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Name: Aaron Siering
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I completely agree with you on your comments about the groomer hitting the dogs. I would have reacted too, in the wrong way. At least a conviction will keep her from working with animals again. Possibly getting ANY job. I don't like the thought that more animals may have been abused in the process of waiting to make a case, but the conviction is what we want. So patience it is.
Well, I'm wondering if you're with the Police Department or if you've never been through having your dog stolen before and help for rest of weekend. I'm currently going through it. For 5 months now. And in our situation, not only were their multiple witnesses to the men that came in, held us back with a gun while taking our dog, no arrests have been made...not even home invasion. Tempe Police waited 3 weeks before assigning Detective Michelle Reyes to the case, only to have her close it 2 weeks later saying there was nothing they could be. Keep in mind I had provided Tempe police with the names and addresses of the men who came into my house. Complete with DOB SSN and baby mamas number and address at work. The police went to one of the men's apartment, asked if he had the dog, and he said no. Case closed, I've taken money to the guy and he tells me he doesn't know anything about the dog. He kept the dog so even though I was without my copy of "Ganstas for Dummies" I took the money back each time. For me...this wasn't about the money. This wasnt' about home invasion or armed robbery. I just wanted Britt. home again.
Love your response!! I agree -- "... not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree."
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