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Advocacy and Animal Welfare

Dog owners on alert after more meatballs stuffed with pills found in San Francisco neighborhood

San Francisco police reported that several meatballs stuffed with pills have been found on the street in the Sunset district. On Monday morning, Shura Kelly and her friend were walking their dogs in San Francisco's Sunset district when they found a plate of meat with pills shoved inside. They were walking 24th Avenue and Ortega Street in the Sunset District. Kelly told SF Gate that it was bizarre. Along with the hunks of meat, there...
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New York City creates city-wide animal abuser registry

New York City Council voted unanimously to override Mayor Bloomberg's veto and created a city-wide animal abuser registry across New York's five boroughs this week. The bill requires that any person who has been convicted with animal abuse be registered and unable to adopt pets in the future or live in a household where an animal lives. Anyone convicted of animal abuse who doesn't register themselves to the list or violates the ban could be...
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Newest Articles

Police smash car windows to save cowering dog on hottest day of the year (PHOTO)

Police were forced to smash the windows of a car to save a dog's life. Officers were called to Finsbury Park in London, England after people reported a dog locked inside a vehicle on the hottest day of the year. Temperatures were 89.6 F (32 C) and even hotter inside the car. The dog was clearly desperate to get away from the heat and was cowering in the footwell on the driver's side of the...
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This clever device turns recycling into food and water for stray animals (VIDEO)

A company has designed a recycling box that is not only helps the environment, it also helps feed stray animals throughout Turkey. Many of the country’s city programs which trap, tag, vaccinate, spay/neuter and release the street dogs are underfunded, so Pugedon’s boxes is a different approach to help an ongoing problem. The company spent 3 years of activity on research and development. (There are an estimated 100,000 street dogs in Istanbul.) The Smart Recycling...
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Police seek man who faked dognapping story in order to get back puppy he gave away

In a bizarre twist to the alleged dognapping of a Cane Corso puppy in Toronto, Canada, last month, police are now seeking the man who filed the initial dog theft report. According to police, a Montreal man filed a false police report and concocted the story of the puppy's theft in order to get back the puppy he gave up. Back in June, police were told that a Toronto woman had arranged to meet with...
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Concerned shoppers rescue Rottweiler from hot car

A Rottweiler locked in a parked Humvee in the hot sun was rescued by a group of concerned citizens after it became apparent the dog was getting overheated. The dog was barking and panting inside the vehicle parked outside a grocery store in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, a few days ago. Temperatures soared to 90 degrees fahrenheit (32 degrees celcius) and the dog had been inside the car for over 30 minutes when Liam Healy...
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Boston Marathon bombing survivor kicked out of store because of her service dog

Boston Marathon bombing survivor Sydney Corcoran was recently asked to leave a department store after the manager objected to her being accompanied by her service dog. Sydney was injured in the explosions along with her mother (who lost both her legs). She began to suffer from PTSD afterwards and got a therapy dog, Koda, to help her cope. Her dog helps her with her daily activities and and is so much more to her than...
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NY 101 Keeshond Puppy Mill Needs to Close

PLEASE READ OUR PETITION, SIGN AND SHARE.  Tweet #freethekees. This is an update to a previous article regarding the closure of Marjorie's Kennels, a puppy mill,  in Harpursville, NY.  This puppy mill is the largest volume producer of keeshond dogs in the nation, and has been in business for nearly 40 years.   As a reminder, we are a collaborative group of keeshond rescuers who have been working for over 8 months to get this...
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Man sentenced to 15 years in jail for torturing his Pit Bull

A man who abused and tortured his pit bull has received the maximum sentence of 15 years and 6 months in prison. According to the Sacramento Bee, Robert Lee Brian faced felony animal abuse charges after officials seized Bubba in October 2013 following Brian’s arrest for assaulting and threatening a woman. Sacramento Superior Court Judge Steve White sentenced Robert Lee Brian to the maximum sentence for his criminal acts. Bubba had a fractured skull and snout...
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Video of man confronting police after they shot his dog goes viral; shooting sparks large protest

During a search for a lost child, a Salt Lake City police officer went into Sean Kendall's backyard and shot his Weimaraner, Geist. Sean got a phone call giving him the terrible news. He quickly drove home and filmed his exchange with police. Raw with emotion, Sean questions why the officer shot his dog.  At one point, he shouts, "There’s a problem of officers killing dogs for no reason. If you look online, it’s everywhere!" The video...
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Dognapper who posed as dog trainer on Kijiji and stole woman’s puppy sought by police

A recent dognapping incident serves as a strong warning to new dog owners to be cautious when using online classified listings for dog services. A woman in Toronto, Canada, arranged to meet with a man who had identified himself as a professional dog trainer on Kijiji, a free classified ads site. She met with the man in Sunnybrook Park on June 5, 2014 in the afternoon, but after a short conversation, the man snatched her...
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Family asks for help after thieves steal sick boy's Pug puppy (VIDEO)

Police and a devastated family are asking the public’s help in finding a pug puppy after two thieves stole the dog from a sick boy in West Yorkshire, England. Peaches is a 7-month-old Pug was bought to cheer up Ellis Barrett after he came out of hospital in February. Ellis, 6, has been undergoing surgeries for the last four years after contracting septicaemia, following a horrific incident when he was scalded with hot water. His...
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