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Name: Anita
About Me:

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Jed_thumb Harley_jed_thumb
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UPDATED 10/16/14 - Rescued Twice, Loved Twice as Much!

When I met my husband he talked a lot about how much he always wanted a dog. As a fireman, having a dog and being single wasn't an option. When we got serious, along came our shepherd mix puppy, Harley. She has so much personality, somewhat skittish and totally has her "daddy" wrapped around her paw.  She was rescued off the streets of Detroit by a kind vet after she’d been hit by a car.  She wasn’t seriously hurt, but is...
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Recently Asked Questions

Losing Sleep

My Jed has been experiencing very restless sleep lately.  He has a vet appointment later in the week, but meantime I was hoping someone who is an expert dog owner might have any ideas what is going on that could set my mind at east.  He is nearing ten, 135 lb., Anatolian Shepherd Mix.  For about a month now he has been very "fidgety" in his sleep, he cannot stay in one position for more...
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Thank you Anita for your kind words. It is greatly appreciated.
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Interested in dog health, dog behaviour and dog walks. Dogs...

Karmen Travas

My dog and I live in Croatia.

Otto Schmid

I live in South Africa. I love animals and dogs...

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