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Mixed Breed Experts

Emily J. Marino
I have worked with animals most of my life. I have worked in the Veterinary field as a...
Janet McStay
  • From Poughkeepsie
  • Guardian of: 3 dogs
I am a single mom of two girls, 3 pups and a kitty. I am a crossposter on...
  • From Myrtle Beach
  • Guardian of: 5 dogs
Love my dogs, they are not my pets they are family. I love the outdoors, the beach especially....
Cathy Conners
  • From Kingston
  • Guardian of: 1 dog
  • From Birmingham
  • Guardian of: 3 dogs
To put it simply, I love dogs!!! I was lucky enough to land my dream job & I...

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Buster is a English mastive cross Rottweiler otherwise now known as a hybrid breed the MASWILER. Woow all the maswiler I have looked up act and look almost exactly the same as my Buster he is highly intelligent extremely loyal n very weird.
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Patches is a Keeshond/black lab mix. He was one of those experimental breeds that didn't become popular. He is a great size, especially for people living in a rental. He's about the size of a Keeshond with shiny black top coat like a lab, with a thicker gray undercoat like a Keeshond. His face is similar to a lab, but he has a curly tail. He has a great personality, is a real clown at...
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My name is bongo, and I am a five year old(2014) Rottweiler, German shepherd, border collie mix. I love to play with my ball and I love to cuddle! I will whine at my mommy if she's not cuddling me :)
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We don't know his date of birth but he is 3! He's a whippet x greyhound. Harry was clearly abused, he hates things moving too fast towards him and thinks you are going to hot him or shout at him. He hates being trapped in places and when he thinks he's done something wrong he goes as low as possible and sometimes he even hides under things. But we've had him 10nonths now and we...
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Rottweiler/ Golden Retriever mix. 70 lbs. Black with brown brindling everywhere a normal black/tan combo would be. Small white spot on chest and white hairs on chin.
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