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Name: Christine Eustaquio
About Me: I have 3 children, 2 grandchildren, and two dogs--Lucy and Emma.

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Hi Cindy, Thank you for your timely comment. It is always painful to lose a pet. I hate the feeling when they are not well and i can't do anything except run to the vet. I wish they lived longer but i guess it also gives us a chance to love others as much as the ones who have gone ahead. I pray i will see them all in heaven.
Thank you for your kind words about Denali.. It's wonderful to have support and understanding from kind people like yourself.. xoxo
Hi Christine, I just want to share something that I read some years ago . A boy of 8 years old looked to his father and asked.." Dad why do dogs that we love die so young?" the Father was dumbfounded by his question he could only answer " I'm not really sure son they just do"..a couple of days later the boy came to his Dad and said.".I know why dogs die so young..because we love them so much that it gives room for more of them to be loved. " now Im trying to remember this to the best of my memory but the words of this 8 yeaar old touched my heart and for it is something I have always known. but to hear it from the mouth of a child tells me there is so much more Love to give and I will Love as many of Gods creations that I possibly can in my life time. thanks for reading ..Have a Blessed and Beautiful life with all that God has given unto us. Peace. Cindy
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Christine Eustaquio


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