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Women out on walk rescue injured bald eagle lying in ditch (PHOTOS)

We love all animal rescues at DogHeirs whether the animals have fur or feathers. Denise Collins shared her recent rescue story with DogHeirs, which involved a bald eagle! Denise and her cousin were out for a walk near Cremona in Alberta on Tuesday March 24, 2015 when they came across a hurt immature bald eagle lying in a ditch. "Without a second thought we sprung into action and managed to get my sweater over its...
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Every Life Holds Value

Coastal GSR might be a shepherd rescue, but they are known for taking in mixes and just about any breed you can think of that needs to be saved. No life is less valuable and if they can help, they do.     Coastal German Shepherd Rescue OC Facebook Instagram Twitter
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Newest Articles

Homeless Pit Bull rescued off the streets (VIDEO)

When Hope For Paws received a call about a stray Pit Bull on the streets of Los Angeles they teamed up with Barks N' Bitches to rescue the hungry dog. Timid at first, Danny soon warms up to his rescuers and is now looking for a home!
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Abandoned dog who could not bear to be touched makes amazing recovery (VIDEO)

Ralph had been abused and abandoned and was living on the streets when Hope for Paws found him. He was distrustful and did not anyone coming near him. It was clear he needed lots of TLC in order to trust people once more. Although Ralph now has a loving home, it still makes me emotional watching his transformation and realizing there are so many more dogs like Ralph out there that need help!
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8 Dogs On Freedom Rides Go From The Worst Of Times To The Best

It's always a joyous moment for volunteers to get a shelter dog out of the shelter and into their car, where the dogs can taste their first moments of freedom. Some dogs are scared, others are exhausted and still others are exhilirated! The dogs don't know that they are on their way to foster homes and from there to their forever ones, but they all know change is in the air. One Tail at a...
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Traveler refuses to leave stray dog in Arizona desert behind (VIDEO)

Benoit Denizet-Lewis was driving across the U.S. with his dog Casey when they pulled over for gas on a Navajo nation reservation in Arizona. While there, he could not help but notice the many stray dogs waiting for handouts. One dog in particular caught his eye and he knew he didn’t want to leave her behind. Here’s a video chronicling how his spontaneous decision unexpectedly saved “Rezzy’s” life and became a permanent member of his...
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Neglected Great Pyrenees puppy with deformed paw gets a second chance

10-week-old Casper was in a bad situation in a "backwater area of Kentucky" when PetPromise Inc. arranged to pick him up. The rescue was contacted about the Great Pyrenees puppy and was told "there was something wrong with his foot - he was missing some toes". They arranged a transport and a foster group and soon Casper (and his sister, Rowan) were on their way to help but they immediately had to be rushed to...
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Dramatic rescue of stray dog dying in abandoned home (VIDEO)

Erika and Sandro of South Side Street Dog Rescue in Houston regularly patrol neighborhoods with abandoned homes to check on the stray dogs. They noticed a familiar dog guarding a home, as if protecting it. They went inside the home to investigate and they found a female dog lying amongst the torn up foam.  Erika knew the stray dog but had not seen her in a while. It was Moma. It was clear there was something...
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Pit Bull goes from death row to K9 Police Dog In Training

Libby was the only one of her litter to not be euthanized at a Texas animal shelter back in 2011. The Pit Bull probably would have died there too if it had not been for Marcia Poitter making an exception. And if she had not rescued Libby, the Texas police force would not have a newly trained narcotics dog ready to work fighting crime! Libby with her handler (and dad) Deputy Jesse Bullinger. Photo: Libby...
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Dog abandoned by family and thrown into dumpster with dog bed

It was a heartbreaking scene. Someone saw a family dog being abandoned behind a Goodwill store in Atlanta, Georgia. The dog was thrown into a dumpster with his dog bed and left behind. Even worse, the eyewitness is said to have seen two children crying in the car, watching as their pet was discarded!  The 3-year-old Pit Bull, dubbed Broham, when he was first rescued, was rescued from inside the dumpster by Fulton County Animal...
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Newborn puppies abandoned in a box saved by cat

A woman in West Valley City, Utah was shocked to find four abandoned Chihuahuas in a box on top of her car on Tuesday. The box had “free, mama passed away” scribbled on it and a note saying the puppies were born on Friday. Knowing she needed to act fast, the woman rushed them to the Humane Society of Utah. They put the puppies in a room with a cat that had recently been dropped...
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Chilean woman reunited with dog she thought she had lost in volcanic eruption (VIDEO)

Families in the Chilean town of Ensenada were evacuated from their homes last week in the wake of a volcanic eruption that choked the sky with ash. Many people were forced to leave behind their pets as they fled to safety. When it was safe to return, people began searching for their lost loved ones. This emotional video captures the moment a woman, who was searching for her dog amidst all the ash and destruction,...
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