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Mixed Breed Experts

Dr. Michael Charach
In 1994 Dr. Mike Charach became the first Board Certified Animal Dermatologist in Western Canada and thus becoming...
  • From East Riding of Yorkshire
  • Guardian of: 6 dogs
Anne Savage Photography
  • From Ann Arbor
  • Guardian of: 1 dog
I am a Professional Photographer and I can't get enough of dogsā€¦ and photographing them. If your in...
Debra Jessup

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Speck is a mixed breed and appears to have some kind of hound in him. He's very shy everywhere except his own yard, where he is the nemesis of all squirrels entering his domain. He loves snacks!! He would be difficult to catch because of his shyness.
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German shepherd mix, spayed, starting to gray on her muzzle, very sweet, can be fearful and shy with anyone she doesn't know - especially women. She's afraid of brooms and mops. She is a rescue and we think woman may have hit her with brooms. She's very very sweet and loves snacks.
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Scampy Squirrel

Scamp comes from a long line of mixed breeds, the vet is unable to identify what he is. there may be terrier there somewhere. He has a long body with random sprouts of hair that have a life of their own, he has short legs with feet that point outwards, and my favourite of all, he has fuzzy knees. He doesnt like being trodden on by the others that tower over him so he occasionally...
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Honey Bunny Butterfly Rosebud

Honey Bunny is a labrador whippet cross (we think) who was rescued one fine summer afternoon after being 'homeless' for a whole ten minutes. Her time 'in the wild' left her traumatised and in constant need of cuddles from her daddy who she has firmly wrapped around her finger. If she were another animal she would be a unicorn
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