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Advocacy and Animal Welfare

Police warn dog owners after dog nappers posing as SPCA officers try stealing family's dog

Men posing as SPCA animal welfare officers attempted to steal a dog from a family home and may have stolen a dog the day before in a neighboring town said the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). The two men have been seen driving in a white van and have been spotted in several towns in Canadian province including: Kingston, Napanee, Quinte, Belleville, Ottawa and Pembroke areas, prompting police to issue a warning to dog owners. They...
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Sussex police warn dog owners about poisoned sausages found on popular walking trail

Cocktail sausages laced with slug pellets have been found along a popular dog walking trail in the British town of Hailsham in East Sussex. Hailsham Police have issued a warning to dog owners to be careful after the poisoned meat was discovered by a member of the public on Cuckoo Trail in Hailsham on Wednesday April 8, 2015. Hailsham Police released photographs of the poisoned sausages (see below). An RSPCA spokesman announced, "We are deeply...
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Newest Articles

Arizona city passes anti-tethering law to protect dogs

The city of Phoenix in Arizona has passed an anti-tethering law to protect dogs. The Phoenix City Council passed the ordinance on Wednesday June 1, 2016 which will ban cruel tethering and aid law enforcement in pursuing animal cruelty cases. “Every year we have animals who die on a tether because they couldn’t reach water or they couldn’t reach shade,” said Chris West, field operations manager for the Arizona Humane Society. The new law prohibits...
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Proposed New York Bill Would Make It Illegal For Landlords To Discriminate Against Large Dogs

Finding pet-friendly accommodation is a challenge for renters in New York already. But if you have a large dog, such as a Pit Bull, it’s even harder. One assemblyman, Ken Zebrowski, recently introduced a bill to try and make it easier for pet parents trying to rent. Assembly Bill A2065A would prohibit New York landlords from discriminating against dogs by breed, size, or weight. Zebrowski is a Pit bull owner himself. He adopted Ernie from...
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California introduces bill to allow people to legally rescue dogs left in hot cars

A proposed California law would allow people to smash out a car window if a dog is suffering inside a hot vehicle. The bill is in response to a growing number of incidents involving pets being left in hot cars. The bill, named the "The Right to Rescue Act” (Assembly Bill 797) would legally allow Good Samaritans to smash a window or use other means to rescue dogs who are left in hot vehicles. The...
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Dog Owner's Guide To Prevent and Manage a Dog Bite Incident

A dog bite can happen anytime, and anywhere.  For pet owners, enjoying the outdoor space of a dog park or community area is part of the lifestyle of sharing a home and recreational activities, and it is a healthy way for both pet and owner to socialize.  In fact, taking your dog out into public is an important aspect of socializing and training a dog to be reliable and adapted to strangers. Whether you live...
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Hundreds of greyhounds looking for homes after Arizona passes law banning dog racing

Hundreds of Greyhounds are looking for homes after Arizona officially banned Greyhound racing from the state. Last week, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law a bill banning animal racing, which will mean the closure of the state's last remaining race track, the Tuscon Greyhound Park, by the end of the year.  More than 400 greyhounds will soon be freed from their small kennels and their lives of servitude. Instead, they will be able to...
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Humane Society releases “The Horrible Hundred” list of puppy mills in the U.S.

Each year the Humane Society of The United States publishes a report about the dark underbelly of puppies for sale. The Horrible Hundred reveals the HSUS's compiled list of puppy mills across the country that have received citations from USDA inspectors. The puppy mills have been flagged for failing to provide the basic standards of care. The report describes terrible conditions documented at a number of dog breeding facilities that have been visited by the...
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Leaving a dog in a car could soon be a felony in Michigan

Leaving a dog in a vehicle in conditions that endanger his/her life could soon qualify as a felony in Michigan. Two newly-introduced Senate bills propose introducing stricter fines and longer prison sentences for people who neglect animals in cars.  The bills state that a person cannot leave an animal unattended under conditions "that endanger the health or well-being of the animal". This would apply (but is not limited to), heat, cold, lack of ventilation or...
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Pit Bulls no longer automatically deemed "vicious" in Ohio town

The town of Newark, Ohio no longer designates Pit Bulls as a vicious breed thanks to the Newark City Council approving a proposal that removes breed-specific language from the city’s dog ordinance. The new ordinance is now behavior-based. Previously, the ordinance automatically labelled Pit Bulls as vicious and affected a number of dog owners in the town negatively. The new ordinance goes into effect in 30 days and marks a vicious dog as any dog...
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64 Pit Bulls saved during dogfighting bust

64 Pit Bulls were rescued after a suspected dog fighting ring was raided by authorities this week. The joint effort between the ASPCA, Rock Island Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Quad Cities Federal Gang Task Force saw a year-long investigation culminate in 10 search warrants being executed in Rock Island, Illinois. “After search warrants were served Thursday morning by the FBI, responders discovered dogs tethered on heavy chains and training devices consistent...
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Puppy Mill dogs no longer to be sold at pet stores in the U.S's fifth largest city

Philadelphia has joined other U.S. cities such as Boston, Los Angeles and Phoenix in banning the sales of puppies and kittens at pet stores. This past Thursday, the nation’s fifth largest city unanimously passed legislation banning the sale of commercially bred pets at retail stores as well as at flea markets and roadsides. The decision is meant to restrict the sales of backyard breeders and puppy mills. Pennsylvania is known as one of the largest...
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