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hooters follow up

246565_10151019454575407_507882642_n_1_thumb By beverly | July 28, 2012 | Comments (22)

well, well, well... i got a letter from hooters offering me a free meal!  wowee!  that so makes up for denying me access as a PWD with a service animal and humiliating me to tears. (sarcasm)


here are the contacts from hooters who were also cc'd in the email, which i will post as soon as i figure out how to do so.  more people for us to write regarding their hideous actions not just toward me, but to disabled vets and so on.


"John Pardini" john-pardini@sbcglobal.net>, "Bruce Marano" bruce@hootersofcalifornia.com>, "Jim Mallam" <JMallam@hooters.com>, "Alexis Aleshire" <AAleshire@hooters.com>, "Randi Revell" <randi@hootersofcalifornia.com>, "Sara Kinner" <sara@hootersofcalifornia.com>


Dear Mrs. Beverly Kona-Armstrong:

At Hooters, we take pride in ensuring customer satisfaction. We strive to provide you with the best possible service, and when you advise we have failed to meet your expectations, it is important for us to know.

All guests of Hooters are entitled to the same friendly service, treatment, privileges, accommodations, and products regardless of their race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, or disability or any characteristic protected by law. We deeply value your relationship with and remain committed to providing you with the highest level of service simply because our customers deserve the very best. Following your recent visit to Hooters, we received both a telephone call and emails from you and your husband, sharing your experience. Taking the time to talk with us was enough to promptly review this matter and your expressed concerns.

Upon thorough review of the situation, be assured that we have taken corrective measures to prevent such occurrences in the future. Moreover, in our commitment to strive for perfection, we have taken steps to ensure that this will never happen by providing continuing training and information to management and staff. We understand it is significant to recognize Service animals are animals that are individually trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities and will educate our team to recognize multiple Service animals may also be required.

Please accept our apologies for the less-than-satisfactory experience. As a gesture of concern over this matter, and in an effort to restore your faith in our restaurant, we would appreciate having the opportunity to welcome you back as our guest for dinner, at our expense. At your convenience, please contact me directly so that I may personally look after all arrangements. If you have any further questions or comments regarding this matter, please feel free to discuss it with us at lynette@hootersofcalifornia.comor by phone at (559) 272-8186.

We look forward to serving you again soon!


