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About Deuce

Name: Deuce
Breed: Mixed Breed
Color: grey/white
Sex: M
Date Of Birth: 2011-02-07
Description: I am a mix breed luv bug. My vet say's I'm Great Dane/pittie my mom thinks I'm American Bulldog/Pittie, and some say I have mastiff. The reality is i am most likely several different breeds. I am very friendly and LOOOVE other dogs of all sizes. If for some crazy reason you see me out on the street alone please pick me up and call my mom, I know she will be worried sick and not rest until I'm found. I HATE fireworks and will panic, just lead me to the inside of a car or house, I don't want to be outside and will run. Please grab me I'm very scared. thank you
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Weight 72.0 lb

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Type Item Reaction Treatment
Food not sure We have him on limited ingredient foods specific food.
Environment not positive He has to have his paws shampooed every other day with special medicated shampoo then a special medicated lotion has to be applied . If not he will get very large cyst on his feet and in between his toes on top and bottom. antibiotics/and another medication
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