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These 17 Dogs and Cats Show What Friendship is All About

Who says cats and dogs don't get along? These cats and dogs best friends bust that myth!  Thank you to DogHeirs members and fans for sharing these adorable photos with us. Do you have a cat and dog who each other's besties? Share your photos with the DogHeirs community, where Dogs are Family on Facebook or here on DogHeirs.com and TAG the photo "Shareable". Friends love spending time with each other. Photo: Samantha Girard  ...
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36 Dogs Who Know How To Relax (PHOTOS)

When it's time to get comfortable, these dogs know how to settle down and relax! We asked our members to send in their photos of their dogs taking naps or relaxing in unusual positions and we received a great response! Here are some of our favorites... These 36 dogs look relaxed despite the awkward positions or places they chose to sit and nap in! "Cullen resting with her sister, Lani, wrapped around her." Photo: Tiffany...
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Newest Articles

Retired cop saves small dog

Retired police officer Tom Carey came to the rescue of a small dog after the pet was swept out to sea. Tom was fishing at Jupiter Beach in Florida when he heard a woman screaming. Martha Brox, the dog's owner, was in a panic after her  8-year-old Brussels Griffon, Oscar Wilde, had been washed away by a wave and resurfaced "floating". She told WPBF News that she feared the worst.  Tom immediately sprang into action...
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Firefighter Causes Social Media Firestorm After Posting Photo Of Dog Shooting

Dog lovers are outraged after a volunteer fireman in Texas allegedly shot two dogs on his property and posted a photo on Facebook. The post appeared on Tim Conaster’s Facebook page on February 24, 2015. In the photo, two dogs appear to be dead on the ground, with blood visible near one. The caption reads, “Somebody didn’t put any truth my warning. Keep your damn dogs on your property.” The post immediately went viral and has...
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Dogs being lovable jerks

I love these hilarious photos of dogs not on their best behavior. Pretty much every dog lover will say that dogs are lovable, loyal and "man's best friend". But even dogs can be jerks sometimes. In their defence, they really don’t know they’re being mean or that they’ve done anything wrong until a human tells them. Usually, they’re just looking for a comfortable place to sit, or they get bored or anxious and have to...
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Good Samaritan Rescues Dog And Posts Powerful Facebook Message

I just got so angry and sad reading this but I felt it is important to share, not only in recognition of a wonderful Good Samaritan but also in the hopes it maybe, just maybe will help a dog or two not suffer the fate this young dog did. Heather Mozingo shared this on Facebook on February 14, 2015: "Dear Irresponsible Dog Owner, "Is this your dog? Some kids told me he lived on Main...
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U.S. inching closer to allowing dogs on trains

Travel options for dog owners in the U.S. may get a huge boost if legislators in Washington pass a bill that would require Amtrak to develop a pet-friendly policy that would allow dog and cat owners to ride certain trains with their pets. The Huffington Post reported that the pilot program would call for: at least one car in passenger trains be made available for ticketed passengers to transport a pet; the dog or cat...
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Heroic Neapolitan Mastiff Honored For Saving 17 Horses From Blaze

When Gilles Godbout's equestrian centre caught on fire, the 30 horses inside were terrified and refused to move. They were trapped inside until Godbout's Neapolitan mastiff, Popeye, came to their rescue. Despite the smoke and burning flames, Popeye did not think twice before running into the stable and help his owner user the animals to safety before flames razed the building to the ground.  "Popeye knew what to do," Godbout told the QMI Agency. "I...
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 No matter whether he's happy or sad. His mood be good or bad. With my big brown eyes I will stare him right in the eye. A little hug. A little kiss A belly rub and my tail goes mad. "Good morning me  Ange girl," my Dad will say. "May God bless us; this, a lovely day."
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Heroic Pit Bull saves girl from rabid raccoon (VIDEO)

A Pit Bull came to the rescue of an 11-year-old girl when she was about to be attacked by a rabid raccoon. Savannah Vanase was inside her family's chicken coop in Norwich, Connecticut and Tank, the Pit Bull was nearby. She was unaware that the rabid animal was nearby until it began to attack the chickens and Tank leapt to her defense. "All of a sudden he comes flying over, barking, and I look under...
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Adopted dog runs for help and saves owner's life

A Labrador Retriever named John Boy saved his owner's life after she fell unconscious outside her home. The adopted dog ran to get her help and ended up fetching a police officer! Wisconsin Police Officer Jeff Gonzalez, with the Germantown Police Department, was out on patrol when he saw John Boy running on the street. He stopped and John Boy barked at him, so he rolled down his window and called to him. "Then he...
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Dog protects his owner from armed robber (VIDEO)

21-year-old Justin Ireland has his dog, Thor, to thank for protecting him from an armed robber attempting to rob the gas station where he was working. Justin was working a Holly's Gas in Saco, Maine, when a man came to the office and asked if he could use his phone. The man's face was partially covered, which Ireland assumed was to protect him against the cold. Thor, a Boxer/Pit Bull mix, was excited someone was...
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