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Dachshund Experts

Dachshund miniature long-haired exclusivly. We breed for conformation, temperement and genetic. Healty and happy family environement. No cage...
Renee Chastain
  • From Little Rock
  • Guardian of: 2 dogs
Wife, mom, Pit Bull advocate, movie lover, scatterbrain. Blog: www.theLazyPitBull.com Facebook: www.Facebook.com/lazypitbull Twitter: www.Twitter.com/thelazypitbull
Chapa Long Dog

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Toby Joe

Standard size; a few white hairs in his muzzle; feisty little lover.
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Dachshund x Jack Russell cross. Funny little eyebrows, a squiggle on his chest and a hopping little run. Runs fast and is reluctant to answer when called.
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