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Community News

This adorable Husky mix thinks she's a cat (PHOTOS)

Tally aka Tao Tao is a very cat-like Husky mix. She was raised by cats and her humans say she behaves a lot like you’d expect a cat to, except that she’s a Husky/Malamute/? mix. “She actually looks and behaves more like a malamute (which are also a bit cat-like), but most people don’t know what they are so I go with ‘husky’,” says her human. There aren’t any photos of Tally with cats because...
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Lovable Labrador's inspiring battle against cancer (PHOTOS)

Thornton is a chocolate Labrador Retriever who is 5 years and 8 months old. Just after his fifth birthday his family found a lump on the inside of his left ear. It was tested and turned out to be a mast cell tumor, which is a form of cancer. The tumor was removed in Sept 2013 but it unfortunately returned. This past month, he had one of his ears removed and his mother Michelle Bingham-Phillips,...
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Newest Articles

Family says traffic cop’s actions lead to their dog being left on the side of the highway to die

A Texas family is outraged after a Houston police officer’s inaction lead to their blind Chihuahua being left on the side of the highway where he was eventually killed. The dog’s owners claim the officer could not be bothered to call someone to pick up their 14-year-old dog Guero, an action that resulted in the dog’s death. The Chihuahua’s body was found several days later after being struck by oncoming traffic. According to Josie Garcia,...
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Man travels across the country to save his puppy's life (VIDEO)

Scott Clare adopted 14-month-old Buck-O after his wife passed away. His new companion makes him laugh and smile every day, so when Buck-O was discovered to have a rare heart condition, there wasn’t any question in Scott’s mind of what he had to do. Buck-O was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect called tricuspid (heart) valve dysplasia. The irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias) caused by the defect result in high heart rates that would put Buck-O's...
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Stranded Boxer's dramatic rescue after fall off of oceanside cliff (PHOTOS)

What was close to being a moment of absolute heartbreak became one of relief and joy for a dog owner after two Good Samaritans came to the rescue of his dog. Paul March will be forever grateful to Amy Costello and her husband Darryl who came to the rescue of his Boxer, Lucy, after she fell off a cliff and into the ocean below. Photo: Paul March Paul had been hiking with Lucy on the...
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Homeless dog is cared for by community while he waits for his owner to recover from brutal attack

A Pit Bull belonging to a homeless man who was recently brutally attacked is being looked after by the community while his owner recovers. Shawn Kurtis Jack and his dog Chico (who he rescued) could often be seen around Northy Sydney, Nova Scotia, where the pair camped near a grocery store parking lot. Shawn is known in the town as "street dad" because he always looked out for the teens on the streets and told...
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Chihuahua puppy born with no front legs gets ingenious cart made from toy parts (PHOTOS)

A Chihuahua puppy named Turbo who was born without front legs is getting a new lease on life thanks to a vet clinic that took him in. After Turbo was weaned from his mother, the other puppies weren’t letting him near any food. His owners grew concerned for him and went to several veterinarians looking for help. They didn’t want the puppy to be euthanized and eventually the Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis took him in. Turbo's...
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Homeless man who sold sketches of his dog on the street and is now popular artist says his dog transformed his life

John Dolan, 43, was homeless and struggling with poverty and drug addiction. But the artist is now has is own art show, published a book, and gone clean off of drugs thanks to his Staffordshire Bull Terrier, George. John said that one day a homeless woman gave him George as a puppy. She had traded the puppy for the price of a can of beer. John told The Guardian that he formed a deep bond...
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17 of The Grumpiest Dogs on The Internet. They Will Make You Smile, But They Don’t Care.

Everybody gets grumpy now and then, even dogs. You'd be in a bad mood too if you had humans interrupting your naps, making you ride in the car, or take a bath, or refusing to give you a treat when you want one. But it's hard not to smile when you see these 17 dogs give the camera a grumpy stare, which just proves that dogs - even when they're grumpy - make people happy....
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Gardner heroically comes to the rescue of drowning Labradoodle

A gardener came to the rescue of a labradoodle named Jess after the dog plunged into the Thames River. Julia Wylie was working in the garden of her client’s home in Putney, London, when the curious puppy jumped over the back wall and into the river. The dog had on an elizabethan collar which prevented the puppy from keeping his head properly above water. Julia heroically jumped in after the dog to save him from...
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Heroic Pit Bull saves deaf boy from house fire (VIDEO)

Ace the Pit Bull is being hailed as a hero after he alerted a sleeping deaf boy that the house was on fire. Thirteen-year-old Nick Lamb was at home alone and was sleeping when Ace jumped on his bed. "My dog licked my face and woke me up," Nick told WISH-TV Indianapolis. "I was like, 'Stop it! What? You want to be fed?' I thought he wanted to be fed or go outside." But Ace...
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Loyal dog refused to leave deceased owner and stood guard for hours in extreme heat

A fiercely loyal Bull Terrier was found by animal control officers in Oklahoma City by the side of his deceased guardian. With temperatures around 100 degree Fahrenheit (37.7 Celcius), the dog refused to leave his guardian's body and fought the officers to stay by his side. "The dog kept wanting to pull back to go where the remains of where the deceased owner was," said Oklahoma City Animal Shelter supervisor Sheridan Lowery told KFOR. The...
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