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Labrador Lane- Labrador Breeder, pet matching and locateing service useing country wide network of shelters, post animals who...
Sarah Mensen
I am a private piano teacher that loves music, children and animals, not necessarily in that order. I...
I have three very sweet dogs. They are my babies. They love each other and can't stand being...
I own Best Behavior Barkery and we provide premium pet food, supplements, pet care products, pet safe supplies...

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We've had her 1 1/2 years now. She was ditched after her previous family split from divorce. A reactive dog. Was good with other dogs till the neighbors dog got in out yard and attacked her. So taking in Jake was a rough adjustment for everyone. Eats small animals. She was trained for hunting till her gun shyness was found out so working to redirect her prey drive is hard. Also deathly afraid of garage...
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D.O.G. is a lab/border collie mix
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Poppy Pop Pop

Lady Pop Pop with her popping bottom is a slightly chubby short legged delicious labby who would be Barbie if she were human.
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