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Mixed Breed Experts

  • From East Riding of Yorkshire
  • Guardian of: 6 dogs
Cindy Kinney
I help rescue/foster/adopt animals via Facebook.
Miranda Murdock
Serving the Shreveport, LA and Waskom, TX areas
I live in Central Illinois and have recently started a dog walking/pet sitting business, McPaws Pet Services. I...
I am a "private" dog trainer, specializing in one-on-one training for busy people. I train YOU to train...

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Toni is a black spaniel/pomeranian mix. She is about 12 lbs and has a little white on her chin. She is about 6 years old.
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A very bouncy, rescue. His owner left him without water and food for an undetermined time before posting him free to craiglist. He was supper skinny and took a few weeks before I could trust him with more than 16 oz of water without puking it up. He put on 8 lbs the first week with us and 4 inches to his collar length in 1 month. 3 months with us and he no longer...
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I saved Bisou from the streets of Thailand. She used to be a pet, as she is used to humans and loves attention and cuddling. Sadly, she was dumped and was suffering from a terrible infection in her uterus. Currently she is fostered in Thailand, by the women who helped me to import my Thai dog. However, she ownes 15 dogs herself, and promised to help me get Bisou of the streets if I would...
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I found Maaki on koh pangan (Thailand), when she was around 6 weeks. She was all alone, sick, and needed help. I tool her to the vet next day, but besides given medicine and vitamine there was nothing he could do. Therefore, we travelled together through Thailand in order to find a loving home for her. Which we didn't found. Now Maaki lives with my sister and me in Holland.
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Possibly Pekinese/Papillon mix
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