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Dogs Looking Ridiculously Adorable With Goofy Toys

One of the joys of being a pet parent is spoiling your dog with toys. Every now and then it's fun to sneak in a toy that is designed to be fun for humans too. These pet toys are silly and more than a bit goofy, but we have a feeling these dogs don't really care. They're just ready to play!   "More cheese please, Gromit!" Source: Amazon   This Bulldog rocks the 'stache and...
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When She Met the Neighbor's Dog She Never Expected to Form Such an Unforgettable Friendship

Sometimes a new friend appears in your life when you least expect it, but when you need one most. M.C. Busbin was fortunate enough to meet such a friend when she saw a neighborhood dog named Lucky one day. She shared with DogHeirs her wonderful story of a special dog who made a deep impression on her heart!  ---- "About four or so years ago, I started working at a job taking care of an...
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Newest Articles

15 Funny Pets Losing The Battle With Furniture

The saying goes, "If I fits, I sits". Cats and dogs will always try and find a way to make themselves comfortable on human furniture...or not. In the case of these 15 pets, their efforts are hilarious and cute! 1. Source 2. Source 3. Source 4. Source 5. Source 6. Source 7. Source 8.  Source 9. Source 10. Source 11. Source 12. Source 13. Source 14. Source 15. Source
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Kind-hearted doorman gets Labrador puppy for sick boy staying at hotel (VIDEO)

Two endearing black Labradors named Catie and Carly Copley regularly greet guests visiting the Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston, MA. When 12-year-old Brandon Leach and his family came to stay, longtime doorman Michael Eades noticed the young guest got extra close to the dogs. The boy was living at the hotel for several months while being treated at a local hospital for mitochondrial disease, a disease which prevents the body’s cells from working properly. Eades...
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What does it mean to, "Live Like Roo"?

  (photo courtesy of Josh Feeney Photography)   “Don’t let the weeds smother out the flowers.”~unknown   In Chicago's northwest suburbs there lives a Pit Bull/Mastiff All-American dog by the name of Roosevelt who with the help of his foster mom, Kelly Michael and rescue advocate, Sarah Lauch, plus volunteers from the animal welfare community, he is not letting the weeds smother out the flowers.  On the day Roosevelt was rescued from Chicago Animal Care...
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18 Of The Cutest Reasons Why You Want To Bring Your Dog To Work

For some lucky people every day is "take your dog to work" day. In North America alone, around 1.4 million owners take 2.3 million dogs to work! But for those that don't, there's an official day - "National Take Your Dog To Work Day" - to help celebrate pets in the workplace. If you haven't thought about it before, these photos may just change your mind.   1. They're really helpful around the office Source...
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18 Hilarious Times When Pets Swore It Wasn't What It Looked Like

Ever get caught red-handed by your parents doing something you shouldn't have? These pets have. If only they hadn't been caught in the act.   1. "We were having a friendly discussion, honest." Source 2. "I was just checking that the bowl was clean." Source 3. "I thought the spa day was my gift." Source 4. "Just making sure you froze that fresh catch properly." Source 5. That time you caught him pickpocketing your purse......
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Animal Control Officer pays for burned puppy's care after family's story pulled on her heartstrings

A North Carolina animal control officer became a family’s guardian angel when she paid the vet bills for a small dog who was badly burned by a man who set her on fire. Cocoa is a 7-month-old Chihuhua-terrier mix and the puppy of Dominique Daniel Clark. Dominique says she had been receiving angry text messages from her ex-boyfriend James Franklin Quick. She had let Cocoa out to run around her yard and later heard her...
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15 adorable dogs cozily sleeping in their humans' beds

There's nothing cuter than when a dog takes a nap, except when they take a nap on their human's bed! I love how these dogs' humans photographed of their fur kids tucked cozily under the covers. They look so peaceful and adorable while they sleep!   1. Source 2. Source 3. Source 4. Source 5. Source 6. Source 7. Source 8.  Source 9. Source 10. Source 11. Source 12. Source 13. Source 14. Source 15....
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14 Naughty Dogs Who Love Their Dads And Dad's Stuff

These photos are hilarious! Dogs love their dads. It's not like they mean to eat their dad's food or destroy his stuff or embarrass him... It's just that sometimes even the most loving fur kids get up to mischief.    1. Source 2. Source 3. Source 4. Source 5. Source 6. Source 7. Source 8.  Source 9. 10. Source 11. 12. Source 13. Source 14. Source  
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Three rescued Pit Bulls save family from devastating fire (VIDEO)

Three rescued Pit Bulls paid it forward when they saved their family from a fire just in the nick of time. The Pruchnicki family said their dogs alerted them to the fire and got them out just minutes before the entire house went up in flames. Two of the Pitties were saved from a dog fighting raid as puppies. The dogs woke the family up in their Farnham, New York home at 3:30 am in...
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What Does A Veterinary Technician REALLY Do! (and not the rosy stuff you read online!)

Every family gathering or even when hanging out with friends, I get asked... "How is it working with animals all day. You must love it!" or some variation of this question. The short answer is "I do, I love it". And there is no question about that. Working as a veterinary technician for 10+ years is a clear sign you must love something about your job besides the pay. Heck, I know dog walkers that...
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