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My Details

Name: Ally FurAnimals
E-mail: allyfuranimals@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/BeautysDream
About Me: Ally FurAnimals Rescue is a foster-based, NO KILL rescue for small dogs and puppies. We strive to rehab each foster mind, body and soul. Needy dogs come to us in a variety of ways including; unclaimed strays, high kill shelters and owner surrenders. http://dontshopadopt.us/ Our Mission is to develop a large network of volunteers, donors/sponsors, cross-posters and foster families that will aide our rescue in providing the best care possible for our rescued pets until their ideal adoptive family is found. If you would like to help, please contact us at info@dontshopadopt.us Each potential adopter is screened by an application process which includes a home visit. An adoption donation is required for each animal adopted. The amount varies depending on age. We do not charge extra for pure breeds or dogs that have had major medical treatment. Donations are always welcome! Our PayPal address is: allyfuranimals@gmail.com Please check out our adoptable dogs and heart warming rescue stories. Feel free to share my adorable adoptables with your friends! For more, please check us out on Facebook! www.facebook.com/AFARescue

My Dogs

Oct9crop_thumb Sept_thumb Ellamar21b_thumb June1a_thumb Mar24e_thumb Orangeballmay24b_thumb May15_thumb Apr10bcrop_thumb April4_thumb Mymommyrszd_thumb Jun8perfectresized_thumb Feb13_thumb Cupid4wksjan12_thumb Comet5wks2_thumb Clarisse4wksjan12_thumb Kori_cometmaryannjan15_thumb Tw6 Happytailsdec2011_thumb
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Newest articles

Mocha Needs HELP! Medical Needs Neglected for a YEAR!

Mocha was living with a family that had a baby and no longer bothered themselves with Mocha's needs.They watched, for a year, as she wasted away, refused to eat and stuggled to walk and eventually became immobile.  They took her in for brief exams but no diagnostics or treatment.  They admitted they should have done more to help Mocha.  Instead, the did nothing until finally Mocha became critical and FINALLY, they surrendered her. MEDICAL FUNDS ARE...
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Cassy Needs Your Help--Puppy Mill Mama; Used, abused and DUMPED and Left For Dead at a High Kill Shelter!

How can anyone neglect and abandon a face like this?  We will never understand.Cassy was rescued by Ally FurAnimals Rescue from a run-down, high kill LA shelter on 9/18. She was brought in as a stray with a microchip.  When the owners were contacted they said they didn't want her anymore...even as the shelter explained they don't have room for her and that this happy, smiley Pom will likely be killed.Cassy was infested with fleas...
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My Comments

Congrats on Cora and her puppies all getting adopted, Ally!!!
Yay! Great news for Fiona and Kate! Ally, you are truly wonderful and inspiring. Your efforts saved Fiona's life. Not only did you take the time to nurse her back to health, you also worked so hard to help her find a forever home, and to show others why and how you do it. You're a superstar, Ally. ♥
Thank you, George. For me, I was just inspired by a couple other people I heard that had taken in special needs rescues. SO, that is why Fiona is on DogHeirs, Dogster, Facebook and her own blog on Blogspot...because I just want others to be inspired also, so they'll decide to help a dog in need, just like Fiona was. ♥

She would have been put to sleep the day we picked her up, had we not gone for her. Mange is an easy, albeit time consuming, condition to treat. SO many dogs like Fiona are immediately euthanized just because they have this NON-contagious form of mange =(

Way to go, Ally!!!! How many people would have wanted to adopt Fiona or nurse her back to health like you did, if you didn't step up when you did? Great job. :-)
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