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Cairn Terrier Experts

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shes a cockerspaniel/dachshund/chihuahua. She is VERY vocal with a VERY high pitched voice. Shes fun, spoiled, and head od household, so she thinks
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Beautiful, funny, smelly, grumpy, pampered stubborn little bugger
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Rufus was a stray and ended up at a shelter. I adopted him from the rescue group who brought him to Canada. He's a terrier mix of some sort. My guess is Cairn Terrier and Chihuahua, but who knows.
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Rosie is a Cairn Terrier Mix. She is a very sweet & gentle soul. She is very playful, loving to chase her toys around the house. A shadow when walking around outside. Sort of a "Toto" type dog, always offering her paw to gently say "Hi".
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He's the best adventure dog we could hope for! The happiest, friendliest dog around. Occasionally confused with a Wombat from a distance
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