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There's Always Hope (VIDEO)

Imagine the pain you'd feel when you are covered in open wounds, blood and puss trickling down your legs, all while you are terribly underweight. To say this young boy was neglected would be an understatement.    His impound number was #A1400580- he had no name. Picked up as a stray by the county shelter, we'll never know what he endured and how long he was neglected, but he was in terrible shape and in...
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Women out on walk rescue injured bald eagle lying in ditch (PHOTOS)

We love all animal rescues at DogHeirs whether the animals have fur or feathers. Denise Collins shared her recent rescue story with DogHeirs, which involved a bald eagle! Denise and her cousin were out for a walk near Cremona in Alberta on Tuesday March 24, 2015 when they came across a hurt immature bald eagle lying in a ditch. "Without a second thought we sprung into action and managed to get my sweater over its...
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Newest Articles

Man spends half his year driving to save dogs; has driven million miles and saved 30,000 so far

There is an abundance of shelter dogs in the deep south. That's why Greg Mahle founded a transport service to relieve these unwanted dogs from their death sentence and ship them north to the arms of loving and eager dog owners. Since then, Greg has driven a million miles to save dogs. Literally. With incredible devotion, dedication and stubborn hard work, Greg has been making a 4,200-mile round trip twice a month for 10 years...
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Second-hand Dogs get First-Class Treatment as Breed Models for Groundbreaking Children's Book

What does a Korean dog meat factory survivor, a dog show champion and the world record holder for vertical jumping have in common? They're all rescue dogs, starring alongside 42 other second-hand canines, in the newest volume of the popular children's book series The ABCs of DOGs. Rescued dogs, while wildly popular, are more known for their inner beauty than their outer appearance. Look-wise, pure breeds in rescue are regularly considered flawed, as a good...
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Pit Bull

Have Rescue Pit Bull, Harley who brings me great joy. Home with Cancer, Harley is a great companion. He loves to go with me everywhere, he is so well behaved. I had a life threatening illness, after returning from the Hospital - Harley stayed on my bed for 4 hours, not leaving. I really felt his presence & love, I really needed his support. We love to fix meals & eat together. I value this...
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Bali Puddin

I helped get my friends dog back to him after his relationship broke down and his ex Partner was going to put him in a dog shelter. My friend lived in an apartment that didn't allow pets. On hearing the news he was distraught and in tears. I was having none of that and took Bali until he found a home suitable. Bali and I bonded very quickly as he would have to be the...
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Luck finally changes for dog who went from tied up and abandoned to on shelter's urgent list

In her two to three years of life, Dolly has not had a good run of luck. Her owners chained her up in their backyard with no food or water and then moved away, leaving her behind to die. No one knows how long she was tethered there, but when she was found, she was emaciated and fighting for her life. Dolly did not mind going to the San Bernardino City Shelter at first because she had...
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525 dogs saved from a puppy mill all get their happy endings (VIDEO)

Puppy mills operate by trying to produce as many dogs as they can with minimal effort in order to maximize their profit.  Unfortunately, this means that many, many dogs fall victim to inadequate care.  Dog trainer Victoria Stilwell was on hand when a puppy mill that had been operating in Georgia since the 1980s was shut down. In July 2014, the Cherokee County Animal Shelter and Cherokee County Marshal's Office busted the huge puppy mill...
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Beagle Found Donations for Medical Care

  I'm supporting this fundraiser: https://www.youcaring.com/pike-a-stray-beagle-found-running-on-the-turnpike-446952#.VhW7aNoJyKw.facebook Pike the beagle's story is the kind of feel-good story that most people associate with animal rescue.  He came to Pawsitively Purrfect Rescue under remarkable circumstances.  Pike was found by his soon to be foster mom, running around near the Mahoning Valley exit of Northeast Extension of the turnpike.   His foster mom was actually in the process of coming on with PPR as a new foster, when Pike...
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Red Dog - Red Wagon - Survivor

Puppy Mill Dogs rarely see life as we all know they should.  They are kept in cramped cages and bred over and over.  Puppy Mill dogs are seen as "cash cows" and nothing more than a way to make a buck.  They are not socialized or allowed to play.  They are not vetted or fed a healthy meal.   Most are never allowed out of their prison.  They live.. and die.. only knowing this hell....
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St Bernard Cross Rescued After Owner Invites Facebook Friends To "Come Shoot My Dog"

A dog owner in Troupe, Texas invited her friends on Facebook to come to her home and shoot her dog Cinnamon because "nobody here has the heart to do it". The unnamed woman added, "We will provide the gun!" Her post created an online furor of responses from worried Facebook users and mobilized Nicholas Pet Haven into action. The dog rescue group in Tyler, Texas, immediately posted the news to their Facebook page: "URGENT FOSTER...
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EMTs save dog who jumped off 200-foot overpass

A Pennsylvania emergency medical services team responding to a call were surprised to find a Pit Bull who had jumped off an overpass rather than a "woman in distress". They immediately gave the dog oxygen and rushed her to a veterinarian. The team told the vets that they would take care of the dog's treatments. It all began when Woodland Hills EMS was called for a woman in distress. But it turns out the message...
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