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I Haven't Felt This Alive in a Long Time (Video)

  Sue found herself at a high-kill shelter, sick and alone. Thanks to the care and dedication of people who volunteer their time, she had an army of angels looking out for her well-being.   Coastal German Shepherd Rescue was asked to help and, shepherd or not, we knew this girl didn't have much time and quickly said "yes." Sue was rescued and immediately taken to the vet. Diagnosed with a severe case of pneumonia,...
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Man rescues emaciated puppy tethered to a tree; from forgotten to loved in 58 days. (PHOTOS)

Matt was in a rural town in north Florida for three days supervising drilling for his work when he spotted a puppy. He noticed the puppy was emaciated and tethered to a tree next to a mobile home. She only had about 7 feet of room to move about. He did not notice anyone come outside at first, but when he did see the inhabitants of the trailer he knew they were drug users and...
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Newest Articles

Stray dog hit by a car finds shelter under homeless man's cart (VIDEO)

A stray dog was hit by a car and found refuge with a homeless man, who found the injured dog. The little dog was hurt and needed medical attention. LA on Cloud 9 is an organization that helps homeless people. When they found out about the dog they contacted Hope For Paws and asked for help. What happened next is simply wonderful! The dog, now named Jackson, is looking for his forever home through Cuddly...
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Neglected dog chained to road sign rescued by town councillor (VIDEO)

A town councillor on his way home form an event ended up saving the life of an abandoned and abused dog. Richard Bartley was driving home on Thursday when something lying in a ditch by a road sign caught his attention. The councillor in the Canadian town of Whitchurch-Stouffville decided to pull over to investigate and what he found shocked him. A dog was chained to a sign post. She was severely emaciated, riddled with...
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Surveillance camera captures street dog's rescued from canal (VIDEO)

A street dog fell into a canal and had no way to get out until a Good Samaritan came to his aid. A surveillance camera in Guayaquil, Ecuador caught the entire dramatic rescue on camera. The video shows the dog stuck at the bottom of the canal and unable to climb up on the steep embankment. People walked by until one passerby noticed the dog in trouble and climbed over the railing to get the...
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2400 dogs rescued from Chinese dog traders and adopted within a few days

A group of animal rights activists in China rescued 2,400 dogs this week after the animals were being smuggled out by dog meat traders. Many of the dogs were either strays or stolen pets. Rescuers affiliated with the Care for Stray Animals Center in Beijing spotted a truck loaded with more than 400 dogs on a highway on Sunday. They began tailing the vehicle and live-blogging, calling on help from local traffic police and volunteers...
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Dog tied up in garbage bag and abandoned by river bed to rot is rescued (PHOTOS)

Note: Graphic images are included in this article and may be disturbing to some readers. They heard whimpers coming from a trash bag lying in a dry river bed and went to investigate. What they found shocked and horrified them. Two women were walking in Messina in southern Italy when they stumbled across an abandoned dog. The dog had been bound with electrical wire, put in a garbage bag and then dumped along the Terme...
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Entire family of dogs rescued from the desert (VIDEO)

When Eldad Hagar from Hope for Paws heard about a family of dogs struggling to survive he came out to rescue them. Eldad learned that a neighbor who did not have enough food to feed himself, had been giving what he had to the dogs. The three dogs and nine puppies are now in a loving foster home! To adopt any of the puppies and dogs please email Lisa Ashe at ashefarm (@) yahoo.com
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Brother and sister arrested after police find 20 emaciated Pit Bulls in home raid

Neighbors of a brother and sister called them "quiet, hardworking people" but what authorities found inside the garage of their Queens, New York home tells a completely different story. New York City Police officers found 20 emaciated and scarred Pit Bulls inside the home. Police found five dogs with “large, weighted collars around their necks" and the other dogs caged in the garage. Investigators also found a square pit, a battery connected to electrical wires...
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Woman braves incredibly busy highway to rescue injured dog (VIDEO)

A very brave Mexican woman rescued a dog who had been run over on a Highway in Mexico City. Vero Bombonsito Salgado can be seen in this video attempting to cross four lanes of traffic to reach the dog as vehicles race by. It looked incredibly dangerous for both the woman and the dog, but wait until you see the end! And the happy news is that the dog is on the mend.
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Elderly Dog Who Walked 30 Miles To Get Back Home Moves From Shelter To Mansion

It’s a common story heard in animal rescue. An elderly dog is dropped off at a shelter after their previous owners get a new dog and no longer want them. But the story of this Labrador Retriever’s path to adoption is pretty amazing. Lady (aka Ma Kettle) arrived at the Chautauqua County Animal Shelter in Sedan, Kansas in the fall of 2012. Her owner had died and no one wanted her. Photo: Friends of Chautauqua...
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