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About Dachi

Name: Dachi
Breed: Mixed Breed
Color: Dapple
Sex: M
Date Of Birth: 2006-04-15

Dachi is a Dachshund-Chihuahua mix & has been a Therapy dog since December 2007.

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Weight 23.3 lb
Height 11.0

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Registration Information

Microchip number: 098327541
Tattoo number:

Tag Number: 4T-16910
Licensed in Municipality/City of: Lindenhurst, IL (Lake County)
Expiry Date:

Kennel Club: AKC Canine Partner
Registered Name: KCs Sweet Dachi Kisses
Registration Number: MA05974001
Additional information:

CGC; TDIA; TDX (AKC Therapy Dog)

Eats Hills Prescription i/d kibble (1/3 cup x 2); add a small spoonful of yogurt with breakfast and mix some veggies in with evening kibble. Rabies vaccine 7/11/14 (expires 7/11/17)


Type Item Brand Notes
Food Kibble Hills Prescription i/d Switched to Hills i/d kibble (fall '13) when treating for colitis. Vet approves continued feeding of i/d (July '14).
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Test Type Date Of Examination Symptoms Diagnosis/Condition
Eye screening 2014-05-09 N/A Lenticular Schlerosis (age related); Punctate posterior cataracts in both eyes (probably since birth & unlikely to progress).
Echocardiogram 2012-10-15 Vet suggested recheck w/cardiologist Innocent heart murmur.
Surgical consult 2009-08-19 Severely bowed front legs. Limp. Radius curvus. Wedge ostomy of radius + ulnectomy performed on 2/10/2010
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Comments About Dachi

Hello! Dachi! My German Shepherd Chloe, & I, would love to congratulate you on being Doganthtopist of the day. We hope you are having a fun-filled day, & that you will get some extra treats. You are such a handsome, & special boy! Also, we hope you had a Happy Birthday, last month.
Hi Kathie, I am glad you have such a wonderful relationship with your dogs and take it to the next level by comforting others with the love you and the dogs share.
Clicked for you sweet Dachi!

Hi KC. Long time since i circled back to you and asked is Gizmo now certified? (how long does the certification process take (is it dog dependent?) Hope you, Dachi and Gizmo are well.

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