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Barqrtagsprofile2_thumb By BarQR Tags | October 06, 2011 | Comments (0)

Welcome to the DogHeirs BarQR FAQ. Common questions regarding BarQR products are listed below. For general support and help questions please visit our Help page.


General Information on BarQRs

What are QR codes?
QR codes are 2-dimensional "Quick Response" barcodes that contain encoded Internet-based information that can be scanned by mobile devices, such as smart phones. BarQR codes link to web pages for DogHeirs' canine profiles where your dog's information can be viewed online.

What is DogHeirs BarQR?
DogHeirs BarQR is a new identification tag system for your dog that delivers care and protection beyond that of a regular pet ID. When scanned by a smartphone or mobile device your BarQR instantly links to your dog's profile page on DogHeirs.com, containing your dog’s vital information and your contact details. For example, check out Daisy DogHeirs profile.

Anyone with a smart phone or mobile device can scan your dog's BarQR to quickly identify and access your dog’s information such as: name, breed, current medications, medical conditions, emergency contact details and more. Since you can easily update your and your dog’s information, you never need to get a new tag if you need to make any changes.


created at: 2011-01-14


What else can I use my BarQRs for?
In addition to using BarQR Tags for your dog's identification, your dog’s unique BarQR is available in label format also. BarQR Labels can be attached to crates, bags, or anything else, for when traveling and separated from your pet. They can also be affixed to food containers, medical dispensers and other items in order to conveniently share your dog's information with others. You can update your dog's canine profile to include medication dosages, nutritional/food portions and care instructions for caregivers you leave your dog with.

For dog sitters, walkers and anyone who cares for your dog, they will never misplace your notes and instructions as they will have access to all your dog's health records and details to review anytime they may need them. They simply have to scan the BarQR code with their mobile phone to access instructions and information. This information is also accessible anytime on DogHeirs.com.

Can any mobile phone/device read a BarQR code?
The majority of smartphones and mobile devices are capable of reading QR barcodes. Requirements are that the mobile devices have: a camera, QR reading software installed, and access to mobile internet. Most mobile devices have QR Code Reader software either pre-installed or available for free download from their respective App stores. We recommend some popular QR Reader applications below.

What are QR Code Readers?
QR Code Readers are software applications for smart phones and mobile devices that are either pre-installed or can be downloaded for use. QR Readers enable mobile devices (such as your handset smart phone or tablet device) to scan barcodes, specifically QR codes. Many App stores have QR Readers available for free download and are available for popular OS platforms such as Google Android, Apple iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Phone. See our list below for our recommended QR Readers.

What QR Code Readers do you recommend?
We recommend the following QR Code Readers (see below). Note there are other QR Code Readers available that are not listed below. Double check with each company to verify your handset supports their QR Code Reader software or check with your carrier to see if a QR Code Reader is pre-installed on your device. These QR Readers are available for download from various App stores (such as iTunes, Android Marketplace, Blackberry App World and Windows Phone Marketplace).

  • NeoReader by NeoMedia available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and more.
  • QuickMark by SimpleAct Inc. available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and more.
  • ScanLife by ScanLife available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and more.
  • BeeTagg by connvision Ltd. available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and more.
  • i-Nigma by 3G Vision available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and more.
  • BarCode Scanner by zxing Team (Google, Inc.) available for Android
  • Optiscan by Airsource available for iPhone
  • Blackberry Messenger 5.0 (pre-installed) by RIM Ltd. available for Blackberry
  • PhraseMeme Scanner by PhraseMeme available for Windows Phone

Disclaimer: DogHeirs does not develop or maintain warranty for any of the software downloads referenced on this page. DogHeirs is not responsible for any content or downloaded software on pages from third party companies that we link to. Only the author of the respective pages and software may be held liable, if any damages occur by using information or software on the referred to pages.


Product Information

What appears on the BarQR?
Our BarQR includes your dog's name, BarQR code (which links to your dog's profile on DogHeirs) and an optional contact phone number).

What do I need to get a BarQR?
You will need to have signed up for DogHeirs (membership is free) and create a dog profile for your dog(s). You can add a dog profile under "My Dogs" when you are logged in.

What size are your BarQR Tags?
Our tags are currently available in one size, 2 inches x 1.125 inches (5.1 cm x 2.85 cm).

What size are the BarQR Labels?
Our labels are 1.5 inches x 1 inch (3.8 cm x 2.5 cm).

