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The End of a Chain (VIDEO)

*WARNING - CONTAINS ONE GRAPHIC IMAGE* We were contacted early one morning by a local shelter to help with an emergency situation. Late one night, a family turned their 10 month-old German Shepherd puppy in to the shelter who was missing one of his hind feet. They claimed they didn't know what happened, but they thought he might have "eaten it." The puppy was obviously in dire straits and needed medical attention above and beyond...
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Family rescue Pit Bull "thrown away" by neighbors and overcome their fear of the breed

This is a touching rescue story of how one family took in a Pit Bull after he was abandoned by their neighbors. Despite being afraid of the breed, Donna Deville LeBlanc brought the dog into her home and what happened next is truly special. Donna shared her story with DogHeirs and explained how Dozer became a member of her family. "When our neighbors were evicted, they left behind a pile of broken, cheap furniture and...
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Newest Articles

Chihuahua nicknamed "Eddie The Terrible" adopted after brutally honest (but funny) ad posted

I love the approach this rescue took to help get one of their dogs adopted. The Humane Society of Silicon Valley chose to post an adoption ad about the 2-year-old Chihuahua nicknamed Eddie The Terrible that didn't mince words. They said Eddie is rude, he's naughty and he's really mean around other dogs. He's also not good around kids and hates his crate, even though he's housebroken. The Humane Society went as far as admititng...
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Rescue of Husky found on trash heap continues to inspire

When I first saw Miley the Husky on a trash heap my heart sank. She had been dumped and found refuge in a junk yard and probably would have died there if Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws had not found her and rescued her. Now a year later, Eldad recounts Miley's rescue and I cried all over again. I loved seeing how happy Miley is now!
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Three-legged dog's amazing journey from hoarder to loving home (VIDEO)

Zoey (formerly known as Sasha) was rescued from a dog hoarding case in Mississippi by the Humane Society of The United States. She had an injured front leg, but what she has for disability she makes up for with her huge heart. Watch her journey from her initial rescue to her new life! Related: Formerly abused dog finds her way back to her rescuer after running away from new family to find him Blind puppy...
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Wounded Vietnam veteran helps dog shot in the legs

A Navy veteran wounded in combat during the Vietnam War helped a puppy after she was shot multiple times in the legs and left for dead. The 60-pound hound mix crawled under a house in Hollywood, South Carolina town in order to hide and was found 2 days later.  She was rescued by Charleston Animal Society and needed immediate surgery for a shattered leg and paw. When Vincent Bertolini heard of Dara’s plight it reminded him...
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96-year-old adopts abused senior dog and both couldn't be happier

Kathleen Brown is a an active 96-year-old who grew up with dogs in the family. But she thought having a dog was a thing in the distant past after she moved to a seniors complex in Winnipeg, Canada. But as The Winnipeg Free Press reported, she changed her mind when a friend dragged her to an adoption fair held by Before The Bridge Senior K9 Rescue in August. The rescue specializes in finding homes for...
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Starving dog who collapsed in stranger's garage is saved just in time

Meet Ruger. He wandered into a Greenville, Tennessee woman's garage in late November and collapsed. The severely emaciated dog was on his last legs and would not have survived the night if the kind-hearted woman hadn't acted quickly and contacted Bright Hope Animal Rescue for help. Jason and Amanda Hopson, who run the rescue, immediately drove out and took Ruger home. Over the next few hours it was touch-and-go. They even thought he had died...
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Homeless blind dog gets rescued (VIDEO)

A caring neighbor fed a small sick and abandoned dog while searching for help. Eventually, someone got in touch with Eldad Hagar of Hope For Paws Rescue. Eldad immediately noticed she was blind in one eye and had a severe flea infestation. After taking her to the vets, Hope For Paws got her the medical attention she needed and her vision has been restored.  To adopt Phannie, please contact Smooch Pooch Rescue.
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Group of Dogs Overcome Abuse, Wildlife Trafficking

Lara, Eva and Toto are three adorable dogs – and they’ve got just a few more weeks left to live. The three dogs are two of nineteen animals being kept in a zoo's garage in Argentina. They share the garage with five cats, two tigers, a black panther, four white lion cubs, an arctic fox, and three red wolves.   The animals are kept in appalling conditions, in dirty cages that allow them barely any...
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Heroic dog refuses to leave side of injured companion for 3 days

A 4-year-old Setter mix had been shot 38 times with a pellet gun and left for dead in a ditch. He miraculously survived because of a loyal friend, who refused to leave his side for 3 days until help arrived. The two-year-old pointer mix, now named Juliet, found the dying dog with his head barely above the water. But Juliet stayed with him and called for help. She barked continuously until a passerby finally took...
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Bait dogs rescued from the streets (VIDEO)

This video shows street level rescue of bait dogs on the streets of Detroit. As heartbreaking as this is to watch, it gives good insights into the day-to-day challenges rescuers face, and the suffering of the dogs used as "bait" dogs on the streets of Detroit. There's no easy solution to this ongoing problem, but education is a key element in helping stop dog fighting in local communities. 
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