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Name: beverly
About Me: i am a person with disability PWD and own 2 service dogs i am a service dog advocate for my county and a retired paralegal. if you have issues with access, i can show you how to file a title III complaint with the dept of justice

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dept of justice

information on service animals via the dept of justice
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delta society pet partners

brochure for service animal laws
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hooters follow up

well, well, well... i got a letter from hooters offering me a free meal!  wowee!  that so makes up for denying me access as a PWD with a service animal and humiliating me to tears. (sarcasm)   here are the contacts from hooters who were also cc'd in the email, which i will post as soon as i figure out how to do so.  more people for us to write regarding their hideous actions not...
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My Comments

Hi Beverly I recently joined dogheirs and I came upon your article about Hooter's. It makes me sad to think such small minded people in management position think it's ok to deny people with disablities access to their restuarants. I go to school at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Sacramento. I will taking your article to school and have it passed around to further spread the word. I will also not set foot in a Hooter's especially the one on Truxel Road. I truly hope you win your fight, wish you the best. Kelli Galt, Ca
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