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About ABU

Name: ABU
Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
Color: Apricot
Sex: M
Date Of Birth: 2010-02-06
Description: he has white on the top of his nose and very dark ear's and eyeliner :)
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Type Item Reaction Treatment
Food food get's welt's under his skin from different food... sensitive stomach food HSD
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Comments About ABU

Hello! Abu, My German Shepherd, Chloe, & I, cwould love to congratulate you on being Doganthropist of the day. You are such a handsome boy! We hope you had a fun-filled day, & that, you received some ectra treats.
Hey Suzanne!! I was reading about your baby and his sensitive stomach to the dog foods that are available in most stores. This might sound a little crazy and time consuming at first but I can promise you that I have the most healthy babies in my zip code, if not all of Jacksonville. After reading what is in their food, I decided to start making my dogs food and was really surprised at how simple it is and how much they really enjoy it. I mix: 1 C Lentils, 1 C Rice, 4 1/2 C Water. Cook for 20 mins til the water is cooked out. I add a bag of frozen veggies to cool the mix down. (This will also cook the veggies) As you can tell, it is a meat free diet, but they do get their protein from the lentils and veggies. If I ever have leftovers or veggies that are going to go bad, I put them in there as well. It is definitely tasty and super healthy!! Good luck! :)
Clicked!! He's so sweet -looking!
Thanks Suzanne! I love your Walkers Woobie Wish initiative. I think I'll be asking my friends and family for their old blankets. Such a simple thing and I know shelters and rescues always have need of them! Happy woobie gathering!
What a handsome fellow!!!
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