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wanting a dog

Icon_missing_thumb By cathy mazzeo | November 19, 2012 | Answers (8)

looking for a dog for my grandsons ages 10 and 8

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For me its always a bully breed - staffordshire terrier but people have the stigma - One of the main concerns you should be considering is what is "your" life style how much time you can dedicate to your adoption every different breed has different genetic predispositions collies being keen but very hyper needing to be kept active and wanting to please - some negative things I've heard from their guardians children playing with roller blades and such they try to herd and nip at the heel, I had a german short haired pointer would take an hour to creep up on a bird where as my pits run full speed... grey hounds for instance are as I'm told big couch potatoes which surprised me wanting a couple short walks and that was fine... research each breed and decide based on lifestyle and consider that time and living arrangements may change think in a decade where will you be not what today actually looks like...and lastly consider a senior a dog that already is set in its behavior, my seniors were so thankful for being saved... bullies are the most loyal though :) happy adopting
If you're still looking, a Labradoodle. I got a labradoodle when I was in the 3rd grade and she stayed with me until a couple of years ago. They don't get fleas, and they're hypo-allergenic. Very smart. My dog didn't need any formal training but all dogs are different. Their coats can be very high-maintenance, but if you keep up with regular brushing and bathing, it's not a problem. I have two pictures of my Lillie if you would like to check them out. Another thing, their life span is about 12-18 years. Lillie lived up to 14 and she had heartworms from the time we got her at 3 months old. They form very special bonds. Labradoodles are the way to go.
i have a male and fenale cristmas yorkie puppies available for adoption to a loving and caring home.any one ineterested in getting any of this babies should contact me via email at(lilianajones99@yahoo.com) or text me at 7325234280
I have had Bull Mastiff's since my boys were 7 and 4 and then I was pregnant with the third one a girl. We got our first bully (Peanut) from a rescue and she was the best dog ever. She had been a mother before so she was mellow. She used to walk outside before me when I would go outside to make sure that there was no bad things running around to hurt me. Then when the baby came,I left her in the room when she was napping and the door to the room in the backyard opened from the wind, she (peanut) had laid on the floor in front of bed where the baby was sleeping until my husband and I realized what happened. Then we got Peanut a companion which we purchased from a reputable breeder AKC. Rocco joined our family and he was instantly a hit. He is sweet and mild mannered. He is great with all the kids he comes in contact with. My daughter has rode him like a horse, he wrestles with the boys and he is a joy. All of the dogs are great, my Peanut girl was 12 and we put her to sleep as she fell ill, and she had lived well beyond the expected life span of 8-9 years. We miss her, but Rocco is still a great dog and I recommend the breed to anyone that is looking for a mellow dog that is not so high strung but more of a lover and a guard dog, they are the best ever...
they have a lot of land and yesthey are very dog understanding
Hi Cathy, Is the family a experienced dog owner home, border collies generally are very high energy and need a lot of exercise, and being one of, if not the smartest dogs out there, so obedience training is not an option, it is a MUST. That said, they are fantastic dogs as I've a couple of friends that have them. Hopefully your family has lots of land and are very active, if not they may find Fido destructive due to boredom. Check out Petfinder as a Boarder collie cross would be a great dog to consider. Cheers, Dee
Cathy, What type of dog, do you want a big dog or med or small. You can look to Petfinder.com and surf through the thousands of dogs. There are many types of dogs there which are amazing. You can look to selecting an older dog or even a puppy. A great thing about an older dog is that there isn't any worry with toilet training. The majority of the dogs there are amazing and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them except they need a home. Remember Mum will be taking care of the dog so it's a good plan to involve them in the decision. good luck. Dee
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