Adorable Dog Takes Herself Sledding in Snow

Watch this dog’s expert sledding skills.

dog sleds by herself

It is no secret that Secret the 3-year-old Australian Shepherd isn’t your typical dog. She’s not only adorable, but also super smart and knows how to go sledding all by herself!

Her human, Mary, recently filmed Secret’s awesome talent at their home in Sioux City, Iowa. Secret not only pulls her purple sled up the hill, but then hops on the sled and slides down the slope. Secret loves winter, and loves all kinds of activities on snow days.

“Sledding!” Mary wrote on Instagram. “We finally got enough snow to really sled yesterday and Secret couldn’t be more thrilled! It’s definitely one of her favorite activities, she probably went down this hill 50 times today!”

Watch Secret in action in the video below!

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