Lynette Abeldano Human Resources


P.O.BOX 27080, FRESNO, CA 93729



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Comments on this Article

Beverly, I'd suggest you call the President of the company. I realize these outlets are franchises but they are still subject to corporate control. I recently watched a reality television program called “Undercover Boss” in which the President of Hooters Inc. participated, and he appeared to be very concerned and kindhearted. Coby Brooks is the son of the founder of Hooters Inc, Robert H. Brooks. There were some interesting bits in the show which didn’t show Hooters in a very good light, and may in fact be useful to you in demonstrating how wide spread the acrimony and devil may care attitude of the managers is in the Hooter’s organization. Thank you for taking this task on. I am a PWD myself and confined to a chair. I’ve never been denied because of a dog, but I’ve been told they “just didn’t have room for my chair,” before and denied service because my power chair took up too much room, by sticking out into the aisle. This was several years ago, when I was first starting out in a chair and I should have done something about it then, but like a fool, I let it go. That’s something I’ll never do again, because I understand now, that it affects far more than just myself.
wowee, ty all for your support. i felt it best to just stay off here for a few days since "sarah" wanted to insult and belittle me. i come back and you are all so nice and supportive and for that... thank you so much. i have already had someone mention racially motivated, but not once ask me my race, which i have never mentioned. funny, huh? oh well, people do what they do and have to face their own karma. my intentions are to still follow through and make this company pay for being so insensitive to the disabled. and i do this for those who cannot or will not. and btw, there is a similar incident in NM, wherein a veteran entered a hooters and was treated almost exactly the same. the police came, they told hooters they had to serve him and as soon as the police left, the manager made the PWD leave, again. if i can find it, i will post the link.
hmmm.... i wonder how long before we get someone in here crying bec he was fired for "racially motivated" reasons?
Woop Woop! Just called the store, asked for Keesmo, was told he is no longer with the company.
After reading the letter, my GUESS would be Keesmo was fired and they spoke to their attorneys who told them they needed to do damage control, so they immediately started mandatory training at all Hooters. Due to privacy laws they can't tell you exactly what was done to the individuals involved, but I think it is implied. I also think the reason for 1 free meal is because any more than that and it would look like they are admitting guilt which will look bad in court. If you want to know about Keesmo my suggestion would be to call the restaurant and ask for him. You will have you answer. Either way, you need to continue on this path and see it through. This "training" should have been done in the beginning, not after the fact, and is completely unacceptable.
I wonder how many people that exact letter was sent to. They should contact you personally do do so much more than a "free meal". That's just stupid!
Sarah.... I only have a few words to tell you. I truly believe that you need help. You do not obviously have any disablity or chronic, or even worse a fatal illness etc. Your the one that needs to think hard and realize the consquences you may be causing. I believe in Karma... or the saying "What you do, can come back to you and bite you tenfold (or more). We fight because there are a few people LIKE you that make things worse and we need to CORRECT that big time. I believe Beverly has a great chance to fix the horrible situation and make headways for other disabled people that have service dogs and or need extra services/better handling to remain independent, remain our rights to be around the community/public places because we have the same rights as non disabled persons or people without cancer or life threatening illness. I see this just about every time I go out, it needs to be changed for the better, so fighting it in public, media, and in courts is the way to change for the better. Your comments are vile and rude. I can imagine you may not have many friends and I sure as heck hope your family does not appreciate your treatments for people who are suffering one way or another. I also hope you realize and see how difficult you really are and how horrible you dealt with your comments. If you have nothing nice to say then don't bother sharing your negative comments. We have enough thank you very much. Have a NICE life.... It's better to say nothing if you have nothing but negative things to say.
Hi Beverly, I am so glad you know a free meal is not just the way to do this because of other disabled people. I hope you did not mind me supporting you by sending the lady that offered you a free meal.. I told her that she should be offering more than just a free meal and to really fire Keesmo. I truly hope to hear how you can deal with Hooters. I am rooting and supporting you 100 percent. I know truly from my heart and experience how hard it is to go out and hope to be treated with diginity and respect. It is also hard on your husband and your dog aswell they both also absorb the whole situation. What Keesmo did was so wrong. I have not read Sarah's comment but by reading your comment along with others...... all I have to say is.... fek her... don't bother wasting your breath and typing ..... getting angry gets nowhere and she will one day realize how difficult it is being us with disablities. She is only after all..... closed minded and in that respect she will get her "Karma" tenfold. I guarantee you! heh.... she will realize that one day and regret her comments to you Beverly. We are all supporting you 100 percent so ignore her and let us know what's happening ...... remember.... don't settle for "next to nothing"... settle for the best especially for all the others that have approached Keesmo at that restraunt. If I were you I would put in an ad (with the help from a lawyer so you don't hurt your legal case) to seek other people that have faced Keesmo's horrible, horrible treatments!!! Have a superb week Beverly! Take Care!! (I would love to keep in touch to find out how it goes on over time with your case :) )