What material are your BarQRs made of?
The labels are made of 3M weatherproof polyester that are thermally printed so they won't rub off or smudge. The dog tag is made of anodized aluminum.

Are BarQR Tags weatherproof?
Yes. BarQR Tags and Labels are completely weatherproof and can withstand the outdoor elements. They are not however, 100% waterproof and should not be submerged in water for long periods of time. And BarQRs should not be cleaned with cleaning solutions and chemical solvents as this will deteriorate the labels and tags.

What about my dog’s other IDs?
BarQR is meant to complement, not replace, more permanent (or required) identifiers such as microchips and tattoos available to identify your pet by professional and government authorities. Note: You can record your dog’s microchip / tattoo and city registration information on your DogHeirs canine profile.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Orders are shipped via Canada Post. Delivery times average 5 to 10 business days to the United States and within Canada, and 7 to 14 business days to International destinations. If you have not received your order within the estimated time period, please contact us.

Is it possible to give a BarQR Tag or BarQR Labels as gifts?
Yes. We do have gifting options available. Email us for details.


Billing and Customer Support

Is there a membership fee for using DogHeirs BarQR?
No. Signing up to become a member on DogHeirs and creating a canine profile for your dog(s) is absolutely free, as is using our website. Also there are no subscription or maintenance fees for keeping your dog(s) profile active on our service.

What is the warranty on purchases?
BarQR Tags: We will replace BarQR Tags free of charge if they are defective, severely damaged, or if your BarQR code is incorrect (e.g. it hyperlinks to the wrong canine profile or an erroneous web page). However we will not take returns if the BarQR Tags are washed in solvents, cleaning solutions and other chemicals. For replacement, mail the damaged tag back to us at our address on your purchase receipt and include your DogHeirs Username and return address, and we will mail you a new one free of charge. You must have an Active User Account/Membership on DogHeirs in order for us to process any replacement request.

BarQR Labels: There is no Sales Return Policy applicable to BarQR Label purchases, unless the BarQR code is incorrect. (e.g. it hyperlinks the wrong canine profile or an erroneous web page). If you have any questions regarding our Return Policy and Warranty please contact us.

What's your Return Policy?
See above's question "What is the warranty on purchases?".

Can I get a refund for my purchase?
Unfortunately, no. All sales are final.

Can I buy a BarQR Tag for a friend?
Yes. Gift certificates are available. If you would like one, contact us.

What will appear on my credit card statement?
Your credit card statement will show a payment processed for PayPal *DOGHEIRS.

Why is there a currency exchange rate on my purchase?
All prices on DogHeirs are currently in Canadian dollars only. Therefore, if you are outside of Canada, your credit card company will apply their exchange rate to convert a purchase from the total Canadian dollar amount into your local currency.


DogHeirs Profiles and Tools

How can I create a Lost Dog Report for my dog?
Visit the "My Dogs" section in the main menu of DogHeirs and under "Ask for Help" click on "Report Lost". Once you have completed the report, you will also be able to print out a Lost Dog Poster that we automatically generate for you.

How do I get a personalized search map for my lost dog?
Search maps are automatically created when you report your dog lost. They can be found as a link on your dog's profile, when your lost dog report is filed.

Where is my lost dog report displayed?
When you report your dog lost, your dog's profile will automatically be displayed in the My Neighborhood section in two important ways: 1) on all local parks pages located within 50 km radius of where your dog went missing and 2) on the NeighborHound Watch main page as a Lost Dog Alert for all members that live within 50 km to view.

How do I update my dog's profile?
Go to the "My Dogs" section on the main menu and click on "Edit" beside your dog's name to update your dog's profile.

What if I want to keep my contact details private on my profile?
There are settings to control what information you choose to make visible to others on your profile and your dog's profile. Individuals can still contact you if you have hidden your contact details by signing in to DogHeirs and sending you a private message.

How do I change the contact details on my profile?
Go to your Dashboard under the "Home" section on the main menu and select "Manage My: Profile". Visit our Help section for more information.

What's NeighborHound Watch?
The NeighborHound Watch Program provides free tools that allows dog lovers to share important safety information to protect dogs in local communities and beyond. Alerts for lost dogs and dangerous situations can be posted by every member of the Watch to help reunite lost dogs with their families and keep all dogs safe from harm. Visit the NeighborHound Watch to learn more.


Any other questions?
Feel free to contact us.


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