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My Details

Name: Denise Santoro
About Me:

I'm an animal lover and work with a Rottweiler rescue in PA. I have one Rottie named Chloe who is a senior. I network urgent shelter animals via the internet and try to find the rescues/homes.

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My Comments

Great to see you here, Denise! Check out the Groups page for our new Canine Cancer Community group! We can't wait to learn more about you, your dogs and your passion for Rottie rescue.

Thank you! I try to help any dog that I can. So many of then fall through the cracks in some of the horrible shelters that are out there. I've accumulated a lot of contacts and I gets postings with the dogs on them and pass them around to whoever I think can help. The rescue I help has saved a lot of Rotties young and old. I love the Rotties! My senior girkl Chloe is in my picture here! I rescued her from a NYC shelter after my girl Sheba passed away in Augunst.

I have to say that there is no more honorable thing than to rescue animals and on my fifth, no more honorable breed than the rottie!

I try. Between our rescue and others we manage to save wuite a few dogs. Although so many still slip through the cracks. It's a shame when that happens. People need to spay and neuter their aniamls so  there aren't so many ending up in shelters.

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Denise Santoro


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