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Mixed Breed Experts

My Name is Wilfred van Schuppen, I am a Dutch citizen and together with my wife we own...
I am a dog trainer and behaviourist living and working in Sweden.
Bark Busters Brad
Animals have always played a major role in my life. From an early age, I have enjoyed being...
I own Pawsome Pet Sitting and have been a pet sitter for over 18 years.
  • From Mansfield
  • Guardian of: 1 dog
Cefni German Shepherd Rescue www.rescuegermanshepherd.com

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Autumn Chai

Chocolate and white-footed mini teddy bear Schnoodle
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She's amazing and adorable! The sweetest most politest dog I've ever met
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Speck is a mixed breed and appears to have some kind of hound in him. He's very shy everywhere except his own yard, where he is the nemesis of all squirrels entering his domain. He loves snacks!! He would be difficult to catch because of his shyness.
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German shepherd mix, spayed, starting to gray on her muzzle, very sweet, can be fearful and shy with anyone she doesn't know - especially women. She's afraid of brooms and mops. She is a rescue and we think woman may have hit her with brooms. She's very very sweet and loves snacks.
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