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Dog, cat and baby make adorable bedfellows (PHOTOS)

Bringing home a new baby into the family is always an event to remember. If you have pets, you will prepare them just as you would with other children. Ryan and his wife brought home baby Thea three months ago. And from the looks of things everyone is getting along famously! Ryan and his wife captured these adorable family portraits after their dog, cat and newborn baby joined mom on the bed. Pearl, a Great...
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17 of The Grumpiest Dogs on The Internet. They Will Make You Smile, But They Don’t Care.

Everybody gets grumpy now and then, even dogs. You'd be in a bad mood too if you had humans interrupting your naps, making you ride in the car, or take a bath, or refusing to give you a treat when you want one. But it's hard not to smile when you see these 17 dogs give the camera a grumpy stare, which just proves that dogs - even when they're grumpy - make people happy....
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Newest Articles

Imperfect Dog Inspires Kindness

Chipper is a therapy dog dropout from Colorado whose influence has spread to 50 states and 67 countries.   Saved by the Colorado Puppy Rescue in 2009, she barely escaped being euthanized at a shelter.  Last year the grateful mutt published her autobiDOGraphy to prove that you don’t have to be perfect to make a difference.  So far she has donated over $1700 in book profits to help children and animals in need. Whenever Chipper puts on her...
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Police dog helping child witnesses in sex abuse case may be first dog to do so in Canada

Calgary's newest police recruit has a special skill set like no other officer on the force that is helping children. Hawk, a 3-year-old Labrador Retriever, has been trained as a trauma dog and helps support witnesses and victims of crime. Hawk provides support and protection unlike his fellow human officers. "When you're dealing with young kids who have been victimized by adults it's hard for them to connect to another adult, but suddenly something magical...
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Emotional farewell for loyal K9 on his last day

It was an emotional farewell as officers paid their respects and said their goodbyes to K9 DiOGi. The 9-year-old German Shepherd served with the New Jersey Police Department for 7 years, but was recently diagnosed with inoperable leukemia. DiOGi was Holmdel Police Officer Joseph Van Pelt's partner. After months of battling the cancer, Van Pelt made the difficult decision that it was time to say goodbye to his long-time friend. In recalling his first meeting...
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36 Dogs Who Know How To Relax (PHOTOS)

When it's time to get comfortable, these dogs know how to settle down and relax! We asked our members to send in their photos of their dogs taking naps or relaxing in unusual positions and we received a great response! Here are some of our favorites... These 36 dogs look relaxed despite the awkward positions or places they chose to sit and nap in! "Cullen resting with her sister, Lani, wrapped around her." Photo: Tiffany...
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Slain soldier's dogs patiently awaiting his return shown in heartbreaking photos

Canadians were grieving after Cpl. Nathan Cirillo a was shot and killed by a lone gunman on Wednesday while he was guarding The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier monument in Ottawa, Canada. The 24-year-old reservist was a father to a young son and a passionate advocate for dogs. His two dogs broke hearts further when photos of the two animals poking their heads from beneath the fence of Cirillo's family home in Hamilton, Ontario were...
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Dog sodomized witch the PVC pipe rescued in Brazil (photos)

This femeal dog was found in 20 September, on the Jaguarão River, in Rio Grande do Sul state, south Brazil, with heavy bleeding in the genital organ. The animal was found by a friend Samira Auhed, who called the veterinarian to meet the case. After being examined by the vet in the pound, the dog needed surgery for removal of a PVC pipe with 25 inches lodged in the intestine and introduced by the anus....
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Teens rescue dog trapped in mud (VIDEO)

There were people in Greenwood Pond in Des Moines, Iowa who saw that there were two dogs in trouble. But they didn't stop to help. Instead, it was a group of teens jogging in the park for gym class that made the right choice.  They noticed that one of the dogs was stuck in the mud and his friend looked on helplessly. "It was a pretty short dog. It didn’t have very long legs so...
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Golden Retrievers keep injured elderly owner alive for two days until help arrives (VIDEO)

Two Golden Retrievers saved Judy Muhe's life after she fell down in her kitchen and lost consciousness. The 76-year-old, who lives alone, sustained a broken shoulder and was in and out of consciousness for 2 days before help arrived. But Dodger and Higgins kept her warm and alive the entire time. Judy has Parkinson's disease and the cold can endanger her life. "The main thing was they let me know I was not alone," Judy...
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Leash frustration tips

When we rescued Ange she was so wild that we feared she may damage her throut with her leash. Here is a few tips that may make sense and contribute to a possible solution should you have a loving pet that can't be handeled by leash It may benefit you to start by making a general assessment of your little or big pet, boy or girl as to the reason why it is or has...
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Sheep dog takes care of unusual flock

Chip is a third-generation working farm dog who looks after more than 2000 animals. But his flock is not made up of the usual sheep or cattle. Instead he takes care of emus!  Photo: The Daily Telegraph The 8-year-old Kelpie looks after the birds and rounds them up for his Australian owner Jeff Long. Every morning and night Chip herds the emu chicks and rides with Jeff on a quad bike, guarding him from the...
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