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Dog Dumped on the Street After Being Used for Breeding Puppies is Rescued

The yellow Labrador was cast aside when she could no longer produce puppies.

Perla breeding dog rescued off streets

Perla was sleeping on the sidewalk when Hope For Paws arrived to save her. The yellow Labrador Retriever had been dumped on the streets of Los Angeles and was scared and all alone. From her physical condition, the rescuers could tell she had been used for breeding and then cast aside when she could no longer make her owners money.

It’s not clear how long she’d been living on the streets, but with her dirty fur and sad expression, Perla had not been happy for a while.

She finally showed some signs of hope when she wagged eyer tail shortly after she was brought to hospital.

Not long after that, the kind folks at Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue found her a loving home. And wait until you see her beautiful shiny coat and happy smile with her adopted family. It will make you wonder how anyone could have discarded such a treasure.

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