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Advocacy and Animal Welfare

Sussex police warn dog owners about poisoned sausages found on popular walking trail

Cocktail sausages laced with slug pellets have been found along a popular dog walking trail in the British town of Hailsham in East Sussex. Hailsham Police have issued a warning to dog owners to be careful after the poisoned meat was discovered by a member of the public on Cuckoo Trail in Hailsham on Wednesday April 8, 2015. Hailsham Police released photographs of the poisoned sausages (see below). An RSPCA spokesman announced, "We are deeply...
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Dog owners on alert after more meatballs stuffed with pills found in San Francisco neighborhood

San Francisco police reported that several meatballs stuffed with pills have been found on the street in the Sunset district. On Monday morning, Shura Kelly and her friend were walking their dogs in San Francisco's Sunset district when they found a plate of meat with pills shoved inside. They were walking 24th Avenue and Ortega Street in the Sunset District. Kelly told SF Gate that it was bizarre. Along with the hunks of meat, there...
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Newest Articles

Greyhound racing to end in Texas

Greyhound dog racing is ending in Texas. The last operating dog racing track in Texas, Gulf Greyhound Park, announced this week that it would be closing its doors on January 1, 2016.The track has one of the worst track records in terms of dog injuries in the United States according to Grey2K USA. The organization says that more than 2000 injuries have been reported at the Gulf since 2008. Many dogs suffer broken legs, head...
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Pet sitter caught on video allegedly hurting dog charged with animal cruelty

A dog sitter who was captured on film allegedly slamming a dog to the ground outside her home has been charged with animal cruelty after the shocking video surfaced last month. Peninsula Humane Society & Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals received a video from the woman's neighbor in Burlingame, CA. They launched an investigation and released the video last week trying to seek more information about the case, including the welfare of...
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Proposed law would make dog flipping a crime in New Jersey

With an increasing number of dog flipping cases in New Jersey, a state senator there has introduced legislation to criminalize the act. Dog flipping or "pet flipping" is the practice of stealing a pet and then selling them on popular classified websites like Craigslist. Sometimes, the dogs are resold and used for backyard breeding or dog fighting. Currently, there is no law that specifically addresses stolen pets that are sold for profit and the crime...
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Beverly Hills bans pet stores from selling dogs unless they are from rescues or shelters

In a move to shut down puppy mill pets from being sold in stores, Beverly Hills City Council unanimously passed an ordinance that prohibits pet stores from selling animals unless they are from animal shelters. Pet stores in the Beverly Hills may now only sell adoptable dogs, cats and other animals coming from rescue groups and animal shelters. "I am the biggest animal lover and feel strongly about giving them a voice of safety and...
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Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

This is a story of abuse.  This is a story of abandonment.  This is a story of aggression.  This is a story of impending murder.  This is a story of yet another dog that is the negative by-product of the person at the end of the leash.  This is also a story of hope, of rescue, and of rehabilitation...     ...a dog had been discarded like trash by his "owner", and was left tied...
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At one time you really wanted it. Then it began to create more work than enjoyment. The novelty wore off and it became just something else you had to take care of. So, there it sat, deteriorating from disuse and neglect. There came a point when you just avoided it altogether, like if you couldn’t see it then you did not have to deal with it. You may have put in some halfhearted attempts to...
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Pet stores must sell rescue dogs in Phoenix after judge upholds law aimed at curbing puppy mills

Pet stores must sell rescue dogs in Phoenix, Arizona after a federal judge upheld the city's law aimed at curbing puppy mills. Phoenix introduced an ordinance banning the retail sales of dogs and cats in stores unless the pets come from animal shelters or nonprofit rescues in 2013. And with this week's ruling the law is  here to stay.Phoenix introduced the law in order to curb puppy mill businesses. It was challenged in federal court...
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Leaving pets in extreme weather now against the law in Illinois

It's now against the law to leave pets outside in extreme temperatures in Illinois. Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed legislation which makes it against the law to leave pets in hot and cold weather that will cause them injury or death. Lawmakers had already passed the bill through the state Senate and the Illinois House earlier in the Spring, and the bill was awaiting the governor's signature. If a pet is hurt or dies as...
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Angry confrontation filmed after women try to help bulldog in hot car (VIDEO)

A video of a man losing his temper when two women tried to help his bulldog in a hot car has gone viral. Jennifer Thi of Vancouver, British Columbia, noticed the dog was in distress in the car. She said in an interview with Global TV News that the dog was drooling and panting, with no water and the windows of the car were only open a crack. She and another woman tried to find...
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Detroit dog rescue opens the city's first ever no-kill shelter

Detroit Dog Rescue has announced it has opened the city's very first no-kill shelter. The rescue, which was co-founded by Detroit rapper Daniel "Hush" Carlisle and TV producer Monica Moartino, recently acquired their state permit to operate as a no-kill shelter. It's the first no-kill animal shelter in Detroit's history! Many of the dogs that DDR looks after are Pit Bulls. Their shelter will house around 30 dogs at a time and has the capacity...
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