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Name: NeighborHound Watch Badges
About Me:

Whether you call them pinbacks, buttons, badge buttons, or just plain old badges, spread the word of NeighborHound Watch! The goal? To unite dedicated dog lovers in protecting and caring for our best friends. Wear a NeighborHound Watch badges and show your support for keeping dogs safe in your local community. Help build awareness of potential dangers, missing pets, and animal abuse that affect dogs and dog lovers in your neighborhood!

A portion of each sale is allocated towards the DogHeirs Community Fund with the mission to help comfort, heal, and feed dogs in need.

Are you a nonprofit organization fundraising to help dogs in need and wanting to build connections with dog people in your local community? You are eligible for special discount pricing. Contact us for details.

Badge Designs Available

Product Specifications: 1.75 inch diameter with metal shell, mylar/UV protecting cover, pinned metal back.

Three designs available:

  1. 1. NeighborHound Watch Badge (orange, bottom left in photo)
  2. 2. Dedicated Citizen Badge (orange, top center in photo)
  3. 3. NeighborHound Watch QR Code Badge (white, bottom right in photo)


Get NeighborHound Watch Badges

Within North America
(United States and Canada)

Pricing:* $2.45 each CAD + $3.50 CAD flat rate shipping & handling.

Select Badge Design

*Prices listed are in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

International Orders
(outside of North America)

Pricing:* $2.45 each CAD + $7.00 CAD flat rate shipping & handling

Select Badge Design

*Prices listed are in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

NeighborHound Watch Badges


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