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Updated: Sweet dog who waited over a year for a new forever home gets the best outcome possible

Kirra is a Border Collie / Aussie Shepherd mix who has been searching for her own forever family for over a year, after her family was forced to give her up. Diane Mower's story is heartbreaking, but not uncommon, as many people are suffering hardships in recent years. However, what is not as common is the devotion Diane has shown in trying to find her 7-year-old dog a loving home. Kirra (pronounced Keer-rah) and her...
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Dying woman asks for help to find her two senior dogs a new loving home

A woman in Dallas, Texas, is looking for a home for her two senior dogs after she was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. For the few months she has remaining, she would like help to find a loving home for her beloved dogs Jess, 14, and Daisy, 13. Laura Childs wrote on her Facebook page on June 8: "I have been diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and have 3-5 months to live. Please help!...
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Why Do You Like Dogs? (video)

Dogs make the best family members! There are so many amazing dogs who were rescued from bad situations and now await their forever homes within the safety of rescue. If you're looking for an amazing dog to become part of your family, adopt! You won't be sorry.       Coastal German Shepherd Rescue Facebook Instagram Twitter
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A Romanian dog shelter has a own mobile app!

    Sava's Safe Haven is a refuge of Animal Welfare in Romania. Sava's Safe Haven was founded in 2012 by animal lover Oana Sava, who was determined to end the suffering of stray animals from the streets of Romania. Based in Galati, in the south-east region of the country, this family-run registered charity has built its own shelter where they care for over 230 dogs, as well as numerous cats and birds. In just...
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See this shelter dog transform at an assessment

DC SIR was told Kensei was growling at the shelter staff and people coming up to his kennel. This doesn't make for an easy adoption. DC SIR came in to assess Kensei and bring him into their rescue and foster program. With a little patience, Kensei showed his adorable side!   Follow Kensei and other DC SIR rescues on our website and social media below! www.dcsir.org www.facebook.com/dcshibainurescue www.twitter.com/DCShibaRescue www.pinterest.com/dcsir/ www.YouTube.com/DCShibaInuRescue   www.instagram.com/DCShibaInuRescue
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“Acrobat” dog who escaped his shelter kennel now enjoying newfound freedom

A shelter dog named Frankie got more than just the attention of staff at the Humane Society of North Texas when he climbed out of his kennel shelter. He caught the attention of his future family. Last month, a photo of Frankie went viral after shelter staff posted his hilarious and acrobatic antics on Facebook. They commented that when they found him his tail was wagging the whole time! Needless to say, as soon as...
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Amazing Dog Transformation

Saya is one of many rescue dogs transformed through DC SIR allergy program. She is now healed and ready for adoption!   Learn more about Saya and how to adopt from DC SIR here www.dcsir.org     Other rescue transformations at DC SIR   Saru's story - now adopted   Kitsune's story - now adopted  
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Homeless dog eager to escape shelter and find a family

The acrobatic dog who scaled his shelter kennel to escape won't need to any more! See the good news update here! There's a dog at the Humane Society of North Texas who is eager to get out and find himself a home. So much so that shelter staff are now calling him the acrobat. When you see this picture you'll know why. HSNT wrote: "Frankie is so eager to find a forever family that he's...
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Dog who has been shelter's longest resident poses for selfies to find herself a family

A sweet Pit Bull named Abby Rose has been waiting for a very long time to be adopted and the shelter where she's staying isn't sure why. After a stay at the shelter for almost a year, the shelter has launched a special campaign to help her that involves "selfies"! Abby Rose found herself homeless when her family was involved in a domestic dispute where the husband was incarcerated and the rest of the family...
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Veteran entering nursing home forced to surrender sweet Yorkie; rescue looking for foster

It was a sad situation that had the shelter workers in tears. Louie Lee's owner is a United States veteran who has recently had to move into a nursing home. As he could not take his beloved Yorkie with him, he went to a shelter in Atlanta, Georgia and gave him up. The little Yorkie was quickly picked up by Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. They posted a plea on their Facebook page, asking for...
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Friendly blind dog needs a home after tragic passing of his owner

Ray Snarles is looking for a new home after tragedy struck and his owner was taken away from him. Ray's owner was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor and asked dog trainers Christopher Brauer and Brittany Robinson if they could look after the cattle dog. They agreed, but sadly Ray's owner passed away in November. Since then, the couple who run K9 Guidance to Inclusion, have been taking care of Ray and have been searching...
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Dog who has spent 452 days in shelter needs a family

Baby Girl is a 8-year-old Pit Bull. She's mellow, keeps her kennel clean, walks well on a leash and she's been waiting 452 days at a shelter for someone to adopt her! Baby Girl arrived at the Humane Society Tinton Falls in New Jersey last summer, after her owners were evicted from their home and couldn't keep her. Since then, she's been overlooked by potential adopters and shelter staff wonder why and are growing concerned...
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