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Dogs Looking Ridiculously Adorable With Goofy Toys

One of the joys of being a pet parent is spoiling your dog with toys. Every now and then it's fun to sneak in a toy that is designed to be fun for humans too. These pet toys are silly and more than a bit goofy, but we have a feeling these dogs don't really care. They're just ready to play!   "More cheese please, Gromit!" Source: Amazon   This Bulldog rocks the 'stache and...
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When She Met the Neighbor's Dog She Never Expected to Form Such an Unforgettable Friendship

Sometimes a new friend appears in your life when you least expect it, but when you need one most. M.C. Busbin was fortunate enough to meet such a friend when she saw a neighborhood dog named Lucky one day. She shared with DogHeirs her wonderful story of a special dog who made a deep impression on her heart!  ---- "About four or so years ago, I started working at a job taking care of an...
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Newest Articles

10 Loyal Dogs Who Are Always By Their Human's Side

Dogs are our best friends. They’ll snuggle us when we’re sad, they’ll play with us when we’re happy and they never want to let us out of their sight. It doesn’t matter if you’re sleeping, cooking or in the bathroom…they want to be by your side. 1. A protective paw on your shoulder. 2. The look of love! 3. "I just want to hold your hand." 4. They’re with you for every special occasion. “My...
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Firemen take off their shirts to help rescue puppies and shelter pets

Everyday, firefighters help rescue people and pets in countries around the world. And many firefighters also donate their time to help raise funds for charities, including  animal rescues. That's what this group of firefighters in Australia are doing by stripping off their clothes and being photographed for the annual Firefighter’s Calendar Australia! This year, the handsome hunks were joined by some furry and adorably photogenic rescue puppies! That’s because the proceeds for the upcoming 2017...
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20 Funny Dog Memes That Will Have You In Stitches

There’s just something about dog memes that make me laugh so much more than other memes. Maybe it’s because they mirror what life is like with a dog - they always make me smile.  Check out these 20 memes that are sure to tickle the funny bone! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. \ 18. 19. 20.
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"World's Oldest Dog" thought to be 30 years old has passed away

Maggie the Australian Kelpie just might have been the world's oldest dog. Thought to be 30 years old, the dog died peacefully in her sleep. Her owner, Brian McLaren, said he believed Maggie was 30 years old (200 years in dog years), but hadn't been able to prove her age because he lost her original paperwork years ago. But he remembers getting Maggie when she was 8-weeks old and his youngest son, Liam, was 4....
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16 Bulldog Puppies that are the Definition of Cuteness

Those bellies, those wrinkles, the cuteness! There's something about Bulldog puppies that just makes you want to tickle their belly buttons and squeeze them close!  Check out these 16 adorable hunky, chunky pups! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.    
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17 Unique Mutts Who Are Lovable No Matter What

Whether you call them a mixed breed, mutt or mongrel, dogs of two breeds are lovable no matter what. Here are 17 unusual mixes who probably turn heads wherever they go! As adorable as these dogs are, please help support your local spay and neuter programs and remember that you will find many unusual and lovable mixes like these ones at shelters and rescues! 1. "Pitsky" (Pit Bull and Husky) 2. "Cocker Pei" (Cocker Spaniel and...
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12 funny dogs who have gotten themselves stuck in a tight spot

These poor dogs were a little too curious and ended up getting themselves in a bit of a pickle. Hurry up human, they need help getting unstuck! 1. Traffic jam at the door. 2. The car seats. 3. The Easter Egg basket. Don't ask. 4. Dad's jacket. "I could have sworn there was a treat in here." 5. The potted plant holder. 6. The secret cat door to the bathroom? 7. The fence. 8. The...
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Washington State has its first food truck for dogs (VIDEO)

Food trucks are everywhere these days! It seems there are mobile cafes catering to almost everyone's tastes and now Seattle has one that caters to dogs! From duck necks and chicken feet to peanut butter pumpkin pretzels, the Seattle Barkery food truck has a menu of homemade, delicious items for dogs. Owners Ben and Dawn Ford came up with the idea when they began baking homemade dog treats for their pets after being alarmed by...
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10 Adorable Puppies Who Don't Know How Big They Are...Yet

They say good things come in small packages but sometimes they come in big ones too! I know that no dog lover would be able to resist these adorable, big puppies if they saw them. Check out these 10 puppies who won't be small for long! 1. This St. Bernard will grow into his flask eventually!   2. Just give me a few weeks and we'll be eye to eye.   3. This Newfie just...
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20 Puppies That Are Ridiculously Cute

National Puppy Day comes one day a year (March 22), but really, isn't every day a day to celebrate puppies?  Check out these 20 adorable balls of fur and cuteness! 1. Everyone is always curious when a new puppy arrives in the neighborhood. 2.  3. Check out that adorable belly button! 4. Yum! 5. First day at school. 6. Puppy pile! 7.  8. 9.  10. 11. 12.  13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
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