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Advocacy and Animal Welfare

Sussex police warn dog owners about poisoned sausages found on popular walking trail

Cocktail sausages laced with slug pellets have been found along a popular dog walking trail in the British town of Hailsham in East Sussex. Hailsham Police have issued a warning to dog owners to be careful after the poisoned meat was discovered by a member of the public on Cuckoo Trail in Hailsham on Wednesday April 8, 2015. Hailsham Police released photographs of the poisoned sausages (see below). An RSPCA spokesman announced, "We are deeply...
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Dog owners on alert after more meatballs stuffed with pills found in San Francisco neighborhood

San Francisco police reported that several meatballs stuffed with pills have been found on the street in the Sunset district. On Monday morning, Shura Kelly and her friend were walking their dogs in San Francisco's Sunset district when they found a plate of meat with pills shoved inside. They were walking 24th Avenue and Ortega Street in the Sunset District. Kelly told SF Gate that it was bizarre. Along with the hunks of meat, there...
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Newest Articles

Impose the maximum sentence on Jason Brown, the man accused of adopting dogs to torture and dismember

https://www.change.org/p/sign-petition-to-deny-bail-to-man-who-adopted-dogs-so-he-could-torture-and-dismember-them?recruiter=2288650&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_term=des-lg-share_petition-reason_msg&fb_ref=Default   Jason Brown, of Reno, Nevada, is accused of adopting dogs in order to torture and dismember them. He is being charged with seven felony counts of willfully torturing and killing an animal and two counts of possession of methamphetamine. If convicted on all counts, he could receive a maximum of 28 years behind bars. Found in Brown's motel room were bloody knives and scissors, dog limbs, dog skins (including that of a newborn puppy),...
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Law in New Zealand now recognizes animals have feelings and are "sentient beings"

Animals are now sentient beings in the eyes of the law according to newly passed legislation in New Zealand. The New Zealand Government formally recognized animals as 'sentient' beings by amending animal welfare legislation in the the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill which was passed on Tuesday. The news comes just as Canada's province of Quebec introduced similar legislation just a week earlier.  "Expectations on animal welfare have been rapidly changing. The bill brings legislation in line...
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New Bill Would Require Retired Military Dogs To Be Brought Home After Duty

A new bill proposed by Sen. Ron Wyden in the United States wants to make the process of military dogs returning from foreign countries to the U.S. with their handlers after their tour of duty ends. KTVZ News reported that the Military Working Dog Retirement Act of 2015 would enable the U.S. Department of Defense to cover all transportation costs associated with returning the dogs to the U.S. after they have been injured or they...
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Proposed State legislation would allow citizens to break vehicle windows to save dogs in hot cars

There are still several states in the U.S. where it is only legal for police officers or animal control / humane society officers to break into a car to save a pet's life. New York is one such state where it is against the law for a citizen to break into a car to rescue a dog from extreme heat or cold. Assemblyman John Ceretta is proposing to change this, recognizing that sometimes a situation...
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Quebec bill changes animals from "property" to sentient beings and includes jail time for cruelty

Animals will be considered “sentient beings” instead of property in a bill tabled in the Canadian province of Quebec. The legislation states that "animals are not things. They are sentient beings and have biological needs." Agriculture Minister Pierre Paradis proposed the bill and wants to change Quebec's infamous image as a haven for puppy mills The legislation specifies that animals have biological needs and includes fines of up to $250,000 for those who are cruel...
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Dog thieves caught killing dogs beaten by villagers for nine hours

A pair of dog thieves chose the wrong village to steal animals from and met with mob justice. The two men were reportedly caught stealing and killing dogs for meat in a Chinese village. When the angry villagers caught the men red-handed with two dead animals, the villagers beat them for nine hours straight before tying the two dead dogs around the thieves’ necks.   The incident happened on Tuesday morning around 7a.m. in Shaping...
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Karma strikes man who poisoned dogs after he accidentally poisions himself

A dog meat vendor working for a smuggling operation in China died after accidentally injecting himself with the same poison he used to kill the dogs he sold. According to the China Insider the man was demonstrating to a group of vendors how to shoot and kill dogs with a poisonous crossbow when he shot an arrow into his leg.  He was rushed to hospital but was dead on arrival. The incident happened in June...
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Atlanta Falcons player kicked off team after allegedly killing girlfriend's Yorkshire Terrier

An Atlanta Falcons football player has been kicked off the team after being accused of killing his girlfriend's dog. Prince Shembo was released from his NFL contract after the team management learned he is facing animal cruelty charges. A spokesperson with Gwinnett County Police said that the outside linebacker's girlfriend, Denicia Williams, called authorities on April 19 to report that Shembo killed her Yorkie, Dior. She told police that she had taken her dog to...
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Illinois law makes it a crime to leave pets in extreme weather

New legislation in Illinois would make leaving pets outside in extreme hot or cold weather punishable with jail time and fines. Lawmakers already passed the bill through the state Senate and the Illinois House and have sent it to Gov. Bruce Rauner for approval. If he signs the bill into law, dog owners who expose their pets to extreme weather may face up to a year in jail and fines up to $2,500. The bill’s...
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Police ask for public's help after two dogs killed by poison pushed through home's mail slot

This is shocking! Two dogs have died after contaminated food was pushed through the mail slot (letter box) of their home. The German Shepherds became seriously ill and later died from eating the poisoned food, which was reported to be contaminated chocolate. The poisoning took place at a house in Forest Gardens on Monday afternoon in Galashiels, a burgh in Selkirkshire, Scotland.Police in the Scottish town have issued letters to residents in neighboring streets canvassing...
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