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Saving Bethany - A Sick Homeless Dog's Inspiring Transformation

Anniearnold1_small_thumb By Annie Hart | May 30, 2013 | Comments (15)


You can’t judge a book by its cover.  This phrase is embedded in all of us from an early age, yet as people grow up we often ignore this sound teaching. But sometimes we get great reminders about how true it is…

Early in April, Eldad from Hope For Paws received a call about a sick homeless dog that was in desperate need of medical attention. Her skin was raw, swollen, covered in scabs and she was missing most of her fur. Eldad asked if Bill Foundation could take this baby in and find her a home and Hope Hope For Paws would pay for her all of her medical care. We needed less than a second to say “Yes” and right away, Eldad and I headed out to find this poor dog.

When we arrived, we could see she was in even worse shape than we had imagined. Not only was she covered in severe mange, she was completely dehydrated and having a difficult time standing up because of how infected her body was. The kind people who had found her and called Eldad said that she had recently been pregnant, but her body had aborted her pups… most likely because she was too sick maintain a pregnancy.

Bethany, as we have named her, cautiously welcomed our arrival and with the help of a few cheeseburgers and some chicken, she allowed us to rescue her.

All the way to the hospital Bethany insisted on being close to us, even though she must have been in excrutiating pain.

Without Eldad knowing, I was able to capture a very tender moment during the car ride between the two of them. This image of Eldad and Bethany represents all that our community stands for - Whether you rescue, foster, adopt, volunteer or donate; We stand together, arm in paw, united by hope.


Rescue and Her Rescuer

Bethany has quite the gentle and trusting spirit and she allowed us to bathe her and scrub off ALL of the infected areas. She didn’t fight us one bit, even through her pain. I truly believe that she knew we were there to help her.

Tests concluded that Bethany did indeed have severe mange and several internal bacteria infections,. Her condition was so bad that she had to remain on IV antibiotics for several weeks, followed by further injections given to her in her foster home for an additional two weeks.

Everyday, Bethany made remarkable progress and like a phoenix rising from the ashes, watching her transformation has been an awe inspiring journey.

With the help of her amazing foster family, Bethany is now happy, healthy and awaiting a forever home.

Bethany’s rescue was made possible because of the of the incredible partnership between Hope For Paws and Bill Foundation. By combining our efforts, we have been able to provide her with all she needs to prepare for a happiliy ever after.

Bethany’s story reminds us all that sometimes books are damaged, or ill cared for, or simply show wear from their owner treating them poorly.  It does not mean that the pages within are not inciteful, poignant and full of magic.  And these books, like an innocent life, should never be thrown away because they are not beautiful to the eye.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us celebrate this partnership. With your continued support, we will be able to save many more dogs like Bethany. Please watch the video, share it far and wide and help us help dogs.

And to find out how to get the special photo of Eldad and Bethany, visit http://www.hopeforpaws.org 


Annie Hart

To make a donation to help us continue to save dogs like Bethany, please click here: DONATE

To find out more about adopting Bethany or many other amazing dogs, please visit Bill Foundation's website: www.billfoundation.org



Bethany on the day of her rescue

created on: 2013-06-02


Bethany three weeks after her rescuecreated on: 2013-06-02


Bethany 5 weeks after her rescue

created on: 2013-06-01

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Comments on this Article

She has my name!! :D
God bless you every single day of your life here on this earth!
Thank you all so much for all the wonderful things you do...
That was just a beautiful video and story. I am sobbing. Poor thing, look what a little love can do, amazing.
Such a heart warming video! Gorgeous dog and beautiful souls for rescuing him Angels Xxxx
These are beautiful videos. I love watching them. I may be a big scary looking guy with lots of tattoos, but they always make me cry. As Helen Keller once remarked, "the world may be full of suffering, but it is also full of the overcoming of suffering."
Wow! What a touching video. I enjoyed it very much. It made me so happy to see Bethany's amazing transformation. My love to Bethany and to her wonderful rescuers.
Thanks SeniorLass.
That's an excellent idea Darrin ...
There are truly amazing and caring people in this world! Eldad is one of those! She can become another Xena and do so much good. I would love to see an updated picture of her and also please keep us informed of her progress and when she finds a fur-ever home.
A very inspirational video. When I was a kid I remember that at the end of the year, I can't remember what grade, the kids would watch Old Yeller the movie. I can't help but wonder what our reaction would have been if we would have seen such a video like this tacked on to the end of that movie. How touching and inspirational it would have been. If there was a taylor made documentary for kids that both inspired and educated the moral and ethical treatment of animals and had a spot at the end to advertise responsible registered rescues in that country or area. Like in Annie Hart's article- Perry's 13 Hour Rescue, it was assumed that Perry may have been shot by kids with a pellet gun. Educating kids in certain age groups to some of the social reasons why animal abuse occurs, might stop some animal abuse before it occurs in the first place. Beautiful rescue guys, great job rescuing Bethany. I hope Bethany finds a home soon with real dog lovers.
God Bless You for all you do!!!!
you have a nice heart you helped that dog get the care and love she needs and I hope Bethany finds a home and I hope she never ends up on the streets again
i remember this dog,and i;m so happy to see he is oke now..
Eldad, you are truly an amazing man!! How many people would even go near a doggy with mange, let alone hug and hold her. Thank you so much for giving this poor dog a 2nd chance at life. You and the other rescuers are truly saints on this earth. Bethany looked like she couldn't believe her eyes - someone was actually treating her KINDLY! So sad to know she was living like that but so good to know she's well and happy and ready for her new home. I pray she finds it soon. Such a sweet girl!!! She deserves the very best!
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