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About Mocca

Name: Mocca
Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
Color: Blck & white
Sex: F
Date Of Birth: 2005-04-15
Description: What can i say? BEST dog i've ever encounter! She's extremely friendly adopted, neuter, full breed girl. She often don't give a banana when called ;) Although she's 8 she looks much younger and keeping up with younger dogs. Important info: she's allergic!!!! She can eat only fish or lamb dry food.
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Weight 22.0 kg

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Registration Information

Microchip number:
Tattoo number: 991K

Tag Number:
Licensed in Municipality/City of:
Expiry Date:

Kennel Club:
Registered Name: Mokka Black Cafe Fervidus
Registration Number:
Additional information:


Type Item Reaction Treatment
Food poultry rash to the extreme!!! scratching to the point of blood and flesh showing up injection
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Type Item Brand Notes
Staple Dry food Purina She's on this food for 6 years since we've adopted her (she has had acana salmon and potato or lamb and rice on a few occasions too, she also tried royal which caused HUGE allergic reaction - we needed a vet visit and injections!!!). She maintained her weight after being neutered, got rid of dandruff, her coat is beautiful, glossy. She's super fit and healthy girl on it.
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