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Advocacy and Animal Welfare

New York City creates city-wide animal abuser registry

New York City Council voted unanimously to override Mayor Bloomberg's veto and created a city-wide animal abuser registry across New York's five boroughs this week. The bill requires that any person who has been convicted with animal abuse be registered and unable to adopt pets in the future or live in a household where an animal lives. Anyone convicted of animal abuse who doesn't register themselves to the list or violates the ban could be...
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From mutts to unique breeds: a special way to get shelter dogs noticed (VIDEO)

Unique breed: Fire-tailed BorderCocker An animal rescue organization called Territorio de Zaguates in Costa Rica was facing a challenge. Although interest among people in dog rescue efforts has grown, adoptions have not. A primary reason is that 94% of the shelter's dogs are mixed breeds and the dogs are perceived as "less valuable". To change this perception, a special campaign was developed called "Razas Unicas" - Unique Breeds. The unique breeds are represented by real...
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Newest Articles

Massachusetts Police no longer need search warrants to rescue endangered animals from homes

The photo above is of a puppy named Gracie, who was found inside a filthy, flea-infested apartment. She was weak from starvation and neglect by Boston Animal Control after another puppy living in the same home, jumped out of an apartment building window in a desperate search for food. In Gracie's case, Animal Control would have been issued a search warrant before being able to enter the home and save her life. But police in Massachusetts no...
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Animal lovers demand apology from police after dog left dying in street for nearly 90 minutes

Denver Police are under public pressure to apologize after a dog hit by a car lay for nearly 90 minutes on the road unattended until he passed away, minutes before animal control arrived. Denver resident Ross Knapp said that on Wednesday night, police prevented him from helping the dog who was gasping for breath. Knapp said he gave the dog some water and tried to assist him several times but police turned him away. "I...
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Amazon UK pulls prong collars after e-petition gets support

A petition by dog lovers on Facebook succeeded in getting Amazon UK to stop the sale of prong collars. The online retailer stopped selling the aversive dog collars on their website on April 3, 2014. Now a similar petition is underway to have prong collars banned by Amazon in the United States as well. Prong or pinch collars are used by some trainers or dog owners to train difficult dogs with correction rather than through...
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Man sentenced to 10 years in prison for violently abusing Pit Bull puppy

Justice was served for a Pit Bull puppy named Halo who was beaten and abused by a 21-year-old man in Louisiana after being stolen from his home. Tyler Scott Sanders pleaded guilty to aggravated cruelty and theft of a dog this week and was sentenced to 10 years in jail. Sanders stole Halo from his home in August 2013. The family posted fliers and appear to have even given one to Sanders during their search...
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Shelter needs help finding woman accused of punching dog outside animal shelter (VIDEO)

The Colonial Heights Animal Shelter in Virginia is looking for a woman who appears to have punched a dog outside of their shelter. A woman is seen driving up to the shelter and dropping fishtanks off after hours. But when she returned back to her SUV she can be seen allegedly punching her dog. The shelter released video of their surveillance cameras taken outside of the shelter on Monday night. They posted the video to...
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Police enjoyed locking up man charged with duct taping dog’s mouth shut

A Georgia man is facing felony animal cruelty charges after a dog was found with electrical duct tape around his mouth. The Pit Bull managed to escape the home and ran to a neighbor, who called police. Snellville Police and Gwinnett County Animal Control investigated and later arrested Antonio Furlow, who is now in jail and charged with felony animal cruelty. Investigators said Furlow's former roommate, who police believe is the dog's actual owner, could...
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Dog lover who risked jail time after taking chained-up dog found not guilty of pet theft

Judy Camp says she did nothing wrong when she took a chained-up dog from freezing weather at a junkyard near Twisp in Okanagan County, Washington last December. Judy was in court this week to face the criminal charges of pet theft, lying to police and obstructing justice. The jury returned their verdict and found her not guilty of pet theft and lying to a police officer but found her guilty of obstruction of justice. Judy...
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Animal lovers outraged after man shoots dog and poses on Facebook with the dog's body (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Warning: Extremely graphic images and descriptions are included in this article may disturb some readers. A disturbing, outrageous act has hurt a family and caused outrage among dog lovers. Kenneth Woodburn allegedly shot his neighbor's dog, Tank, and posed with the dog's body on Facebook. The Facebook post caught the attention of animal lovers and it went viral. The St. Mary's County Sheriff's Department in Maryland was contacted and is investigating the incident. Single mom...
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College students charged after photo of dog drinking from beer keg posted online

Two college students have been charged with torturing and injuring an animal after a photo was posted online showing the dog being held upside down over a beer keg with the keg's nozzle in her mouth. The dog appeared to be forced to do a "keg stand" by the students attending College of Brockport near Syracuse. According to the Democrat and Chronicle, Shane Oliver of Bergen and Robert Yates of West Seneca were issued appearance...
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Chicago passes law that bans sale of dogs from puppy mills at pet stores

Pet stores in Chicago will not be allowed to sell dogs and cats from large-scale breeders beginning in March 2015. Rather, the city ordinance will require that the animals come from pounds or rescue groups. The new legislation was approved by City Council this week with a vote of 49-1. The measure is a reflection of the concern that pet stores obtain their animals from puppy mills. The ordinance will not affect online sales or...
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