commonly used as therapy dogs. Whether they are visiting a senior care facility or helping someone recover from an emotional accident, Pit Bulls are making a mark as outstanding therapy dogs. 2. Pit Bulls are used in Search and Rescue work. One example of well known SAR Pit Bulls is Kris Crawford and her dogs. Kris and her dogs have helped save the lives of many people during their efforts. http://www.ForPitsSake.org3....
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Questions About Advocacy and Animal Welfare

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