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17 of The Grumpiest Dogs on The Internet. They Will Make You Smile, But They Don’t Care.

Everybody gets grumpy now and then, even dogs. You'd be in a bad mood too if you had humans interrupting your naps, making you ride in the car, or take a bath, or refusing to give you a treat when you want one. But it's hard not to smile when you see these 17 dogs give the camera a grumpy stare, which just proves that dogs - even when they're grumpy - make people happy....
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These Beautiful Photos of Dogs Enjoying Summer Will Make You Want To Go And Play With Your Dog

Natassa Kostaki loves to photograph the simple, everyday moments that we share with our dogs. Her photos of dogs enjoying the beach, playing ball and activities outdoors perfectly capture the joyous energy and memories of times well spent with our best friends.  Natassa told DogHeirs she has loved animals since she was a child. “I had the need to be near them, watch them, pet them, help them. My first dog was Lisa, a stray...
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Newest Articles

Dog’s long tail one for the record books

Finnegan is an Irish Wolfhound with a tail like any other dog’s, at least according to the 2015 Guinness Book of World Records. He’s been officially listed as the dog with the longest tail in the world. Measuring 72.29 centimetres (28.5 inches), his family says Finnegan’s tail has been known to break a lot of things around the house, like bottles of wine and glasses among other things. Evangeline Leclair, Finnegan's co-owner, told the Calgary...
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Short-spined Pit Bull brings joy wherever she goes

Cuda has Short Spine Syndrome. Photo: Cuda Cares/Facebook Cuda is a short-spined dog with a lot of love to give. But the rescued pit bull probably would not have gotten a second chance if it hadn't been for Julie LeRoy, an animal control worker in Durham, NC.  Cuda came into the care of Julie after she received a call from some local residents about a stray dog. The people that called about the stray told...
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Clever dog has taken up farming (PHOTOS)

Lemon isn’t your average farm dog. Unlike other working dogs who heard sheep and look after farm animals, Lemon fetches buckets of water and uses a plow. The Riesenschnauzer belongs to Alexander Matitsyn, a veteran from the Russian Army who served as an army dog trainer. Alexander said he began training Lemon and before long the dog was able to fill a bucket with water and carry it to him. “I made him carry the...
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Family has emotional reunion with dog they thought had perished in shelter fire (VIDEO)

A mom had a tearful reunion with her dog she feared had died in a devastating fire at Manchester Dogs’ Home earlier this week. Dawn Bradbury thought she had lost her beloved Bichon Frise, Leo, after the 2-year-old dog went missing from her home earlier in the week. She and her kids had been searching for him and learned that he had been taken to the shelter. She was scheduled to pick Leo up on...
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Community comes together after 53 dogs killed and another 150 injured in Manchester Dogs Home fire

Tragedy struck Manchester Dogs Home on Thursday evening after a fire tore through the building killing 53 dogs and injuring 150. The blaze began around 7 pm and staff and volunteers, as well as members of the public, battled to flames to rescue animals stuck in the shelter. Nearly 30 firefighters valiantly battled the fire that may have been caused by a suspected arson attack. A 15-year-old boy is currently being questioned by policce on...
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Family say they rather be homeless than dogless as they fight possible eviction

Elizabeth Woodward and her family are fighting possible eviction by the co-op board of their New York apartment after the board said her dog barks too much. But Elizabeth said her dog, Olivia, helps her manage her disease symptoms and is not willing to part with her. Nor does the family want to leave their home since 1988. Elizabeth shared with the NY Daily News that she has a rare disease called mast cell activation...
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Our Dog Park!

In early August our dog park was in possible closure! When poeple where leaving the wouldnt pick up poop or the poop smell bad in the garbage can! Our park is located in a middle of baseball fields some was own be recs and park and others were owned by school property. The board of ed didnt want dogs walking on there property to get to the park. We understood that! But we didnt want...
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Great Dane eats 43 socks and survives (PHOTOS)

A 3-year-old Great Dane with a hankering for socks got himself admitted to hospital when he ingested one too many…43 to be exact. The large dog apparently had a hankering for socks but the extent of his fixation wasn’t discovered until he got very sick and his owner rushed him to northwest Portland emergency animal hospital. X-rays showed his stomach was full of a foreign material so he was taken in for surgery and two...
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Man faces tragedy by fostering puppies with his rescue dog

Last year, Robert Banks shared his very personal story with DogHeirs about how his rescue dog Maybelle saved his life. At the time, he was addicted to drugs and thinking of taking his own life, but he turned his life around because Maybelle needed him and loved him and he loved her back.  Robert and Maybelle have been doing well since then and we were incredibly touched when we learned what they have recently done...
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Fallen K9 Officer honored by fellow officers and laid to rest with full honors (PHOTOS)

Sgt. Stark bids his K9 partner, Kye, a final goodbye. Photo: AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki A police dog named Kye was laid to rest with full honors in Oklahoma City last week after he was fatally stabbed in the line of duty. K-9 officer Kye died after he was taking down a suspect in a police chase. His handler, sergeant Ryan Stark was not far behind and was preparing to call Kye off when he noticed...
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