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Community News

Man faces tragedy by fostering puppies with his rescue dog

Last year, Robert Banks shared his very personal story with DogHeirs about how his rescue dog Maybelle saved his life. At the time, he was addicted to drugs and thinking of taking his own life, but he turned his life around because Maybelle needed him and loved him and he loved her back.  Robert and Maybelle have been doing well since then and we were incredibly touched when we learned what they have recently done...
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Dog, cat and baby make adorable bedfellows (PHOTOS)

Bringing home a new baby into the family is always an event to remember. If you have pets, you will prepare them just as you would with other children. Ryan and his wife brought home baby Thea three months ago. And from the looks of things everyone is getting along famously! Ryan and his wife captured these adorable family portraits after their dog, cat and newborn baby joined mom on the bed. Pearl, a Great...
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Newest Articles

Golden Retrievers keep injured elderly owner alive for two days until help arrives (VIDEO)

Two Golden Retrievers saved Judy Muhe's life after she fell down in her kitchen and lost consciousness. The 76-year-old, who lives alone, sustained a broken shoulder and was in and out of consciousness for 2 days before help arrived. But Dodger and Higgins kept her warm and alive the entire time. Judy has Parkinson's disease and the cold can endanger her life. "The main thing was they let me know I was not alone," Judy...
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Leash frustration tips

When we rescued Ange she was so wild that we feared she may damage her throut with her leash. Here is a few tips that may make sense and contribute to a possible solution should you have a loving pet that can't be handeled by leash It may benefit you to start by making a general assessment of your little or big pet, boy or girl as to the reason why it is or has...
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Sheep dog takes care of unusual flock

Chip is a third-generation working farm dog who looks after more than 2000 animals. But his flock is not made up of the usual sheep or cattle. Instead he takes care of emus!  Photo: The Daily Telegraph The 8-year-old Kelpie looks after the birds and rounds them up for his Australian owner Jeff Long. Every morning and night Chip herds the emu chicks and rides with Jeff on a quad bike, guarding him from the...
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Short Stories Happyness,Fish kills Dog

Fish kills Dog Nolan took his winter gloves off, opened up the small fold-up camping chair and places it on the ground, facing Martha's gravestone. He wipes the snow from the top of her gravestone and replaces the flowers in the vase as he has been doing for the past five years, each Sunday without fail.  Once settled in on the little camping chair, he eventually finds the courage to speak. “Martha,” he began to...
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State Trooper saves Pit Bull puppy from traffic

A State Trooper came to the rescue of a Pit Bull puppy after the 2-month-old dog ran into a busy roadway in Somerville, Mssachusetts.  Trooper Brian Boike was on detail on Tuesday morning when he spotted the puppy named Bella run out into traffic. "Trooper Boike was able to corral the puppy and return her to her owner," wrote the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page. Thanks to Trooper Boike's quick thinking, Bella is alive and...
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Ailing elderly man reunited with his beloved dog at hospital

After they had exhausted all medical treatments, doctors for James Watham prescribed a non-traditional medicine for the ailing 73-year-old. Visits from his best friend - his dog Bubba - were in order. James has been hospitalized since September at Baptist Health Corbin. He had to leave his dog behind when he went to hospital. Bubba has been James' constant companion, after the senior was given the dog with one eye 5 years ago and he...
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Dog transforms the life of suicidal autistic boy and his family

Toby Turner's parents were at their wits end after he was kicked out of school for the third time. Suffering from autism, Toby would get overwhelmed in class and ended up kicking and hitting his teachers. The 8-year-old boy was so distraught at his own actions, he began to have suicidal thoughts. His mother, Vikky told the Mirror UK that he began to tell her she would have been better off if he had never...
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Scientific study shows why women may think of their dogs as their children

Calling our dogs our "fur kids" and ourselves "pet parents" may not be so far-fetched as some people may believe. Many people have a strong emotional attachment to their dogs. They often liken this bond to the same feeling they have towards their children. A recent scientific study reveals that women's brains respond in similar ways to dogs and children. The study conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital and recently published in PLOS ONE scanned the brains...
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Dallas Ebola patient's dog will be kept safe while she undergoes treatment

A few hours after a Dallas health care worker tested positive for Ebola, her home was being decontaminated, neighbors had received notifications and her dog was shepherded to an undisclosed location to be quarantined.  Unlike the dog named Excalibur in Spain, who was euthanized by authorities over ebola fears, the mayor of Dallas told USA TODAY that the dog of Nina Pham will be "kept safe for eventual reunion with its owner". "This was a new...
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Dog who was euthanized and came back to life the next day finds a foster family

If there's any dog that's lucky to be alive it's Lazarus. The 4-year-old dog was dropped at a shelter in Ozark, Arkansas, by his owners because they were moving, but they dropped him off with a badly damaged leg that had been injured after he was hit by a car. He also had a very bad case of heartworms. The shelter patched him up but last month they tried to euthanize him. Or so they...
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