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My Details

Name: Norma A Powell
About Me: Hello I am Norma and nana to Minnie lol. She is a 2 year old Cavalier King Charles. I am retired and am now devoting my time to learning more and more about Syringomyelia and Chiari-like Malformation.

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My Blog on Minnie and Chiari -Like Malformation

I have created a blog to help us to look back at Minnie's condition and how she progresses or not! Here is the Link if you wish to follow.http://amronsworld.blogspot.com/
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Minnies visit to Clare Rushbridge

Good morning/evening to all. As promised here is the info on Minnie. Minnie has a Chiari-malformation, Found on MRI She also has a small sphinx which is the very early signs of http://www.cavalierhealth.org/syringomyelia.htm. Minnie also has a narrowing of the ear canals this was found on the MRI which has they cleaned out at the hospital and has drops in her ears daily, She also has luxating patella's so all in all is a complicated...
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My Comments

Hi Norma, thanks for the email :) I hope you and Minnie are doing well today.
Thank you Miss T we are all keeping our fingers and toes crossed :)
Hi Norma and Minnie, Sending you warm thoughts. Glad Minnie is getting the care she needs, and I hope she responds well to the medicine!
You're very welcome and thank you for joining us. There are many wonderful people here who are eager to help other dog lovers by sharing their expertise and experiences; many have written or shared their stories in their blogs. Don't hesitate to connect with others here and ask for support any time. We look forward to learning more about Minnie and reading about her path to better health. :-)
Thank you so very much for the welcome. I thank you for creating such a group :)<3
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Norma A Powell


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