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With Just Moments to Spare to a Furever Home Extraordinaire!

Meandbeautyjan27bw_thumb By Ally FurAnimals | June 30, 2013 | Comments (4)

created on: 2013-06-30

Our very own Rolo was adopted today by the most incredible family!

The Peterson family found out about Rolo's sad story from Dogs Are Family's FB page!

The said the moment they saw his sweet face they were in love with this 8 year old dog.  Knowing he came from a home where they gave up on him and took him to the shelter to have him put to sleep--the ultimate betrayal to an older dog!  

And Rolo was SUCH a very, very good boy for the few months he was with AFARF-- we couldn't possibly understand why anyone would want him dead.

Rolo's new family drove in to So. Cal from their home in New Mexico to visit family...which would soon include Rolo!  Their very first stop once getting to California was the bark park to meet the dog they saw on Facebook and fell in LOVE with.  It was an emotional site to see all of them meet...it really felt more like a spiritual reunion, of sorts.  They'd never seen each other before, yet they instantly belonged together.created on: 2013-06-30


Today we met up with Rolo's new family for a second time today.  This time, we would bid our dear friend 'Farewell!'  Enjoy your brand new beginning, Rolo!  We love you forever <3 



Ally FurAnimals Rescue Fund


Special thanks to DogHeirs & Dogs Are Family!  You are always so supportive and wonderful to our rescued dogs.  Your sharing of Rolo's story led directly to finding the perfect home for him.  THANK YOU, we love you all! <3

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Comments on this Article

Am glad to see that Rolo caught a good break after the lousy experience with his ex-That is all a dog needs to thrive, a good home with good people that treat Rolo well. He is all right now. Life got better for him and new family. Bless them all.
Our dog was "returned" to the shelter he was adopted from after 6 YEARS. He is such good boy, gentle, sweet and only wants to be pet all the time. It never, ever makes sense to me how someone can have a pet (family member!!) for any length of time, then turn around and part with them willingly. When my kitty went into severe depression and distress after we adopted our dog, I tried for 8 months to help her with medication, a separate room to be in, etc. I finally had to reconcile that it was a bad way for her to live like that in constant fear. I cried over it for days, but I took her to live at my mom's house. I could NEVER have taken her somewhere to let her die!!!
Instead of Rolo facing a needle full of death, he finds himself surrounded by love in that second picture. That's just beautiful ! Thanks so much Ally for sharing this rescue with us. Way to go to the Peterson family for giving this little guy a home. Well done. Thanks DogHeirs, that's what it's all about.
So awesome, saved in the nick of time! Thanks to the dear family that adopted him. How sad that anyone would kill their dog (that they've had for EIGHT YEARS) just because he is older. God bless you all for saving him and adopting him.
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