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Kenny - A Paralyzed Doberman Learns To Walk Again

Anniearnold1_small_thumb By Annie Hart | November 06, 2013 | Comments (4)


Kenny is a Doberman-Pincher.  A sweet natured dog with a nack for kissing those he cares for at oportune moments.  He is loving and sweet without much in the way of aggressive tendancies, which most animal lovers would celebrate.

Kenny's original owners, however, did not think Kenny was aggressive enough - so they dropped him at the shelter, where his story might have ended.  But it didn't.

For the crime of being too good natured Kenny was left at the shelter for a staggering THREE YEARS.  Finally a rescue took him in and that should have been his happy ending - but his tale took a tragic turn.  A gate was dropped on Kenny and his back was terribly injured.  Vets advised he should be euthanized and again, his story most likely was about to end.  But it didn't.

Two Hands Four Paws heard about Kenny and had faith that they could make him whole again, so they rescued him and put together a plan. A plan that included massive surgery and months of rehab.

About this time I met Kenny.  Perhaps from my own physical maladies I felt a connection to him.  I too know what it is like to be trapped in a body that - at times - will not allow you to live life the way you might wish.  Kenny was trapped in a body that would not let him live at all.  So I posted on FB asking our "village" to help donate to his care (for surgeries, MRI and pneumonia- yes pneumonia too! - The cost was substantial) Overnight the Bill Foundation Village raised over $6k for Kenny.

Fundraising and surgery were the easy part though. The team at Two Hands Four Paws rehabbed Kenny for THREE HOURS each day for almost 6 months. That is over 500 hours of rehab.  With the odds stacked against him it is realistic to say he should never have walked again.

But he did.  And it was nothing short of a miracle. 

Watch the video below and share it far and wide. Miracles like this need to be seen. And celebrated.

Please Visit Bill Foundation to apply to adopt Kenny or to donate to help us continue saving dogs in need.

and visit Two Hands Four Paws to read more about Kenny's story.


Annie Hart 

MOBILE and TABLET USERS- Click HERE to watch the video on VIMEO 

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Comments on this Article

Lovely story...such a shame his tail was docked, can't see how happy he is now.
Thank you everybody for helping Kenny! Bless you more.
WTG Kenny!!!! Thank You to all who helped in his care!!!
Beautiful! Heartwarming, and inspiring. What a superb group of dedicated and talented professionals who's skill has undoubtedly given many dogs back their lives. None of it would have been possible for Kenny without the efforts of the Bill Foundation. Thank you for allowing us to witness that beautiful transformation. Kenny your beautiful just the way you are, and I'm so glad that you have been given another chance at life.
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