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These 17 Dogs and Cats Show What Friendship is All About

Who says cats and dogs don't get along? These cats and dogs best friends bust that myth!  Thank you to DogHeirs members and fans for sharing these adorable photos with us. Do you have a cat and dog who each other's besties? Share your photos with the DogHeirs community, where Dogs are Family on Facebook or here on DogHeirs.com and TAG the photo "Shareable". Friends love spending time with each other. Photo: Samantha Girard  ...
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36 Dogs Who Know How To Relax (PHOTOS)

When it's time to get comfortable, these dogs know how to settle down and relax! We asked our members to send in their photos of their dogs taking naps or relaxing in unusual positions and we received a great response! Here are some of our favorites... These 36 dogs look relaxed despite the awkward positions or places they chose to sit and nap in! "Cullen resting with her sister, Lani, wrapped around her." Photo: Tiffany...
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Newest Articles

Loving Bernese Mountain Dog Welcomes Newborn Baby Home (PHOTOS)

Welcoming a newborn baby into the home is always a joyous occasion. And for many couples, because their dog is their first baby, they make sure to provide extra love and reassurance to their pet so that they will bond with their new little brothers or sisters! For John and Morgan Powell they knew their one-and-a-half year old Bernese Mountain dog would be the best big sister for their newly-arrived baby girl, Kylie. John told...
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Dog found frozen on the ground as puppy gets new legs (VIDEO)

Hector is two-years-old but he's never been able to play outdoors or go on walks like regular dogs. That's because he has no rear legs after a crippling accident when he was a puppy. His mother was a stray dog living in northern Saskatchewan and gave birth to him in the dead of winter. It was so cold outside that his tail and feet became frozen to the ground. His mother tore them off trying...
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Police dog promoted to detective

A police dog in California no longer has to go on regular patrol duties now that she's been promoted to detective. K9 Jena has become the first police dog in the Escondido Police Department to earn such a promotion. The decision is seen as a win-win for the department as Jena does not yet need to be retired and detectives have access to a narcotics detection dog when they need one. The 8-year-old German Shepherd...
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Yorkie dognapped during vacation found thanks to concerned citizens and police

An Alberta couple are rejoicing after Memphis police found their stolen dog with a little help from a stranger in Canada. Lorie and Terry Traviss were visiting Memphis, Tennessee on January 7, 2015 to celebrate Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday and brought along their Yorkshire Terrier, Dixie. But their trip soured when they came back to their car after eating at a restaurant and found someone had broken into their vehicle and stolen Dixie. Surveillance footage...
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"In Dog We Trust" mistakenly printed on Florida sheriff's rug

For many dog lovers "In Dog We Trust" is a motto that is easily embraced. For a Florida Sheriff's department, the motto came as an unexpected surprise when it was discovered on their rug. The Pinellas County sheriff's office recently ordered a new rug for the sheriff's administration building that was meant to say "In God We Trust". A mistype resulted in the rug displaying "In Dog We Trust" instead. The forest green rug with...
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10 Dogs Who Know How to Accessorize Their Cones of Shame

When these dogs got their cones of shame, their humans decided to do something to brighten up the occassion and came up with these creative ways to deocrate the elizabethan collars! 1. There's the Death Star Source   2. A beautiful flower   3. Mr. Monopoly   4. Pixar Lamp Source   5. Martini Source   6. Martini too Source   7. Christmas Wreath   8. Handcrafted   9. Krypto the Super Dog Source  ...
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Home sweet home

I once was called a dog; chained to a tree.  Guarding the home, night and day; yet never set free. Loving my owner's although they weren't kind. Food and water was little to find. My neighbor went out chasing a ball; he slept indoors before nightfall. Now I'm old stiff and bald "You will have to be put down,"I'm told.
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Grieving Golden Retriever refuses to leave the side of her deceased puppy

Teenage photographer Hunter Cone was visiting one of Savannah Georgia's historic cemeteries when he came across a truly sad picture. A Golden Retriever was grieving the loss of her puppy, and refused to leave her baby's side. The dog had been at the Laurel Grove North cemetery for at least two days. "It made me feel really depressed and upset," 15-year-ld Hunter told WTOC. "That's something I didn't want to see, but I'm kind of glad...
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15 most adorable photos of dogs and little humans on Flickr

The relations between the children and dogs within the family often become the subject of heated debate. Several scientific articles and studies are dedicated to determining the ideal balance of attention sharing between the child and the dog. The phenomena of dog’s jealous attitude to little humans appearance in family, when the beloved pet feels it’s no longer needed. We decided to look at these relationships through the eyes of those whose families have both:...
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Hotel guests greeted by adoptable dogs

People checking in to the Aloft Asheville Downtown hotel greeted at the front desk by hotel staff and an adoptable dog. The rescued dog is part of an adoption program run by the hotel and Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue. The rescue saves the pets from possible euthanasia at area shelters and they come and stay at the hotel with the hopes that they will be adopted. "We feel like we are saving lives," said Christine...
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