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Name: Angi Gonzalez
E-mail: agonzalez@wnwo.com
Website: http://www.northwestohio.com/about/bio.aspx?id=911
Profession: News Anchor
About Me: Dog Lover. Would never deny a kiss from any pooch : )

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$$$ needed to analyze 6 animal bodies recovered from dog 'rescue' operator's backyard

The Lexus Project is now in the process of collecting donations to fund the necropsies and testing on the bodies of two dogs and several cats found on property of a woman who still runs an Ohio "animal rescue". Six days ago, the body of 'Bones' the dog was the first to be found buried in a shallow grave next to a garage that once served as a make-shift kennel for Kathy "Kat" Sutter's Northwest...
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A Valentine's Day gift any animal lover would appreciate

Humane Ohio in Toledo is offering the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the animal lover in your life, this year. For a $25.00 donation you can sponsor a spay or neuter procedure for one of the 85 cats and dogs scheduled for the surgery this Thursday. "People can sponsor a dog or cat for themselves or they can choose to do it as a gift for someone special, in lieu of buying them a box of chocolates and all...
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My Comments

Hello all I just wanted to take a minute and let you all know we brought lula belle home today she is a really shy gal but I know she'll grow out of that with time but on the up side she loves my grandson her tail just go's crazy everytime she ner him. Angie this is for your thank you for all you done for lula belle.And I'm sry you could'nt be there when we picked her up but we could not put dukes case in harms way I truly hope you understand. I will keep everyone updated on lula belles progress
Tuesday is November 6th, why would they wait until next Tuesday 2 pick her up?
11/2, this story has a lot of twists & turns, not sure that everything is being accurately reported. Just have 2 wait & C. . . .
Tim contacted me this afternoon stating that he went 2 the "pound" & filled out adoption papers, but it will B Monday B4 they let him know if he can have the dog. BTW is it Lulu Belle or Lula Belle, I could not locate either name on their "adoptive dog list". We will have 2 wait & C how this all shakes out . . .
hahahaa i sure know what you're talking about. i volunteer at the animal shelter and am ALWAYS trying to get our pibbles adopted... we'll forever be advocates for the breed. once you meet a pittie, they steal your heart! <3
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i am a die hard pit bull advocate!! :P my...

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