Three Border Collies are Helping to Bring Burnt Forest Back to Life

They can cover so much more land than humans.

A group of Border Collies are putting their high energy and drive to work to helping the planet. When wildfires in central Chile destroyed over a million acres of forest land last year, the ecosystem was in desperate need of reforestation.

That’s where dogs Das, Olivia and Summer come in.

The dogs have been trained to run through the forests with special saddle bags that release plant seeds native to the terrain.

They are able to cover a lot more land than humans can. Whereas people might cover 3 kilometers a day (1.86 miles), the dogs can cover 30 to 40 km (18.6 miles plus).

The dogs have a lot of fun doing it too.

The trio’s efforts are also paying off and their owner, Francisca Torres, says they are seeing flora and fauna coming back to the burned forest.

And below is a short video of one of their excursions.

How amazing is it that these dogs are helping bring the forest back to life while having fun at the same time?

What do you think?

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