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Safety and Emergency Care

Tips to keep dogs safe during fireworks celebrations

In the United States, July 5 is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters. Many dogs that would otherwise be calm, run away from home because of the noise and lights of fireworks during Fourth of July celebrations. Halloween also is a night filled with fire crackers and fireworks that can frighten pets. Dogs have reactions very similar to thunderstorm anxiety and will panic and act irrationally.  If you are going to see live fireworks displays, it's best to...
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Identification and treatment of heat stroke in dogs

Don't leave your dog in your car! (Note: the dog in this photo is a stuffed animal) Despite warnings every summer, people continue to leave their dogs inside vehicles in warm temperatures, or outside in the yard with no escape from the heat. Unfortunately, people do not realize that even a few minutes inside a warm car can kill a dog. Common misconceptions are that: it is all right to leave a dog in a...
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Newest Articles

Dog owner warns others to be careful with dogs in elevators after frightening incident (VIDEO)

This video is a scary reminder to never let go of a dog's leash, especially around elevators. Warning: this video contains disturbing content. Here's Tamara's original video post. Tamara Seibert shared the video of the incident to serve as warning to other dog owners. She wrote, "I can't believe its been almost a month since I went through one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. I thought I was about to lose the...
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Bottle of vodka saves life of poisoned puppy (VIDEO)

A dying Maltese terrier was saved by getting drunk. Charlie had accidentally licked anti-freeze from the floor of a garage and was rushed to the vets by his owner Jacinta Rosewarne. The vets quickly realized he was suffering from Ethylene Glycol poisoning and began giving him vodka. He was gradually administered an entire bottle over two days. Vodka would normally be poisonous to dogs but in this case the ethanol in vodka alters the deadly...
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Dog owner warns that e-cigarettes are a serious danger to dogs after his puppy dies

A dog owner is warning fellow pet owners about the dangers of electronic cigarettes after his Staffordshire Terrier puppy accidentally ingested a bit of the liquid and died. Keith Sutton’s dog, Ivy, bit through a capsule of the e-cigarette refill liquid and within 30 seconds the poison took hold and a few hours later she was dead. Keith had recently switched from conventional cigarettes to the e-cigarettes and had left the bottle on his dining...
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dogs in car

I was at a craft store today in Sarasota and it was 88 degrees but with the humidity it had a real feel of 102. I came outside and there was a truck with it's windows up and 2 bichons inside. I was shocked because the hest outside of that truck was unbearable but insidehad to be hell. All the windows were up and not cracked at all. I waited 10 mins then called the...
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Animal cruelty investigator confronts woman who left her dog in sweltering hot car (VIDEO)

On Detroit's East Side, Cruelty Investigator Dave McLeod confronts a dog owner after responding to a call about a dog locked in a parked car in 95 degree F heat (35 degrees C).   Related: Humane Officers smash window to save dog minutes away from dying  Veterinarian sits in parked car in summer heat to show why dogs should never be left in one (VIDEO)  Dog and cat rescued from hot car; cat jumps into...
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Veterinarian sits in parked car in summer heat to show why dogs should never be left be left in one (VIDEO)

Here's a video to share! Dr Ernie Ward sat in a car for 30 minutes in the sun to demonstrate just how hot it gets in a car, even with the windows cracked open. As he says in the video, there are no excuses for leaving a pet in a car in the sun or heat.   Related: Identification and treatment of heat stroke in dogs Dog and cat resued from hot car; cat jumps...
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The Dangers of Ingested Pennies (Video)

Many dogs have an affinity to metal or eating foreign objects, but pennies are especially dangerous. My dog (who's name is really Penny) ate 6 pennies and almost died because of the zinc it released into her body. She developed severe anemia, then required a 48 hour hospital stay and a blood transfusion. Small children are also at risk; coins are the most commonly ingested foreign object by children in the United States. Most people do...
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She looked at me with tired eyes and with knowing, the guilt began to swell up, it was almost like she knew that she was going, I had her since just a pup.   Loyal, loving friendship, for almost sixteen years, Sheba always by my side, Having made that phone call, I was reduced to tears, that I could no longer hide.   I sat down in the hallway waiting for the vet, my hands...
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Questions About Safety and Emergency Care

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