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Dogs Teach Us The Power of Forgiveness.

Anniearnold1_small_thumb By Annie Hart | September 12, 2013 | Comments (17)


To have lived is to have scars, both emotional and physical.

As humans, we often use these scars to protect ourselves from further pain and shield us from the unknown.  However, by allowing our scars to define us, we are held back, deprived of the ability to truly be happy.

But what if we didn’t allow our to wounds paralyze us? What if we looked at our past hurts as stepping stones and as encouragement to seek out a better life? Rather than allowing our hearts to be filled with hurt or hate, what if we chose to forgive?

When Eldad Hagar found Cadence, it was clear that she had been abused for most of her life; as her body was riddled with wounds and scars in different stages of healing. Many of us would look at what Cadence had been through and when imagining ourselves in her place, we can’t fathom ever getting over the horrors of her past.

But unlike most humans, Cadence allowed herself to be vulnerable. She recognized the comforting touch from a stranger and without hesitation, she took a chance that this stranger would bring her the love and happiness that she had never felt before. It is because she opened her heart to the unknown and let go of her past that Cadence is now living a life full of joy and love.

As rescuers, we see this time and time again: Dogs who have been abused, abandoned, or forgotten and seem broken in every way- trust the hand of rescuer, thus rising up from the ashes, learning to love again. 

Why is it easier for our canine friends to forgive and why do believe that we can’t? Well… Maybe it is that these dog rescue stories give us hope that we will know how to accept the second chances we long for. Or maybe dogs are destined to teach us how to live. 

And just maybe, if we choose to wear our scars openly, as Cadence does, it will help us show others they too can heal.

Click below to watch Cadence's heartwarming video documenting her journey towards happiness.

And please share this far and wide and help us show the world that ALL DOGS deserve a second chance.

Be sure to visit Hope For Paws and donate so they can continue saving dogs like Cadence. And if you are interested in adopting Cadence, email them for more info.


Annie Hart 

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Comments on this Article

PoFool Your allegations concerning Hope For Paws are proven to be fraud
We have 5 rescue dogs. Our most recent a female Pitt. She is so sweet, so loving, so adorable! She LOVES our other dogs, cats, and our children! It is truly a blessing to rescue. I believe we get what we give. Love! I am very thankful these wonderful souls stayed by Cadences side until she could be taken in by someone who could help her. Thank you!
This is a great story. I do urge you, however, to vet who you donate to. Here's a write up on Hope for Paws - it's sickening. http://www.examiner.com/article/allegations-of-fraud-dog-killing-and-pet-abandonment-surround-hope-for-paws
We are interested in Candence, she is so sweet.. We just lost our 10 year old boxer and have lots of love to share. Please let me know if she is still available.
These are the greatest dogs. It's too bad that their image got caught up in a hip hop culture where people own pit bulls because they need to extend their weak delicate egos on to a dog. I saw a kid blasting lil wayne rap music from his car while pulling his dog by way of a steel chain collar and a rope. I just wanted to slap him in the face.
highly interested in adopting cadence... one dog family outside phila. PA... would love some more info contact me at sauron78@verizon.net
I cannot believe that someone could abuse a poor defenceless dog in this way it makes me sick to my stomach i read lots of stories on here and brings tears to my eyes at some of them at least Candence is being looked after now poor little girl....
Thank you for finding Candence and nursing her back to health and fostering her. She looks like a sweetheart, I hope she finds a good home she sure deserves it. I hope they find who ever used her as bait and they get sentenced to time in jail; along time!!!! I wish I could afford to donate, but I really can't right now. I will share the stories and make people aware though. Thank you again for making life enjoyable for Candence and for her future family.
Very touching story. I am so glad Cadence is doing well. Thank you to everyone who rescues and cares for those animals in need. I hope she finds a great home - she deserves it!
What is going on with Cadence and Chance? Lost my dog after having her for 15 years. Looking to adopt but do not want to separate the two since they have established a bond.
Truly a beautiful rescue. I wonder, about what age is Cadence? Surly there is somebody out there that knows where this dog came from. If this was the result of dog fighting, is anyone keeping track of where dogs suspected of this are being found. Sometimes if one puts all the dots on a map where these dogs were found it can give you some clues. Individuals who do this kind of thing won't stop imposing their violence on dogs. I wish Cadence every luck at finding that one in a million home with people who's unending love will wash away her nightmarish past.
A big thank you to these wonderful people that dedicate their time to helping abused dogs. Sick people with no regard for welfare of animals are the lowest form of life living and should have to suffer the pain they inflict on the defenceless. Cowards. So uplifting to see Cadence now doing well and happy. She is a beautiful girl and to forgive after her ordeals really highlights human failing. We can learn so much from dogs, we are not the supreme species we think we are
Beautiful story. Brought tears to my eyes as I watched it. Glad there are people in the world who care ♥
God bless Eldad Hagar & his friends for saving our fellow living creatures.
It brings me to tears that somebody would use a defenseless sweetheart of a life for their own financial gain in such acts as dog fighting. Her face was so swollen and usually when an animal is in pain of any sort, they will lash out at anything that tries to come near them. She still had so much trust in her heart that she allowed someone to help her. Thank you to the kind-hearted people who took time out of their nights to save this beautiful girl.
This beautiful girl, even tho she new nothing but fear and pain her whole existence, let Eldad put that leash around her neck without even a tiny sign of a struggle. She recognized love probably for the first time in her miserable life. Her abusers are such low-life, they're not even worth talking about. I pray she gets a wonderful home and has nothing but comfort and happiness from now on. God bless her and God bless her wonderful rescuers.
I've been following Candence for a while now when I first heard her story. It sickens me and brings tears to my eyes that people could hurt animals in any way. She has such a beautiful soul and was just trash to someone. Since she was found by this amazing man and saved by him and his crew, she will be someone's treasure. I'm sure there will be tons and tons of people who will want to adopt her. Only the best ones will be chosen.
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