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Bonded pair of magnificent Great Danes looking for new home after their human passed away (VIDEO)

A beautiful pair of Great Danes are looking for a forever home after their loving guardian passed away in February of this year. The woman's brother took the bonded pair of dogs in, but unfortunately his family does not have the space necessary to give the dogs the home they need. He wrote on the Sarasota Florida Craigslist: "These are two of my favorite dogs, but life as warehouse dogs just is not working to...
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Updated: Sweet dog who waited over a year for a new forever home gets the best outcome possible

Kirra is a Border Collie / Aussie Shepherd mix who has been searching for her own forever family for over a year, after her family was forced to give her up. Diane Mower's story is heartbreaking, but not uncommon, as many people are suffering hardships in recent years. However, what is not as common is the devotion Diane has shown in trying to find her 7-year-old dog a loving home. Kirra (pronounced Keer-rah) and her...
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Newest Articles

Short stories

Short Stories Dog Stories for Children By: Shane J H Barnard Little Tommy's voice echoed through the large old terraced farm house as he slowly walked down the creaking staircase leading down, from his bedroom. He called, “Angie... Angie... where are you!" Once he got to the kitchen where Grandma was preparing breakfast, he stood still for a moment, crossed his hands on top of his head and said worryingly. “Good morning Nana, I have...
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Retired police dog dumped at shelter looking for forever home

This past summer a senior German Shepherd was dropped off at a Kansas animal shelter to be euthanized. The owner said that the elderly dog was a retired police dog with cancer and should be euthanized. Named K-9, the German Shepherd was spared after a vet check did not appear to find cancer, but rather, thyroid and joint problems. After a couple of months at Coffeyville Friends of Animals Shelter and Adoption Center, K-9 was...
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Newborn Pit Bull puppies found in box at a gas station looking for homes (PHOTOS)

Ten newborn Pit Bull puppies who were left in a box at a gas station in Indiana are getting a second chance thanks to a rescue group that took them in. The puppies were picked up by local police and taken to a large shelter, where their odds of surviving were slim without 'round the clock care.  Grace photographed by White Daffodil Photography The shelter wanted to give the puppies a chance and called Johnny...
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Goma's Story: Part 3

Hi, I'm Goma! This is the final part of my story, for now. You can read Part 1 and Part 2 to learn how I came to be with DC SIR.  Well, I had settled in with my new family, and I thought I'd found my forever home, but things changed. I don't really remember when it started, but my family started giving me grain food. My joints started being all creaky again, and it...
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Goma's Story: Part 2

Hi, I'm Goma! I'm a senior Shiba looking for my forever home, and this is the second part of my rescue story. You can read the first part here. Even though the nice DC SIR lady was giving me the royal treatment, there were a lot of other dogs around too. Some of them were young, and I found them annoying. I don't care for hyper puppies and kids. They're so loud, and they get...
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Goma's Story: Part 1

Hi everyone, my name is Goma. I was asked to tell you about my first days in my foster home. I don't really like thinking about the past... what does it matter anymore? I take each day at a time and enjoy the present! But here goes... The first time I came to DC SIR was back in November 2013. Back then, when I first got to my foster mom's place (which is coincidentally where...
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Dog who has spent 7 years in shelter and been overlooked by 17,000 families waiting to find home

Since 4-months-old, a lurcher named Jed has lived in a kennel. He arrived at the Dogs Trust as a puppy and is now seven years old, making him one of the animal charity’s longest residents - if not the longest.  The energetic and affectionate dog has been overlooked by around 17,000 potential adopters. The Dogs Trust is now appealing to dog lovers to give the unlucky dog a home.  Jed had been adopted twice, but...
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Two dumped dogs comforting each other at high-kill shelter urgently need to find a home

Two dogs entered a high-kill shelter separately and had never met. But as soon as they were placed in a kennel together, the two frightened dogs looked to each other for comfort. A photo of the two dogs huddling together in Florida's Orange County Animal Services high-kill animal shelter is spreading online in the hopes of finding the two mixed breed dogs a home in time to save their lives. Second Chance Animal Rescue NYC...
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Mama Honey

Mama Honey of Peace for Pits is looking for her forever home, until then she likes to show off her skills at her foster dad's place. To read more about Honey visit the below links. Honey Honey on Fostering The find adoption information on Honey visit this link. Mama love to play from Andrew Strusiner on Vimeo.
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The two shelter dogs who comforted each other and became Internet sensations are adopted together

The two shelter dogs pictured lovingly hugging each other in their bed have been adopted together! Kyra and Delaware were unexpected roommates when they arrived at Fulton County Animal Services in Atlanta, Georgia last month. Kyra, a 1-year-old lab mix, found friendship with Delaware, an 8-month-old Pit Bull mix and the two homeless dogs were photographed sleeping together in their cot. The photo of their tender moment went instantly viral and touched hearts around the...
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