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Name: Rob N.
About Me: Eldad Hagar is my idol. If I could quit my job and be more like him I would in a heartbeat!! I love all animals, especially dogs. I'm particularly fond of a couple of misunderstood, so-called bully breeds - Pitts and Rotties. REMEMBER: SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR PET!!!

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Since dogs can't speak for themselves, I felt compelled to leave this note on a neighbors door.

Hello, I am a concerned neighbor who lives near you. I often drive by your house and cannot help but notice your dog chained in your back yard. Your dog's chain is often times wrapped around the pole of the clothes line, leaving it only a couple of feet to move. This breaks my heart! Dogs are not meant to be chained up and want nothing more that to be loved and live with their...
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Puppy left for coyotes gets furever home!!

I was fishing with a buddy at Hesperia Lakes when an employee comes walking up with this super cute puppy. We both commented on how cute she was and the guys says "is she yours?". I asked if he was kidding to which he responded "unfortunately, people dump dogs off here all the time." Hearing him say that made me so angry! At this point the puppy comes over to the chair I was sitting...
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Rob N.


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