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Women out on walk rescue injured bald eagle lying in ditch (PHOTOS)

We love all animal rescues at DogHeirs whether the animals have fur or feathers. Denise Collins shared her recent rescue story with DogHeirs, which involved a bald eagle! Denise and her cousin were out for a walk near Cremona in Alberta on Tuesday March 24, 2015 when they came across a hurt immature bald eagle lying in a ditch. "Without a second thought we sprung into action and managed to get my sweater over its...
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Every Life Holds Value

Coastal GSR might be a shepherd rescue, but they are known for taking in mixes and just about any breed you can think of that needs to be saved. No life is less valuable and if they can help, they do.     Coastal German Shepherd Rescue OC Facebook Instagram Twitter
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Newest Articles

Dog a day away from being put down is now former Marine's lifeline (VIDEO)

Decimo was just a day away from being euthanized in a shelter in Georgia, where dozens of dogs are euthanized every day. Instead of dying, he’s been given a second chance and, not only that, he’s been given a purpose and giving a war veteran a second chance too.Extensively trained through One Warrior Won, Decimo, and shelter dogs like him, are helping retired military members who have PTSD. After he was trained Decimo was paired...
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Abused Pit Bull Caitlyn all smiles in photoshoot with handsome firemen

Caitlyn, the dog whose muzzle was cruelly wrapped shut with electrical tape and suffered for 2 days until it was removed, is not only on the road to recovery, she’s also helping out a good cause. One that’s sure to bring smiles to more than a few faces. The 15-month-old dog is in the care of Charleston Animal Society and was invited to participate in aphotoshoot with Charleston Firefighters which helps raise funds for the animal...
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Rescuers save bait dogs and breeding dogs from abandoned home (VIDEO)

Two humane officers from The Michigan Humane Society go to investigate an abandoned home where they believe dogs are being bred and used as bait dogs in dog fighting. On previous visits they did not find anything, but this time they found 5 dogs to rescue! One looks very young, another looks like it gave birth to puppies and yet another looks like he has bite wounds on him. These officers make sure people are...
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14 photos of rescue dogs that show the difference a day can make

What a difference a day can make in the life of a shelter dog! From their time in a shelter to the day they are adopted, these before and after photos of dogs will bring a smile to your face! Whether they were at the shelter because they were abandoned, living as a stray or the result of a family tragedy, it may take a while for some of these dogs to put their past...
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Puppies and chained dog saved in special rescue mission by Hope For Paws (VIDEO)

Hope For Paws was invited by Costa Rica Dog Rescue to come down and volunteer with their team for a week. It wasn’t long after arriving that they got a call to help a sick puppy who had showed up at a family’s doorstep. She had mange and bacterial infections so they took her back to Costa Rica Dog Rescue's sanctuary in the middle of the rainforest. Scott runs Costa Rica Dog Rescue and the...
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Dog found with mouth taped shut making amazing recovery (VIDEO)

Caitlyn, a Staffordshire Terrier mix who made headlines last week after she was found with electrical tape around her mouth, is on the mend thanks to surgery on Wednesday. Charleston Animal Society was contacted last Wednesday on May 27, 2015, when she was spotted by a resident in the Chicora Cherokee neighbourhood of Charleston, South Carolina. She was bleeding from her paws and her swollen black tongue was protruding from her snout after electrical tape...
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Old English Sheepdog emerges from mound of fur after a year of neglect

I'm always shocked at the state of neglect some dogs endure because of heartless owners. If this dog's story has any lesson to take away it's to have a proper will and make a good provision for your pet so that he/she is taken care of by the right people! Coco's story began when his owner, an old Russian man, passed away. He left his belongings and his dog to his family. But there were...
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Dog who was seen desperately chasing a truck after being left behind finds loving new home

The dog named Butterbean, whose photo went viral after she was left at a gas station in Sliddel, Louisiana, has a new family. Back in March, Butterbean was seen by a woman being left at a gas station. She saw two men in a pick-up truck dump the dog and drive off. The dog desperately chased after them. "The first man told the dog to: 'Go! Go over there!' The man in the back of...
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Shelter dog who waited 15 years to get adopted finally has a forever home

This story shows, it's never too late to find a home! A dog named Chip arrived at Save-a-Pet Shelter when he was just 7 weeks old. Since then he has waited for a forever family for 15 years! Chip spent his entire life at the shelter in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. When one of the shelter's supporters learned about Chip and his failing health, she posted a plea to Facebook: "The little dog in the...
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Firefighters come the rescue of dog swallowed by sinkhole

These wonderful firefighters came to the rescue of a dog in serious trouble! Firefighters with Seminole County received an emergency call from a dog owner who said their dog was stuck in a sinkhole. Photo: Seminole County Fire Department The firefighters from SCFD Station 42 found the large dog partially buried with over 75% of his body was covered with dirt. He was exhausted from trying to get free from the sinkhole and was extremely...
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