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Labrador Retriever Experts

Emily J. Marino
I have worked with animals most of my life. I have worked in the Veterinary field as a...
Gillian Dunn
  • From Vancouver
  • Guardian of: 1 dog
Proud owner of a 5-year-old black lab named Lucie. My second word as a child was "goggie" (I...
Hi, I am an animal advocate and life long animal lover, who is currently owned and managed by...
Paws for Hope Animal Foundation is a non-profit society in Vancouver, British Columbia. Paws for Hope was established...

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We've had her 1 1/2 years now. She was ditched after her previous family split from divorce. A reactive dog. Was good with other dogs till the neighbors dog got in out yard and attacked her. So taking in Jake was a rough adjustment for everyone. Eats small animals. She was trained for hunting till her gun shyness was found out so working to redirect her prey drive is hard. Also deathly afraid of garage...
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D.O.G. is a lab/border collie mix
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Poppy Pop Pop

Lady Pop Pop with her popping bottom is a slightly chubby short legged delicious labby who would be Barbie if she were human.
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