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Morbidly Obese Dachshund Rescued From Hoarder Undergoes Amazing Transformation (PHOTOS)

When Brooke Burton first saw Dennis the Dachshund he could barely move. The dog was so morbidly obese that she thought he walked more like a slug than a dog. It was while Brooke was helping to clean the house of her hoarder great-uncle back in 2013 that she first saw Dennis. He was not a happy dog and could only take a few steps and then stop to rest. He weighed an astonishing 56...
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Loving Bernese Mountain Dog Welcomes Newborn Baby Home (PHOTOS)

Welcoming a newborn baby into the home is always a joyous occasion. And for many couples, because their dog is their first baby, they make sure to provide extra love and reassurance to their pet so that they will bond with their new little brothers or sisters! For John and Morgan Powell they knew their one-and-a-half year old Bernese Mountain dog would be the best big sister for their newly-arrived baby girl, Kylie. John told...
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Newest Articles

12 Dogs Who Think They Are Human

Dogs are people too! Need convincing? Take a look at these 12 dogs who think they're human! They like story time like the rest of the kids Source They go to school just like you do. Source They'll hang out at the bar after a ruff day. Source They'll keep you company while you wait. Source They know how to stand and get noticed in a crowd. Source They'll take over the couch (the pillow...
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Now Dogs are finally allowed in outdoor dining areas in New York

New York dog lovers rejoice! New York State Senate approved a bill to allow dogs into outdoor eating areas. The bill would allow dogs to enjoy brunch, lunch or dinner at the feet of their owners in patios and outdoor eating areas rather than tied up outside. The bill was passed unanimously with a 60 to 0 vote, according to the New York Times. Of course, there are a few conditions that would apply to...
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21 Hilarious Photos of Dogs that are Perfectly Timed

Although I have memory cards full of photos of my dog, not one is as perfectly timed as these! After looking through these 21 hilarious pictures, I'm inspired to keep on taking photos until one day I might take one of my dog that is as perfect as these!  
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19 Photos Of Unlikely Napping Companions

Napping is one of life's simple pleasures for humans and for animals. Put more than one pet in a room, and they'll often gravitate to each other for a nap! But I was totally surprised by these photos of napping companions! I would never have guessed some of these animals would get along so well that they sleep together! 1. Chicken and puppy 2. Dog and kitten and fox 3. Kitten and rat 4. Cat...
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Vietnam Veteran's solitary life changes for the better after he gets a tiny service dog

Mike Gervell has lived a solitary life since serving in the Vietnam War. The Anchorage man has kept to himself and lived alone until a tiny mutt recently came into his life. “My whole life I never needed nothing,” Mike recently told the Alaska Dispatch News in an interview. “Depended on myself pretty much.” But faced with many health problems and night terrors for years, Gervell wanted something to change. He always thought he might...
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18 Dogs and Their Celebrity Look Alikes

Ancient legends say we all have a doppleganger, someone that looks exactly like us but who is not a twin. But could your doppleganger actually be a dog? I know Hollywood celebrities often have impersonators, but these photos of them matched up with dogs are eerily similar and very, very funny! 1. Harrison Ford 2. Zac Ephron 3. Lady Gaga 4. Julia Roberts 5. Donald Trump 6. Tina Turner 7. Richard Branson 8. Snooki 9....
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Pet parent posts ad to Craiglist asking to borrow swimming pool for her awesome senior dog

Do you live in Los Angeles and have a pool you would be open to sharing with an awesome senior rescue dog? Waylon is a senior dog who has bad arthritis, which makes it it hard for him to get exercise. But when he swims he's pain-free. That's why his pet parent posted an ad to LA's Craigslist, asking to borrow a pool. She writes: "Awesome old dog needs to swim. Can I rent your...
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8 Adorable Bulldog Puppy Photos

Is there anything cuter than a bulldog puppy? They're wrinkly, pudgy and have a grin that wins the hearts of dog lovers everywhere! I loved every one of these 8 adorable photos!
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8 times dogs showed how awesomely compassionate they are (PHOTOS)

My dog always knows how to make me feel better when I'm feeling sad. Dogs are like that. They have an innate compassion for their family, whether they are human or animal and know when they have to be kind or give someone a hug or a helping hand. These 8 pictures are great examples of that!  
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28 Hilarious Dog Truths That Every Pet Parent Will Recognize (PHOTOS)

I don’t know how many times I’ve shared a story about my dog with a friend and had them tell me “my dog does that too”! That’s why these pictures are so funny. They share hilarious truths about dogs that every pet parent is sure to recognize!
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