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Community News

Morbidly Obese Dachshund Rescued From Hoarder Undergoes Amazing Transformation (PHOTOS)

When Brooke Burton first saw Dennis the Dachshund he could barely move. The dog was so morbidly obese that she thought he walked more like a slug than a dog. It was while Brooke was helping to clean the house of her hoarder great-uncle back in 2013 that she first saw Dennis. He was not a happy dog and could only take a few steps and then stop to rest. He weighed an astonishing 56...
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Loving Bernese Mountain Dog Welcomes Newborn Baby Home (PHOTOS)

Welcoming a newborn baby into the home is always a joyous occasion. And for many couples, because their dog is their first baby, they make sure to provide extra love and reassurance to their pet so that they will bond with their new little brothers or sisters! For John and Morgan Powell they knew their one-and-a-half year old Bernese Mountain dog would be the best big sister for their newly-arrived baby girl, Kylie. John told...
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Newest Articles

Co-workers help man build his ailing German Shepherd a wheelchair ramp

Bryan Coleman has had his German Shepherd, Diamond, since she was just a few weeks old. Now 8, Diamond’s mobility recently deteriorated after hip dysplasia set in and she lost the use of her back legs. Bryan describes caring for Diamond as being a lot like “having a disabled child” albeit one that weighs 100 pounds. Bryan scoured the internet to help find Diamond solutions that would help her. He found a wheelchair, which helped...
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A special rescue/adoption (Panda)

It was the first part of Jan 2015 when I was scrolling face book and I ran across a plead for help. I at this time really had no intendions of getting personally involved, other than sharing the photo's and information that followed about 4 dogs in need of good homes. I really was not ready to add another member to our family. Not because I don't love animals. But, becasue I had just lost...
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Toddler without feet bonds with puppy without a paw

When 3-year-old Sapphyre first saw Lt. Dan she immediately knew he was the dog for her. She said,  "That’s my puppy. He's just like me." The toddler had both her feet amputated when she was 1 year old. She was born missing her toes and fingers and she had surgery on her feet so that she could be fitted with prosthetics. Lt. Dan is a German Shepherd puppy who is just 9 weeks old and...
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10 adorable pets with their tiny doubles (PHOTOS)

When I saw these these adorable dogs and cats with their tiny mirror doubles I couldn't stop smiling! These cute look-a-likes will definitely brighten your day!         '        
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16 adorable pets who have found the oddest places to sit

Pets like to squeeze into the most unlikely spots for a nap or when exploring the house. These 16 pets are perfect examples of the popular saying, "If it fits, I sits"! Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur  
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Why service dogs give people hope (VIDEO)

Millions of Americans with disabilities rely on hope to get them through each day. They hope to one day reclaim their independence; they hope to meet a friend. Each year, hundreds of them find hope, friendship, and a renewed sense of independence with assistance dogs. This preview of a PBS show entitled "Through a Dog's Eyes" follows the journey of service dogs and the people whose lives they change. As one of the dog trainers...
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450 deputies receiving training on what to do to avoid shooting dogs (VIDEO)

450 sheriff's deputies in San Antonio, Texas are getting specialized training on what to do if they encounter an aggressive dog. Officers will be educated in how to read a dog's body language effectively in order to better handle animals in various situations. The training is a refresher course to one officers went through four years ago, reinforcing what they have already learned. Sergeant Steve Amerson told KENS5 News, "Officers are shown how read the...
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17 photos of pets who cleverly hide in plain sight

Do you sometimes have trouble finding your pet? Maybe it's because of their secret camouflage hides them in plain view! \ \
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Me Dad said; "Oi, you; get off me bed." INSTEAD , I  just played dead....
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Cops respond to call about stray Pit Bull and end up making a friend

Deputy Mark Elsaid of the Lee County Sheriff's Office in Florida was on patrol when he spotted a Pit Bull wandering through the quiet neighborhood of Ft. Myers. With no owner to be seen, the deputy approached the dog. The Lee County Sheriff's Department shared what happened next on their Facebook page: "This morning, deputies responded to an Animal call in South District. A large Pit Bull was running around and neighbors were worried." "Upon...
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