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Labrador Lane- Labrador Breeder, pet matching and locateing service useing country wide network of shelters, post animals who...
Sarah Mensen
I am a private piano teacher that loves music, children and animals, not necessarily in that order. I...
I have three very sweet dogs. They are my babies. They love each other and can't stand being...
I own Best Behavior Barkery and we provide premium pet food, supplements, pet care products, pet safe supplies...

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80lb, fit, tiny black spot on top of head, very friendly, hyper
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Mack is a Lab/Great Dane mix. He is big and goofy. When he walks it sounds like he has slippers on. He loves to snuggle and give kisses.
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very pale but not quite white. Has a skin tag just above his r ear, feels like a tick-but it isn't. Sweet, sweet sweet! Has a minor seizure disorder. Hates the water, won't swim. Not interested in fetching. Hates loud noises.
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