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Love & Devotion for a Missing Pet

307370_218808544923738_241869517_n_thumb By Jenni | April 21, 2013 | Comments (0)


Jackie Vestal Shows Loyality & Devotion in Search for Maddox in Oklahoma City

Missing since Christmas Eve, Jackie has taken a leave of absence from her job in California to search day & night for Maddox; her 12lb male Miniature Pinscher. "Maddox was there when my mom died; he wouldn't have left me. I won't leave without him."



PRLog (Press Release) - Mar. 4, 2013 - Jackie's determination and hope has inspired over 1500 Facebook fans who are sharing her story and trying to keep the word out for others to see. Many more volunteers have come together to put up fliers and start ebay auctions on behalf of Maddox to help Jackie continue her search. 

"True love is seen in Jackie's attempt to find Maddox," said Jenni Southern, volunteer. "Some people don't understand her dedication, but I can tell you first hand this is a true love story and what love is all about. She will fight to find her missing Maddox and I want to help her find him."

Maddox is 12lbs, black & tan, with a cropped ears & docked tail. When he went missing he was wearing a Thunder collar with his tags. If anyone has seen him or has any information, please contact (323) 217-9337 or (405) 615-3279. 

To continue to follow the story, go tohttp://www.bringmaddoxhome.com or Like Maddox Miniature Pinscher Lost in OKC on Facebook.

Donations are also being accepted. See http:/www.bringmaddoxhome.com



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