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My Details

Name: Mindi
About Me: I'm an animal lover,particular of furry babies,sorry dear snake/bug people! =) I'm a type 2 diabetic,with peripheral neuropathy in my feet,so I have earned the nickname Hop a Long from my son.I have a pretty good sense of humor,I have the most wonderful boyfriend ever,who gave me the gift of my beloved Shadow almost a year ago.I am also mom to 2 guinea pigs,Snickers and Twix. Over my lifetime,I've had a zoo-ferrets,fish,birds,and last year,a cornsnake,who,unfortunately passed away after3-4 years with me.Never saw myself loving a snake,but I did adore my Sora.(I inherited him from my son,hence the name Sora) Since I dont get around well,I try to advocate for as many pets as possible.I'd rather bring em all home,but sadly,cant.My son is grown,so my Furbs are my kids,and they are spoiled! Well I reckon thats bout it...I'm just your basic animal lover! <3

My Dogs

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My Comments

Welcome to you and your pack, Mindi! :-)
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