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Man faces tragedy by fostering puppies with his rescue dog

Last year, Robert Banks shared his very personal story with DogHeirs about how his rescue dog Maybelle saved his life. At the time, he was addicted to drugs and thinking of taking his own life, but he turned his life around because Maybelle needed him and loved him and he loved her back.  Robert and Maybelle have been doing well since then and we were incredibly touched when we learned what they have recently done...
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Dog, cat and baby make adorable bedfellows (PHOTOS)

Bringing home a new baby into the family is always an event to remember. If you have pets, you will prepare them just as you would with other children. Ryan and his wife brought home baby Thea three months ago. And from the looks of things everyone is getting along famously! Ryan and his wife captured these adorable family portraits after their dog, cat and newborn baby joined mom on the bed. Pearl, a Great...
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Newest Articles

Brave Staffordshire Terrier saves his owner from drowning

A brave Staffordshire Terrier jumped into a fast-flowing river to save his owner after he fell into the water. Philip Skirving was walking his Staffie, Corbin, at night along a cycle path next to the River Leven in Alexandria, England, went he accidentally slipped into the icy cold water. Corbin and Philip walk the path nearly every night, but Philip lost his footing and tripped and fell into the water. The moment he hit the...
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Homeless shelter now welcomes pets

A homeless shelter in Nebraska is opening its doors to homeless people with pets thanks to a project thought up by an Eagle Scout. The Connection Homeless Shelter now has a place for dogs to stay. Eagle Scout Andrew Phares approached the shelter and proposed a dog kennel in the back of the shelter as a place for pets to stay.  People with pets had to be turned away in the past because of the...
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Pit Bull with "eyebrows" changing people's impressions of the breed for the better

Simon is a Pit Bull Boxer mix with unusual facial markings that make it look like he has dark eyebrows! His human gets a lot of looks, but not because of his breed, but because of the eyebrows that almost look like they've been painted on.  His human, Stephanie Williams, adopted Simon 2 years ago. He was born in a Minnesota animal shelter and was saved from being put down and eventually found his way...
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Dog hitches a ride on side of ambulance to be by his human's side

A dog showed how close a bond dogs have with their humans when he hitched a 21-mile ride on the outside of an ambulance to stay by his dad's side. Mason County EMS responded to a call on October 26, when JR Nicholson, an 85-year-old rancher, wasn't feeling well.  They took JR into the ambulance and prepared for the hour ride to hospital. Ranch hand Brian Wright had called emergency and remained behind to lock...
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Police Officer Pulls Woman Over And Ends Up Rushing her Dog To Hospital And Saves The Dog's Life

When Dallas Police Officer Albert Sanchez answered a call about a driver running red lights, he didn't expect to save the life of a dog, but that's what happened when he stopped Carolina with her dog Scrappy. Carolina was driving home with Scrappy, a Brittany Spaniel, when she noticed he was asphyxiating in the backseat. The 13-year-old dog was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis.  Carolina called 911, but she was told officers could not help because...
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Twitter Users help bring dog in from the freezing cold

Denver Police credited Twitter users with helping rescue a dog stuck outside on a cold, snowy weather in Denver. The dog was curled up on the porch of his home, lying in front of a sliding glass door. The Husky was covered in snow from a storm that has brought sub-freezing temperatures and snow fall throughout the city. Tonee Lawrence tweeted the picture and addressed it to a local news station and to the Denver...
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Heartwarming reunion between man and his dog after 8 years apart (VIDEO)

Mike Nuanes was confused when he received a call saying they had a dog that was his. His girlfriend immediately went to check on their four dogs, and all were accounted for. When he told Jill Davis from the Fulton County Animal Shelter in Atlanta, Georgia, that she must be mistaken, she asked 'Is his name Jordan?". That's when Mike's jaw dropped.  The last time Mike had seen his Shih Tzu, Jordan, was 8 years ago...
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Neighborhood rejoices after Dachshund swept away in mudslide found 2 days later (VIDEO)

Henry Needham thought his pet Dachshund Tinkerbell was killed when a wall of mud came crashing through his Camarillo Springs, California home on Halloween night.  But two days later, Needham’s grandson heard Tinkerbell barking inside the badly damaged, red tagged house and firefighters went to work. When a muddy, but otherwise healthy Tinkerbell finally emerged, dozens of neighbors who gathered outside the home began to cheer. They were rooting and cheering as Tinkerbell, covered in mud,...
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These 17 Dogs and Cats Show What Friendship is All About

Who says cats and dogs don't get along? These cats and dogs best friends bust that myth!  Thank you to DogHeirs members and fans for sharing these adorable photos with us. Do you have a cat and dog who each other's besties? Share your photos with the DogHeirs community, where Dogs are Family on Facebook or here on DogHeirs.com and TAG the photo "Shareable". Friends love spending time with each other. Photo: Samantha Girard  ...
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Man converts car into giant dog as tribute to his late dog

When farmer Dave Issac lost his beloved sheep dog Floss he decided to do something different as way of tribute. He converted the family car into a giant replica of her!  The English farmer and a friend built a wood frame around the car and then attached the faux fur.  Dave admits it was an eccentric thing to do, but Floss was his favorite sheep dog and his entire family missed her. When the car...
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