A free meal doesn't make up for making you cry. I think that man was an employee of a franchise and not regular Hooters. I think that Hooters Inc will deal with him effectively. I got an email to about them addressing the situation. I got a reply to my message to them in my in box this am saying they were looking into this. Here is my reply. Thank you for taking time to reply. My main concern is that there are going to be thousands of men and women with service dogs coming back from their tours and not being allowed access to your restaurants. This was a disabled woman that he bullied. That manager was a flat out bully. Wait until that he does this to a war veteran. I can visualize what happens. That punk of a man is not going to like what happens when he pulls that on a Veteran with anger issues. Hooters needs to address this with every franchise. I was appalled when I read what the manager of Hooters said to the lady and openly defied the law after the police said she could not be denied access to the restaurant and. I hope that the big wheels take the time and cover this with every franchise
i didn't ask anyone to delete anything. i don't even know how we're supposed to contact the owner of this page. clearly people who come here to spit venom, have ulterior motives that have nothing to do with the world of dogs.
sarah: i'm surprised you haven't disclosed what size bra she wears and the brand of toilet paper she uses, given your amazing ability to deduce every nuance of a situation from a couple of posts.
Sarah you are a self-righteous judgemental snob. Who are you to question why she ate there? Now you are attacking her choices as a mother! The issue is strictly how she was treated, not whether you think she should have taken her children there. What a freaking troll!
To Sarah - You're healthy aren't you? Maybe you've had a cold now and then or even the flu but have you ever had an illness or condition that is "chronic"? Having a chronic illness is like a life sentence without possibility of parole. If your illness makes a service dog a necessary, finding the right one is close to a miracle. I was fortunate in having the right dog before I knew I needed her. My dog helps me with my balance. I have CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and balance problems are a common part of this illness. My balance is unreliable and I can't tell if it's a good balance day or a bad balance day. Emma, my 10 year-old Golden retriever, knows. I hope you never have a chronic illness. But then you miss out on having an amazing dog who can sense if your blood sugar is too high or too low or can warn you that a seizure or heart attack is coming. A dog who knows you and loves you more than any human. We don't want any handouts or special treatment. We want what we are entitled to like anyone else. How would you feel if you read that Hooters wouldn't someone in because they were black? You would be outraged. Not allowing someone with a service dog in is the same thing. According to a Federal Law, we are allowed to bring our service dogs into any public place.
sarah: work for hooters, do you?
Beverly, please stop replying to Sarah. This is a person who has nothing intelligent to say. Sarah you state 'didn't any of you go to college'? Yes, I went to university and can therefore recognise the bad grammar and offensive ramblings of a person with issues. you accuse Beverly of 'being on drugs', being disgusted by the community in which she lives and most offensively of all of being 'crazy'. If you cannot get your point across in a polite and well structured manner, I suggest you take your little fingers off the keyboard and do something less destructive with them instead. Beverly, you make it clear why your writing is less than perfect, though someone has already stated that 'anyone with half a brain' could understand your letter. Now, if I shared Sarah's way of thinking I would suggest she has less than half a brain... however, that would be narrow minded and offensive, wouldn't it? Good luck Beverly, your story has reached Scotland and beyond. Stick to your guns and make your point, a free meal doesn't begin to cover it.x
SCREAMING wolf? wow. it's a violation of my civil rights and i am filing a complaint with the dept of justice as is provided to me by the ADA. it protects me and anyone else who experiences this kind of discrimination. so what sarah? i should just walk away and let him keep up this behaviour? i am not the ONLY victim. this is a repeated behaviour accepted by hooters. there are other PWD with almost the same, exact story. and yet.. i'm the psycho here? ok lol. right. i won't be fined. he will. the us GOVERNMENT represents themselves and fine these jerks to stop their discrimination. soooo.. had it been a racial discrimination or sexual preference discrimination or any OTHER civil rights violation, you'd have no problem with it either? easy to give away the rights you never fought for.
Wow Sarah hate much, Beverly is not talking about money, she is talking about an ADA lawsuit. How is it childish to expect a moron like this guy to be fired and get a real apology. People are being discriminated against. The ADA has complance lawsuits and fines to help put a stop to this crap. I really hope you never become disabled and have to depend on ADA or a service dog, or possibly even the kindness of others because I cannot imagine someone like you having many friends.
thank you threenorns and stephen. i am doing what i can but have some other health issues at present. one of them being that i faint when i get overheated and that can be at 80 degrees..lol. so, since it has been over 100, i don't want to go to protest and end up laid out on the pavement. :) i do need and appreciate your support. it's been rough. i never leave the house alone anymore,because i just can't handle jerks in management or the anxiety/fear of it happening. it's easier to just order my stuff online. ;(
Beverly, Please consider starting a petition at change.org You could petition for the firing of keesmo and a letter or apology and commitment to change from Hooters, or call for all people with service dogs to flodd the establishment on a certain day, have the press there, everyone go in and only order a tea or soda, tie up the tables, make this idiot lash out in front of the press. Whatever you do I will support you!
that was just an opening bid - the fact that they are even going this far says you have a case and they know it. tell them where they can put their free dinner. i don't need to tell you that, both for your and your dog's sake, you NEED to get going to restaurants, right? my bff has panic disorder and spent a good cpl weeks going in and out of walmart and superstore (the lights and crowds are triggers for her every time) bec it was either that or her then-7yr old daughter would have had to do all the shopping for her while she waited out in the parking lot. you need to re-learn that the vast majority of businesses - not just restaurants! - are owned and staffed by good, kind, caring individuals who value their customers and are usually quite chuffed to see service animals come in bec nothing draws positive attention more than a splendid, well-mannered service animals.
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