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Mixed Breed Experts

Bark Busters Brad
Animals have always played a major role in my life. From an early age, I have enjoyed being...
Hi All, My name is Rachel and I am a Certified Dog Obedience Trainer. Ironically, I have always...
Don Barbee
  • From Tulsa
  • Guardian of: 3 dogs
I am Vice President of Chouteau Pound Pals. A dog rescue group in Chouteau, Oklahoma.
I am the owner of Pet Passages in Lee, NH. We serve the Seacoast area with it's first...
I am co-owner and founder of Doggy Hydeaway in Valley Center CA. We are a behavior rehabilitation/socialization facility...

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Karlees mom was a yellow lab and her dad is a German shepherd. She's a beautiful dog. My next door neighbors had her litter in a garage sale for $10 each. It was February and very cold and I kept hearing yelps outside while I was trying to sleep. They had the puppy's outside in an open crate with no protection on them. I took several blankets out and pulled the crate to my porch...
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She is white medium height weighs 59 pounds , has one toe missing on her right back toe !
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She is our only female dog and she is the littlest one too. Don't let that fool you, she packs a punch. She's as fast as the wind and sharp like a knife. She makes us laugh when she rolls on all her toys. She's a true daddy's girl.
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