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Name: Ernest Montague
About Me: Pit bull owner

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wow that was so amazing & beautiful !
Hi Ernest, I wanted to thank you for reading "Letter from Rosie".. I first read your posting "Dogs Never Die, They Are Sleeping In Your Heart" in April, 2014....I have returned several times and have enjoyed it all over again....recently a friend of mine lost their beloved pet and I have encouraged her to read your posting on this website....it has been well over a year since I lost my sweet girl "Rosie"....she wakes up in my heart quite frequently....and if it weren't for articles like yours I would never of found peace and acceptance with my girl's passing...Thank you so much ☺️
'Dogs Never Die, They Are Sleeping In Your Heart'.... So beautifully said and heartfelt!!..and sounds as tho' penned in another era...
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Ernest Montague


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