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My Details

Name: Sarah Fulcher
Website: www.bnrbc.ca
Profession: Cerified Dog Trainer & Behaviour Consultant
About Me: Sarah is the owner of Barks and Recreation Pet Services in Trail, BC. Barks and Rec offers dog daycare, training and grooming as well as pet food, supplies, photography and artwork. She is a Certified Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant. Sarah is also a founder and president of the H.E.A.R.T. society. A non-profit group which transfers dogs from Northern Canada and remote Canadian communities to areas of high dog adoption rates. www.heartdogrescue.com

My Dogs

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My Comments

Beautiful picture of both dog and surroundings! I see you live in Canada and I'm envious! Well, maybe someday! Both of you take care.
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Sarah Fulcher


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